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Flashchat as per the name suggest is an instant messaging application, however with an added twist. When talking about the messengers and instant messaging application, there are tons of apps that would come to your mind instantaneously. But, all of them works more or less in a similar fashion. Well, Flashchat is quite different in its core concept. To use other applications like WhatsApp or line, you would firstly require to get username or cell number of people. In case of Flashchat you require nothing, just a common wifi connectivity. It simply allows you to chat with anyone connected to the same wifi network.


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Flashchat was developed by Nexstreaming Corp in 2014, only for Android and iOS users. If you think it is an innovative application, then you are wrong. The original idea was put by IP messenger, which has been in existence from years and is available for computers too. Anyways, talking about running it on PC; you can run it on PC quite easily using Bluestack.

How It Works?

Flashchat is a standalone application developed for smartphone devices, you have it on your iOS or android device. It can be downloaded freely from the respective app store of the compatible operating system. Working is quite simple, and you just require a wifi connectivity to be able to chat with people. Simple, isn’t it? But wait there is one more condition, which is that the people connected to the wifi should also have Flashchat installed on their respective devices.

This all works on the ad-hoc networks protocols, which is made quite simple and all the programming abstracted for user’s convenience. The messages are encrypted into files by the app and transmitted, which the app receiving end decrypts to the relative message and you will be then able to view the messages or anything else which is sent. This it is critically important to use the same app on both ends to use the same encryption algorithms.

Usage And Features:

In the present era, when government is providing free Wifi areas in certain areas; using this you can find new people who will be authentic and real as you are. However, this is not the mere usability of the application. It can also be used in companies whether all the systems are centrally connected to the same wifi network, using this app they can communicate instantly thus making work flow better and clear.

Talking about its features, it is similar to every other messenger application. You will never need to register to use this application as no database is involved in the app, so none of your messages will be stored on the servers; but will be stored in your device. The messages are volatile and will automatically disappear when you disconnect from the wifi network.

How To Run FlashChat On PC?


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To use this app on your windows, follow steps below:

  • Download and install Android emulator called BlueStack. Download it here!
  • Open it and look for ‘Flashchat’ using Playstore, integrated in the Bluestack.
  • Once founded, download and it install it.

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