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Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike game, which features pixel art graphics. In case you have forgot, what pixel art graphics means, then just go back to the old times and have a glance at the games like Mario. The same graphics algo have been used here, although with more clarity. It was developed by Watabou, for smartphone operating system Android. The game is quite interesting to play and quite simple too. As per the name suggests, the game involves you in fighting against the dragons and monsters. To fight against these you have weapons, specifically old time weapons, including swords, wands, arrows, etc.


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Gameplay is based on Roguelike games. In such type of games, you have to play continuously to make progress in the game. You will need to complete a level in one chance, otherwise you have to start all over again from the starting. Also, such games are based on randomly generated levels, here each level will be different from the last. Even if you have failed to a pass certain level, you will see a completely new level when restarted.

Pixel Dungeon features four main classes or characters namely mage, rogue, huntress and warrior. Each of these characters exhibit different set of skills, weapons and other properties. If playing for the first time, warrior can be considered as the best character to play with, all owing to its weapons set and superior performance.

The game is divided into 10+ levels, initially starting off with city sewers. These levels are named as floors, which are 15 in all. You start with the top 15th level and have to go all the way down to the first level. All the levels looks quite similar, although to add a distinguishing feature, the number of props and monsters keeps on increasing with the increasing levels. Additionally, the game is also turn based, where the monster will be only generated when you move through the levels; this also implies that the game time will also remain same unless you move in the game. Talking about the life and health system, they are present in the form of HP. HP is allocated in the form of a bar, which is filled completely initially, on getting striked by monster you will lose certain amount of HP and not the full HP. To replenish the HP, you will be provided potions at certain intervals of the game. Along with this, there are certain other potions too which act as the power ups in the game. Some of the potions include Stat bonus, poison potion, fire potion, enemy visibility etc.

How To Play It On PC?

To play this game on your PC, just follow some simple steps as below:

pixel dungeon android game 2

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  • Download an android emulator. Bluestack is the best for the cause, so download Bluestack.
  • Install Bluestack on your PC, using the file downloaded above.
  • Now open Bluestack and make all the necessary process to enable Playstore on Bluestack.
  • Now, search for ‘Pixel Dungeon’ using play store.
  • When found, download and install it.

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