Firefox 15 Beta is Available for Android

A month ago Mozilla released its Firefox 14. Now the company is ready to present a new version of a popular browser. First went Firefox 15 Beta version for Windows, Mac and Linux, and now the company is ready to present Firefox 15 Beta for Android that is available for download for all Android users and fans of a browser.

According to the developers, the main thing about this new version is its interface for tablets. Thus, thanks to the interface improvements, the developers managed to improve the speed of browser launch and add a new bar called Awesome Bar. In addition to that, the work with tabs was improved and support of SPDY v3 was added. Full list of features goes below:

  • New tablet interface which improves the speed of browser launch
  • Ability to launch desktop version of a browser from the menu
  • Now tabs can be closed by dragging them to the end of the screen
  • On page search
  • SPDY v3 network protocol support
  • Bookmark import from the built-in Android browser
  • CSS word-break support
  • High precision event timer added
  • Native audio codec Opus support
  • Element supports attribute media
  • Elements support attribute played
  • WebGL support on Adreno devices

The developers still continue to develop and improve their product and invite everyone to test new beta version which is available at Google Play Store.

 Download Firefox Browser

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