Download WWE Immortals For PC: Your Favorite Stars in Action

If you are crazy about WWE and its superstars, you will definitely fall in love with WWE Immortals. This is an action packed video game that takes professional wrestling to an altogether new level. You can even say that WWE Immortals is a game that seamlessly integrates wrestling with the legendary video game Mortal Combat. It is no coincidence that WWE Immortals has been designed by MK Studio, a company that was behind Mortal Combat. This wrestling video game was available only on Android and iOS devices, however is now finally available on PC. Play WWE Immortals for PC on your computer to have all the fun and thrill.


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Watch WWE Stars Come Alive On Your PC:

WWE Immortals is much more than getting a chance to see your favorite WWE stars in action in your computer. Of course there is much less blood and gore than a fighting game like Mortal Combat. What is the main catch in this video game is that you can replicate the signature moves of some of your favorite WWE superstars using controls provided inside the game. Of course this is dependent upon your adrenaline bar getting filled to a certain extent. You as a player need to assemble a team of three wrestlers and fight off three opponents that are auto generated by the game. First few fights are very easy and it also helps in giving the player the kick that they needs to become motivated to continue with the game. Play WWE Immortals for PC to get the same kind of thrill that you got when watching WWE in action.

Simple Controls To Beat The Wrestlers:

There are the usual punches and kicks that you would expect in a wrestling game like this. Once you have successfully landed a few punches successfully, you are ready for a final attack to put down your opponents. The graphics are stunning to say the least, and all your favorite superstars from WWE come to life in this video game. You have the control to block the moves made by your opponents. This is something that even kids can do perfectly with a flurry of clicks to knock the opponent. The real attraction of the game lies in controlling WWE superstars like Kane, Triple H, John Cena, Big Show, and of course, The Rock!

The Looks And Feels Being Better On Bigger Screen:

‘WWE immortals’ is not a small game and takes up 1.3 GB of space inside your mobile. This is why it is prudent to download WWE Immortals for PC in your computer where space is not the problem. All your favorite wrestlers look real and true to life when you play the game on your computer. The problem of your mobile device getting heated up when playing ‘WWE Immortals’ was a very common one. It is solved when you play it on your computer. As you continue to play, you will learn to make more lethal combination moves to put down your opponents easily. Download the game today.


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Download For PC:

For downloading this wrestling game on your PC, follow the steps listed below!

  1. Download Bluestacks!
  2. Install Bluestack.
  3. Open the Bluestacks and search for ‘WWE Immortals’ using the in-built search bar provided.
  4. When found install it using playstore integrated in Bluestacks.

Voila! Now all you need to do is to navigate to main interface of Bluestacks and start wrestling like never before!

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