Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.44 Apk- Get Paid Android Apps for Free

If you are amongst those who are just crazy to download apps then you will really love to read this article. All of us use android market for downloading apps as it provides with the latest and updated apps. The first preference is always given to the android market as everyone knows that it is the best place for downloading anything related to android. But we know that every good thing has some drawbacks and android market too have them. There are also such good apps in the market which you cannot download. The only reason for this is that they need to be paid. Also these apps are not easily available elsewhere.

To solve this we bring to you Blackmart Alpha a black market where you can get any paid apps available in the market for free. It can download thousands of applications for free. It has a new market look, similar like appbrain or applanet. Also it supports all android versions and is easy to install.

How to Install Blackmart Alpha:

  • Download Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.44 Apk from the link given at the end of this article.
  • Tick “Unknown Sources” option from here: Settings –>  Security.
  • Now, install Blackmart Alpha as a normal apk.

Blackmart Alpha Installation

(Refer above screenshots for installation)

Blackmart Alpha Screenshots

Blackmart Alpha 8

Blackmart Alpha 2

Blackmart Alpha 3

Blackmart Alpha Temple Run Brave


  • Can download any paid apps available in android market for free.
  • Can get cracked apps.
  • Can download apps that are blocked on your device by the market.


  • Slow downloads
  • May force close sometime.

Android market and Blackmart alpha, both are two different app stores so you can install both in your device. You can use this app as way of trialing the full versions and in case you like any app you can purchase it from the market showing that you are supporting them as they are the only official developers.

Note: This app is only the method to try out the paid apps so that you can have initial idea before purchasing them. But still as this is an illegal download of paid apps, we are not responsible for the trouble you get into via this app.

Download Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.44 APK

With Blackmart alpha, you may get a paid app for free but it may or may not be the latest version that you find on Play Store. But no worries! There is another app called “Aptoide” which does the same job as Blackmart Alpha plus it provides you the latest version of any app that you could find on Google Play Store. Also, it does NOT have any bugs like Slow downloads, Force close etc. You can download Aptoide App by clicking the download button below:

Download Aptoide App

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