Catch Notes- Best Note Taking App for Your Android Smartphone

Catch is a full featured and easy to use note taking app especially for android. If you are tired of note apps that have a learning curve, slow down your system, or simply dont have enough features then this is the only app you need. It works as checklists, notepad, reminders, voice memos and more. It is designed in such a way so that you will never miss any idea. You can capture all your ideas and discoveries across your devices and can turn them into action with friends and colleagues using simple, mobile collaboration. Catch not only helps you keep tracks of your ideas easily, but takes it to a collaborative level. All the notes are organized into spaces which you can keep private or share with other people.


  • You can capture all your ideas instantly with voice, photo and text notes
  • Add multiple images as well as voice recording to any note
  • Track private tasks with checklists and share them to collaborate on to do lists
  • You can set your reminders to remember something important
  • You can even send any web content through email to your notes
  • Use tags to label so that you can find your notes easily
  • Automatically backup all the notes from your mobile devices on the web
  • Share your notes anything you do with others from projects to grocery lists
  • Collaborate with checklists, notes and documents
  • You can upgrade to catch pro to get more exciting features like: you can attach PDF/Office files, can create up to 50 spaces & also can upload up to 1 GB of new content each month or catch premier for up to 200 spaces and 5 GB of new monthly content
  • The current version will not include these features and interface elements
  • Automatically sync shared spaces across everyones mobile devices and
  • Note that the Read contact data permission is there for picking email address from your existing contacts list & inviting people to share your spaces
  • For saving web URLs you can use browser extensions
  • Catch notes also have a barcode scanner button using which you will be prompted to install Barcode Scanner using which you can scan a QR Bar code and save the information from that item to your note
  • If you dont want the Barcode scanner then just tap no and use the app per usual
  • Can also create shared spaces for secure & private collaboration
  • Offline access i.e. when you are out of wireless range you will have everything that matters a lot to you
  • If you are little cautious about those nosey people who always have a habit of poking in others mobile and reading your notes or any other private content, then dont worry because this app contains a great feature called Pass code Lock where a 4 digit code will be require to launch the program
  • Instead of signing up an account at you can also sign in with your Google account
  • Actually these notes are not synced to Googles server. Its like you are logging into catch.coms service via Googles id.
  • In settings option you have location tagging. When this option is checked, it will gather your location through GPS & will attach it to the note during posting a note.

Sometimes while flashing a ROM all your data especially your notes get deleted but with catch your all notes will remain safe. It has become everyones favorite portable note taking app and has really proven its worth. If you are looking for the best notes app then this is the only one as it has almost everything that a note taking app would need. You must definitely try it out.

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