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Emulators are software that enables users to run cross-platform application. More specifically, an emulator creates a virtual environment of a device/OS on some other operating system. There are different kinds of emulators based on the OS to be virtualized, and apart from this an emulator may also virtualize some other device. The same is the case when talking about gaming consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, and PSP, etc. When talking about the OS virtualization, Android is the OS which is being in big demand by the users. Virtualization of Android OS on Microsoft Windows and other OS can be done readily as there are some great Android emulators present in the market. The best is considered to be Bluestack, which started to developed in around 2009, i.e. just one year after the official Android OS was released in the market.


About Bluestack:

Bluestack is an Android emulator, developed by Rosen Sharma. The emulator initially didn’t gained much response from the users until few fixes were made in it. It was developed with a sole purpose of allowing users to have a taste of Android onto their PC operating on Microsoft Window and Macintosh too. Later it was also adopted for Android televisions which are in great demand in the electronics market. The development of this epic software started in 2009 by Rosen Sharma, who was CTO at McAfee and a part of some individual projects. It took around 2 years for the official release to come up.

First ever official version of Bluestack was announced in 25 May, 2011. This launch was announced at a conference held in San Francisco by Citrix Synergy. Mark Templeton the CEO of Citrix synergy demonstrated whole new concept of Android emulation. It was officially launched in October, 2011 with an alpha version available as a freeware in the market. The first few release were quite monotonous and didn’t received a good response from the users. Later with the addition of new apps support and better emulation, a great appreciation was received from the users as well as third party companies.


Initially, no big investors were attracted towards the project, although as of now, google itself is in the list of investors for this Android emulator, which is enough to measure the popularity of this amazing Android Emulator. Bluestack was initially seen operating on Android Gingerbread edition 2.3.3, however the latest version of it is running on Jelly Bean and the newer version might come up with Kitkat.

Why To Use It On Your PC?

There are many reasons that might compel you to have this amazing application on your computer. The most important being the Android environment which you can experience on your PC using this emulator. Bluestack support almost all the major Android application or games, be it WhatsApp or Skype, and games like Temple Run or Asphalt or any other. Yes, you can enjoy them all on your PC using it, experiencing them all on big screen with superior graphics and easy navigation. Besides this if you are a developer than this might also be a good option for you to test your application on an interface beside eclipse.

So, if you’re eager enough to stretch your Android experience on your PC, hit the download button below to download Bluestacks for PC for free!

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