CyanDelta Updater- Update your Cyanogenmod ROM (CM) just with a small delta file

Every Android device comes with an official stock firmware installed in it. The qualities and features that this firmware provides depend on the specific Android device you’re using. But there comes a time when everyone gets bored with this stock ROM and thinks of buying a new high end device with more unique features.

But if you’re an advanced user then rather buying a new phone you’ll go for the Custom ROMs. These are basically the un-official releases giving the best and better features as compared to Stock. With Custom ROMs, you can overclock your phone and even can change system settings of your phone. Basically you can attain a full control over your device. But before installing any Custom ROM you need to root your device. Remember that rooting will void your phones warranty which can be easily gained back by un-rooting.

Cyandelta-ss1Cyanogenmod Nightly is the most downloaded and preferred Custom ROM among Android users. Nothing beats it in terms of bringing a whole new experience to your device with more tweaks and eye-catchy features. The main reason behind its popularity is the features that it provides are bug-free and secondly it is updated weekly.

When any new update for CM nightly arrives, you need to download the zip file, copy it in SDcard and install it through recovery mode. It’s pretty much easy, but the zip file that you need to download is almost 200+ Mb file which requires a proper Wi-Fi or a good network connection.

Cyandelta-ss2But a situation of frustration comes when the downloading stops due to network failure or some other issue. Just think if this zip file would have been of 10-20 Mbs then it would have been so easier to download it. A 10 Mb file can be downloaded in not more than 10 minutes (depending on your net connection). But it’s clear that it would definitely not take much time than downloading a 200 Mb file.

If you’re using CM nightlies and want to update your ROM without much efforts then CyanDelta Updater is the only app you need. CyanDelta lets you update your CM nightly ROM by downloading just a small delta file (as the name suggest) of about 10 Mb instead of that big zip each time. All the credit goes to Mattia Baldani, the main developer of Cyandelta updater.

Firstly download the base nightly. Then launch CyanDelta Updater app and set your base version. This app will then automatically check for latest updates on a regular basis to get you incremental downloads. CyanDelta figures out whether a new update is available by checking If there is, it will notify you to download it. More of its feature re listed below.


  • Each and every downloaded data and zip files are digitally signed by official developers to prevent manomissions thus giving us the best security.
  • The installation of zip files through recovery mode is automatically done. Rebooting to recovery mode, installing the ROM zip and other additional zips including the kernels, modem etc. everything is done without your efforts. Even you don’t need to wipe dalvik caches, it will automatically do that and reboot.
  • It will show you the list of changes between the installed ROM and the update available.
  • Whenever a new latest update is available, it will check for it and will notify you through notification panel.
  • The delta file is a very high efficiency file and it uses the RFC3284VCDIFF algorithm and some magic to produce them.
  • It fully supports the TWRP and CWM based recoveries. If you have an unsupported recovery you can just insta;; the zips generated by CyanDelta.
  • Supports all the official Cyanogenmod ROMs and devices listed in

If you like to keep up to date with Cyanogenmod nightly, then this app makes it a whole lot easier.

Download CyanDelta Updater

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