Clean Master- Cleaner App to Boost your Device Performance

Clean master is the #1 voted cleaner app in more than 48 countries. This app makes your device clean and free from those junk files that ruin your smart phones speed thus making it slow. Thats the reason why more than 10 million android users prefer this app as featured by Lifehacker and XDA. It is the best all in one cleaner app which has the ability to clean all the app cache, unused files, residue files, and search history. With this app you can not only uninstall any app from your smart phone but can also move the apps to external memory card. Hence there is no need to install any of those third party applications for moving apps to Sd card. It also helps in boosting much of your smart phones performance and releasing more RAM just by killing the running tasks. This in turn makes a pleasant improvement in your battery performance. By using Clean Maser there is no need to grant any of the permission from superuser.

It is available in more than 25 languages which include German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hungarian etc.

If you are running low on space then Clean master is the only app you need.

clean ss1Features:

  1. History Eraser
  • The caches and residual files are always getting accumulated to approximately hundreds of mega bytes or gigabytes on your Smartphone. Clean Master offers a feature named History Eraser with which the caches and residuals files can be easily cleaned. All the caches of the respective apps that you have installed can be easily viewed through the history section. It works as a smart and excellent cache and residual file cleaner to make your phone more simplified.
  1. Privacy
  • Privacy has always been an important thing to every android user. The mainly privacy contents include messages, call logs, data of your web browser, clipboard data and even the
  • Google search history. It includes the personal information that the android user does not want to share with anyone and just wants to keep it secret.
  • The history clear module of Clean Master can delete your messages and also can clear the browser data, clipboard data and history data from the apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, Spotify etc. that you have installed.

clean ss2

  1. Task Killer
  • Clean master also works as a task killer by killing all those running tasks in background. These tasks not only occupy system RAM, but also discharge your battery life much faster. By killing these apps you can release all the RAM memory and thus speed up your android device. A shortcut named 1Tap Boost is included to kill those junk files with just a click. No matter if your smart phone have root access or not you can still make your device faster. If your device has the root access the task killer will perform in a much better way.
  1. App Manager
  • With Clean Master you can backup all the important and necessary apps on your memory card so that you can reinstall them whenever necessary through the android installer. Thus you dont need any extra app for this operation.

Complete Features List:

1. History Eraser

  • Cleans cache and residual files

2. Privacy Protection.

  • Clean selected messages (SMS or MMS), selected call logs, Google search history and the clipboard data as well.
  • Protect other app privacy such as wechat, whatsapp, etc.

3. Kill running tasks at the background and thus releasing the RAM memory.

4. Application manager

  • Can be used as Uninstaller for uninstalling apps
  • Can Backup the apps you need.
  • Clean Master is the only cleaner app that boosts the functional performance of your device and thus save battery life. Go try it out.

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