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Download Edge of Tomorrow Game for Android Smartphones. Edge of Tomorrow is a brand new sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise, which recently entered the cinemas in June 2014. Warner Bros. is no stranger to release mobile games to promote their upcoming movies and we recently got a new one with the official Edge of Tomorrow game. Live. Die. Repeat. That’s the tagline for the film, Edge of Tomorrow and the movie tie-in game takes this to heart. I just don’t know what’s the difference between any other video game and this one? But that’s what Warner is promoting everywhere.

The game takes you to the near future in which our earth will face the threat of being destroyed and you should do everything in order to save it. An unknown alien race from other planet has landed on Earth and immediately taking over the case and mercilessly destroying the humans. Everyone is armed with exoskeletons and heavy weapons to attack those aliens. Firstly you get a little clip from the movie to give you a short idea of what’s going on and then you are literally dropped straight into the middle of a war zone. Your character, belongs to a group of elite soldiers, performs dangerous and difficult missions to destroy unwanted guests aliens.

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Game begins in a D-day landing, all mayhem and chaos, and you have to run across the beach, avoiding shrapnel, falling choppers and exploding vehicles. On your way, many of those aliens will show up. There’s also the random missile from the sky ready to end your life and you also have checkpoints every 100 meters or so. Your goal in the game is to simply get to the marker on the other side of the beach without being killed by those alien invaders. You have a machine gun and a grenade launcher, but absolutely no experience in combat and it shows. You will die quickly. You will die brutally. You will die over and over again. Unfortunately, some of those deaths are from the aliens while others are from the controller machines.

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You have to use your left thumb to move your character and the right thumb for watching around. Once your opponent is on a target, you’ll automatically shoot, but those aliens can really bear a lot of damage. You can adjust the sensitivity but the aliens are on you so quick that it doesn’t really matter most of the time. As mentioned, you’ll die a lot. Luckily when you die, you’ll restart near the spot where you suddenly die before and you get the benefit of seeing a ghost of the alien that took you out so you’ll know where they’ll pop up again. Once you shoot at the creatures they die, but usually they have to be on top of you to be deceased. Your aim is to go 500 meters unharmed, have Emily Blunt’s character join you and reach the goal. That’s a 10 minute play without heart or appeal.

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The graphics are good and the game is loaded with sequences from the movie and the effects of weapons are pretty decent. The aliens are all over the place, rolling around freely and unable to die when shot by the main character.

The movie is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 novel ‘All You Need Is Kill’. The character of Tom Cruise is of Major William Cage who is a public relations genius who’s never been on the front lines and serves as the official talking head for the U.S. Army’s efforts to fight against the Mimics, aliens who’ve invaded Earth. His job is to sell the war, until a British general (Brendan Gleeson) sends him to battle to which he refuses.

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When he finally does see combat, he dies quickly, only to wake up and relive the day over again. Only special force warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who is the Army’s best soldier, can explain what’s happening to him. Soldiers are bombed, shot, blown up by explosives, mangled by creepy aliens, and more. The blood is not seen here, but you’ll see many characters dying along with the main one, who dies over and over (most frequently via a gun to the head) as he learns how to defeat his enemies.

Don’t expect Edge of Tomorrow Game to make much sense. Its science is muddy, mind boggling, and at times difficult to follow. But that doesn’t take away from the appeal of the film, which boasts impressive special effects and an interesting, complicated plot. The game consists of one part living, two parts dying, and one part repeating. Rinse, repeat, and you have yourself an experience that’s roughly the same as any other game out there, just more overt about it. You can unlock an additional character by sharing a screenshot on Facebook, but that’s about it in terms of the extras.

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It’s clear that the game is only meant to promote the film and nothing else. As the game is free so it’s not going to cost you to try it out. On the whole the game is not so difficult. It is necessary to note the good graphics of the game. The effects of explosions and confusion on the battlefield, all this is transmitted in a very good and realistic way, so if you want to try to jump into the world of war and battle against the evil beings Edge of Tomorrow Game is what you were looking for.

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