Dolphin Browser – The Best Android Web Portal (Review)

Now a days surfing over internet on the go is very essential need of most of the users which also includes connecting with friends via social networking sites and doing some other work. And with android smartphones & variety of service providers available with 2G & 3G services, it is very easy to get connected instantly. So all you need is to have an efficient web browser with fast browsing, user-friendly interface, variety of plugins & all such facilities. Dolphin browser is the one who provides all these facilities.

Dolphin web browser is available for android as well as on iOS. It is developed byMobotap. Dolphin was the first browser on Android platform to support multi-touch gestures. It also comes with Adobe Flash player support so that you can watch videos in browser itself. Dolphin gives you the same experience of desktop browser Google Chrome while browsing on your Android Smartphone.


  • Dolphin Sonar:- Dolphin listens and by it’s voice recognition feature you can search the internet just by speaking keywords or you can go directly to website. It’s a great feature.
  • Gestures:-You can just draw gestures (symbols) to go to a specific website. You can assign gestures to access your bookmarks. You can also do actions like ‘back’, ‘reloed’, ‘stop’ etc. by using gestures. You can open dolphin sonar by just shaking your phone when you are in Dolphin Browser.
  • Add-ons:- You can enhance your mobile web browsing experience simply by installing add-ons to do things which you need at your fingertips. There are more than 60 add-ons available.
  • Speed Dial:- You can visit your favourite websites in just one click.
  • Tabbed Browsing:- You can open new tabs for various pages, no need to toggle between pages. You can open, close and switch between the tabs quickly. And you can open as many tabs you want. View is just like google chrome.
  • Sidebars:- In the user interface of Dolphin Browser sidebars are provided to left and right to access your bookmarks, to use your add-ons. This makes it very easy to access bookmarks and add-ons while browsing.

So Dolphin is full of various user friendly features as above.


1. Fast, Easy and having more features and user experience enhancements over other browsers.

2. Tabbed browsing and sidebar feature.

3. Voice recognition and use of gestures for general commands.

4. Variety off add-ons and themes available


1. Slow browsing experience for slow internet connections.

2. Available for only Android 2.0+ versions.

3. Removed YouTube downloader feature.

So this is all about Dolphin Browser. It is fast, easy and popular browser available for Android operating system. It is available on Google Play and it has got rating of 4.7 out of 5. And above all, it is available for FREE without containing annoying ads. So what are you waiting for ? Go grab it from here:

Dolphin Browser – Google Play | Official Website

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