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µTorrent, or uTorrent is proprietary software owned and developed by BitTorrent Inc. The software was initially developed by Ludvig Stregeus of Sweden and released as a freeware on 18 September 2005. The author initially referred to it as “you Torrent” as the symbol µ looks like “u” and released it as “microtorrent”, “mytorrent” as the symbol µ is pronounced as my in Swedish language. It is called “microtorrent” because of its very small footprint. The software was purchased by BitTorrent Inc. on 07 December 2006. µTorrent version 6.0 was released by BitTorrent Inc. on 18 September 2007. All the older versions of uTorrent were open source software but the software has been closed source since version 6.0. All versions of the software have been written in C++ language.


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It is a program to download large number of files and large amount of data. It is a peer to peer file sharing protocol to distribute huge amount of data.


It is a very popular program and has more than 100 million users worldwide. The program is in use with all types of computers and even with smart phones. The small footprint of the software makes it ideal for use in phones. The lightness of the program ensures that the program does not adversely affect the performance and speed of smart phones and computer. The program is available for all operating systems to include Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is available in 67 languages worldwide.


µTorrent is different from Download Manager as it uses peer to peer file sharing protocol to download the files. The program downloads the files efficiently and the download is not affected adversely by breakdown in the link. The program can automatically shutdown the system after download thus releasing the user from the tedious and non value adding task of continuously monitoring the download.

To use µTorrent the user has to download the program on his system. The program is very user friendly and easy to download and install by using the on screen instructions.

To download a file first the user has to get the “.torrent” file and paste the link on the µTorrent program. Thereafter just keep the computer, µTorrent and internet connection on and the file will be downloaded. The file will saved in Downloads as a default option or any other place, if directed.


The program has become very popular over a period of time because of its small signature and ease of usage. The program has received rave reviews in various magazines and has been regularly rated as a five star rated free software. It has been continuously found place in any list of best free software of the cyber world.

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