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A video file cannot be played on all kinds of media devices like the smartphones, tablets, and gadgets having a screen and capability issues to play a video. These files are required to be converted to a format which the media player recognizes and plays. Any Video Converter is used to convert a video file from any format to a format which is compatible with the hardware available to the user. The program can also be used to burn a new DVD. The program can convert almost any type of video file to the desired format and that is why it is rightly called Any Video Converter.


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Any Video Converter comes from Anvsoft Inc. It supports all operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X.

Salient Features of the Program

Nowadays the video files come in several different formants like AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV, VOB, 3GP, DivX, FLV, etc. All these files cannot be played on an iPod, iPad, PSP, or HTC and Samsung smartphones, Apple TV, Xbox, etc. Any Video Convertor changes the format of the video files and makes these usable on any of the hardware. The program also downloads videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Nico, and other video sharing sites.

The program can also be used to edit videos including performing tasks like cutting a video, rotating and clipping it, and adding effects to it, or merging several videos into a single video file.


To convert a file, the user is required to load a file in existing format. Then select the type of file to which it is desired to be converted and click convert. The user can also select the type of device, iPad, iPod, tablets or smartphone on which the user wants to play the file. This feature makes it easy for use by even the dummies. All output files are organized according to device and player for ease of users.

Any Video Converter also has a very popular online import tool. This tool enables the user to download a video of choice from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sharing sites. To do this, the user is only required to copy the URL of the video and paste it into Any Video Converters’ program. The program will not only download the video and convert it for usage on the device of choice for the user.

Output Quality

There is almost no notable loss of video or audio quality during the conversion. The output does not suffer from any some video quality loss which is recognizable and the audio output remains the same. 


The program takes comparatively a long period of time for conversion. It is a notable shortcoming of an otherwise very efficient program. The program is also not capable of converting all kinds of video files for all possible hardware.


Any Video Converter is a very user friendly program because of efficiency and ease of usage. Any person who can use a computer and surf the net can use the program without any difficulty. It can convert videos from almost any format for play back on more than 150 gadgets available in the market. The program also helps in customisation of the videos.

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