GO SMS Pro – Android Legend App of the Day

Sending text messages has now become the most important and comman feature of the modern smartphone. Nowadays it is the vital task for which the cell phones are commonly used.

Today we will share a great App that makes the texting experience on Android phone amazingly better.

Though the Android comes with default SMS app, it doesnt have much functions, also theres no consistency in Android clients. It only provides some basic SMS features. Today we will take up GO SMS Pro, a really cool, beautifully designed and best performing messaging app that brings some breathtaking features to your android SMS inbox.

While the default Android messaging App gets the job done, GO SMS Pro does the same job but in a little better way.

This App has got a lot more than just sending SMS messages. Its fast sleek design with many customizations available makes it the best app as compared with the other messages sending apps.

Features :

  • Backup and Restore SMS

This allows you to keep your past text messages safe and sound by the backup and restore functions. Backups are stored to your SD card and it just takes a couple of seconds to do the same. It also provides an automatic service which offers to make daily, weekly or monthly backup of your messages.

  • Secure SMS using Private Box

Using this app you can easily secure text messages of any individual selected contacts and hide them by using password. These messages will be stored directly in the private box.

  • Schedule SMS

This is the best feature of the app as it can automatically send your message to a selected contact at a specific date and time.

  • Blacklist SMS

Using this feature you can get rid of those telemarketing companies that have nothing to do but to spam your inboxes with promotional stuff. Using this feature you can block these messages.

  • PopUp Windows

With GO SMS Pro you have the ability for pop-ups with notifications and quick reply abilities.

  • Customizing Contacts

You can customize individual contacts with different notification sounds, chat styles and different signatures.

  • Themes

It comes up with exiting custom themes, DIY themes, animation effects, 2D and 3D effects. There are downloadable themes too like dark theme, iphone look, and even one in the style of android ice cream sandwich.

  • Chat

There is also an access to Facebook chat service directly from the app. The chat works well too, and is as simple to use as you imagine. Theres a GO Chat app included too where you can share voice messages as well as doodles with your group only the condition is that all your contacts use GO SMS.

This App has four modes :

  1. Lite Mode
  2. Normal Mode
  3. Pro Mode
  4. User Defined Mode

Lite Mode is simplest with basic functions. This Mode consumes less battery and gives faster performance. Normal Mode works same as regular GO SMS but has no application center or GO chat. Pro Mode enables full features while in User defined Mode you can customize your own features.

With all the features that GO SMS Pro has you will be able to set up a best and perfect messaging app for your android device.

Download this app now to see its exiting features and you will know why this is probably the best text messaging android app.

 Download Go SMS Pro

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