Create & Set your own 3D Live Wallpapers on Android Smartphones

You must have tried those various 3D Live Wallpaper apps available on Play Store. They surely add a stunning effect to your mobiles home screen. But as always every good thing has its own dark side, these apps too have them. You have to rely only on the wallpapers that these apps provide. You cannot set your own photos as 3D Live Wallpaper on your phones home screen. But now with a recently launched app called ‘Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper’ all this is easily possible. With this app you can set your own clicked photos as 3D Live Wallpaper on your Android devices. The main benefit of this app is that you do not need your phone to have a root access.

Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper Android 1

One thing you must note that this procedure can be possible only if you have the default Google Camera app which is available in the Nexus line up of Smartphones. This new camera app comes with a Lens blur option which can be easily customized in order to deliver us the best when it comes to photo effects. Once you click a photo, you need to just slide the phone screen in the upward direction. By doing that, the app immediately creates not one, but two pieces of information. The first photo is taken when the shutter button is pressed, while the second one is taken when you sweep the phone screen in the upward motion. This creates the 3D map of every pixel automatically for the initial photo. So that’s how we are actually getting to new live wallpaper which applies a 3D parallax effect to your photo and uses your device’s sensors to change the vantage point as you move. Such kind of feature was initially available on the Apple devices having iOS 7.

How to Set 3D Live Wallpaper on Android

Now download & install ‘Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper’ app from Play Store on your phone. Next launch the Google Camera app and create a 3D effect on any of the Lens blur photo which you have clicked. Open the Stock camera app on and swipe inward from left edge of the screen which will bring up the menu for capturing photo in various modes where you just need to select the option ‘Lens Blur’.

Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper 2

Now just press the shutter button so that the animation effect will prompt you to slide on your screen in the upward motion.

After creating a Lens Blur photo, you are now all set for setting up the live wallpaper on your home screen. Launch Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper app from your app drawer which you’ve installed earlier. Next click on the option named choose Lens Blur Photo to add your picture.

Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper 3

Next time, you need to head over to the photos which you have clicked to select the image as your wallpaper. The clicked photo will be there in the recently clicked photos section at the top itself.

Tap on the back button and you will be able to see the preview in the ‘Depth Photo’ section to set the same as the wallpaper. This is the simplest way to set your clicked photo as your home screen wallpaper. This method is not at all complicated and the app is fully customizable and battery efficient.

Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper 4

If you are not having the Google Camera’s Lens Blur feature then you can access the user created Lens Blur photos from Google Plus. The free version of Depth Photo 3D uses your phone’s accelerometer. So this app will support only the devices which are having the 3D accelerometer. Upgrade to the full app for ad-free, adjustable sensitivity, automatic movement and gyroscope options. To start, just long-press on an open area on your home screen, select Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper and then pick Depth Photo from the list.

So without wasting any time create & turn your own photos into 3D Live Wallpaper with this free Android app.

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