Cyanogenmod 10 Jelly Bean ROM for Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S [Android 4.1.1]

Android 4.1 is already out there. Now its time for you to upgrade your Xperia Arc/Arc S to all new Jelly Bean firmware. But as per the Sony, they are not going to roll out any further updates for 2011 Xperia devices. Therefore its clear now that there wont be any official Jelly Bean support for Xperia Arc S, though it is capable of running the same. Now you must be wondering that how one can upgrade to Android 4.1 without having official firmware support. Well, here the game begins.

Since Android is an open source OS, it can be customize the way you want it to be. This is the way how custom ROMs are built. Though there are several custom ROMs but amongst all, Cyanogenmod is one of the famous mod which gives you variety of customizations, so that you can modify all the parameters of your system as per your requirements.

Cyanogenmod 10 is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean & hence it includes all the features found in the same, such as buttery smooth interface (project butter), actionable notifications, smarter keyboard, Google Now, offline voice typing etc.

Impressed huh? Then read on further to know more about detailed installation guide & instructions provided to install Jelly Bean on your Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S

Disclaimer: The Procedure described in this article are risky & can cause damage to your device. You should not try to attempt this if you are unaware of these things. Please follow this guide completely at your own risk. If any damage happened to your device while following this tutorial, neither we nor developer should be held responsible for it.

(Attention!) This guide is meant only for Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S (LT15i/LT18i). DON’T try it on any other device or it may result in undesired outcomes.


  • Your device must be charged up to minimum 75% battery level.
  • This procedure involves wiping data therefore for the safe side, it is recommended to backup all your essential data such as Contacts, SMS/MMS, Apps, APNs, Memos etc.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.
  • Ensure that you have unlocked the bootloader of your device.
  • Custom recovery like Clockworkmod is required to flash the Custom ROM. Follow this guide to install CWM on your phone using RecoverX tool (If youve already installed CWM then you can skip this step & go ahead).

Procedure to Update Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S with Cyanogenmod 10 Custom ROM:

Note: Sony Xperia Arc is code named as Anzu , therefore while downloading the ROM package from a list of Xperias, lookout for the name “Anzu” & download that file.

  • Since Google Apps are not there in the ROM by default, you have to flash them manually. Download GApps from the link given below.
  1. GApps for Jelly Bean
  • Connect your device to the Computer using a USB cable. Enable mass storage mode & copy/transfer ROM package & Google Apps file to the external memory slot on your device.
  • Now switch off the phone & boot into the Clockworkmod Recovery. For doing the same, press Volume rockers few times while the phone restarts.
  • After getting into the recovery, make a nandroid backup of your current ROM so that it can be restored in case of failure. To do so, Highlight backup and restore option in the recovery menu, select it & then choose backup to start the backup process.
  • Select wipe data/factory reset & subsequently wipe cache partition to wipe the data & caches respectively from the phone memory.
  • Now select install zip from sdcard & then on next screen select, choose zip from sdcard. It will show you the files & folders located on the SD card of your device. Navigate to the ROM file, select it using power button (unless youre using touch CWM) & confirm the installation by pressing on Yes. This should start installing the ROM.
  • As soon as ROM installation finishes, again select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. This time search for the & install it.
  • Select +++++Go Back+++++ to land into the main menu of recovery. There, select “power off“.
  • Up next, you need to flash kernel image required to boot CM10. For that, follow the steps mentioned in further article.
  • Download the fastboot files
  1. Fastboot Files
  • Extract the zip file, you will find four files inside the fastboot folder.
  • Open Cyanogenmod 10 ROM package, extract boot.img file (which is nothing but a kernel) to any convenient location.
  • Now move that kernel file in the fastboot folder so that now it will contain total 5 files inside.
  • On the phone (while switched off), enter into the fastboot mode. To do so,
  1. Press & hold Menu Button while connecting your phone to the PC.
  2. Open the Fastboot‘ folder where the fastboot files are located.
  3. Now Open command prompt & Point its directory to the fastboot folder (OR You can do the same as: open Fastboot folder, Press & hold shift key and then right click on the free space in the same folder.When right clicked (holding shift), you’ll see Open Command window here‘ option. Click it & Command prompt will be open pointing to the Fastboot directory).

  • Type the following command in command prompt to flash the kernel file:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

  • Restart the phone by typing “fastboot reboot” (without quotes) in command prompt.
  • Your phone may take some time to boot than the usual. This is normal & happens only for the first time after installing a new ROM. So be patient.

Tip: If you want to restore back your previous ROM, you can do this easily using restore feature available in the Clockworkmod recovery. For restoring back your previous ROM, enter into recovery mode (mentioned above). From the main menu, select Backup and Restore option & on next screen, select restore & choose the backup you would like to restore.

There you go! You have successfully updated your Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S to Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10 custom ROM. Do let us know if you face any difficulties while installing the ROM, we will be glad by helping you out.

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