Dead Trigger 2 For Mac – Free Download

This game is best zombie shooter game with unique tournaments. There are more than 50 million users of the game all over the world and it has become global warfare of zombies. It has exciting game play and graphics. The game starts with short cinematic back story and the main idea of game is to eliminate maximum number of zombies with the help of shooting platform. The users can select own weapons and missions to shoot the zombies. The game also allows earning virtual currency by completing specific missions and skills of shooter are rewarded. It has amazing graphics with smooth game console. The action packed game has lot of fun for users.


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  • The content and storyline of game is updated continuously. The game is expanding in regular manner. There are 33 unique environment, 37 different weapons, 600 scenarios in game play and over 10 regions within the game.
  • Joining the tournament and winning prizes is more fun in this game. The users can join warriors across the world and fight in the arena.
  • Graphics of game is dazzling and includes dynamic vegetation, real time reflections and ragdolls at multiple places.
  • The touch control scheme or virtual joystick can be chosen by user.
  • The multiplayer mode of game is very interesting and the players are influenced directly by the participation of other players.
  • Receiving awards in global missions, competing and meeting the challenges and gaining virtual game currency provides lot of fun and excitement.
  • Attacking and killing powerful zombies is very challenging part of this game. There are so many unconventional weapons such as boat motor, big hammer and machete.


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Publisher’s Description

Dead Trigger 2 is an excellent zombie shooter action game. It is one of the most popular strategic action games. The high action levels are available within the immersive environment. The game involves saving the city and protecting the heaven from bloodthirsty zombies. The action game is challenging an exciting with variety of tournaments, environment, weapons and scenarios. It allows user to explore different places and uncover the truth within the action game. The game keeps on adding new game play, features and providing new challenges for keeping the interest of users.

Change Log

The updated version of application has special graphic effects. It also includes new tournaments such as duel tournaments to fight in the game. The new leader boards are also available now with new rewards and cumulative scores. There are so many new weapons such as Mauser C96, Viking Sword, XM8, Sten MK II etc. Some minor bugs are also fixed in new version.

How To Install On Mac

Dead Trigger 2 can be played on Mac with easy installation process through Bluestacks. It requires downloading and installing Bluestacks first. Then, search for application in search box of Bluestacks. As the application name is displayed, tap on the application for initiating download process. After completion of download process, open the application and start playing on Mac.

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