Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F: All Metallic with QHD Display, Expected to Release in May

Last month Samsung unveiled their latest flagship device- Galaxy S5 in MWC 2014. Unfortunately it didn’t receive much positive response from the people. It’s not like that S5 is too bad but it is not living up to the expectations. It was speculated that Samsung would ditch traditional plastic body and replace it with metallic one but they didn’t. There were also rumors about QHD (2560*1440) screen and 64-bit processor for this flagship device. But in reality S5 doesn’t have any of these.

However few reports suggest that Samsung are likely to come with metallic version of S5 in the coming May.  Reports say that Samsung may name it as Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime. Whatever may be the name, it is good to hear that Samsung is coming with something new. Let’s see what could be the probable features of this metallic version.

Premium metallic body

Till this date all the Samsung flagship devices are built in plastic cases. And they are still stuck with it. On the other hand, Apple and HTC had manufactured there flagship devices in aluminum. According to some sources, Samsung are currently manufacturing aluminum body for this luxury device. So this latest flagship device will feature this metal body. It will be interesting to see whether this device will come with removable battery and SD card slot or not. Here are the some leaked images of aluminum frame of S5.


QHD (2560*1440) 2K Display

If you go through the history Galaxy S series, you will find that with the every new device, they have upgraded it with better display resolution. With this theory, Samsung are supposed to use 2K display. But Galaxy S5 features same display resolution (1920*1080) as that of Galaxy S4. We know that Samsung are working hard in 2K display. So we can expect that sooner or later they will come with mobile having 2K resolution.  And this could be Galaxy S5 prime/Galaxy F.


64-bit Processor

We are well aware of the fact that Samsung are working on Exynos 6 chipset which will be their first 64-bit processor. As of now iPhone 5S is the only mobile that sports 64-bit processor. Ironically this A7 chip of iPhone is manufactured by Samsung itself. So it was expected that SGS5 would feature 64-bit processor. As SGS5 comes with Snapdragon 801chipset, they may be keeping it for premium version of S5. They may boost this device with more RAM memory.

Unfortunately, there is no word about the camera of this flagship device. Last year Samsung announced new low-light camera with ISOCELL technology. They did use it in SGS5 with 16MP resolution but no optical image stabilization. They may repeat this in Premium device which is indeed a bad news as their arch-rivals are well ahead in the camera technology.

Reports suggest that this metallic device might release in coming May with name S5 prime or may be with whole new flagship series Galaxy F. Let’s see whether Samsung come up with something spectacular or not.

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