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Badland is a side-scrolling action adventure game, based totally in the real time physics. The concept behind the game was quite unique and so was given the relative amendments by different communities. The game firstly appeared on the iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad in 2013. Due to its unique gaming concept, it was awarded as the game of the year, by Apple INC; which was a huge success for the developers. Badland is now available on all the major mobile devices, including Windows Mobile, Android, etc. Besides this, it has been developed separately for some gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One and many others. Still, to use it on your PC you will have to make use of an android emulator.


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Badland is set off in some unknown forest, where everything was quite lively in the very starting of the game. Soon, everything seems disrupting; on further investigating the situation you will find that this is due to the a mysterious machine. The machine when started up kills everything appearing in the forest, this converting the place to a real badland. This is the only storyline involved in the game, and yes, you need not to judge the book with its cover, as this is the most exciting game that you might have played till now.


Badland is all about how well your character adapts itself to the circumstances. It consist of a black creature, which looks more like a hedgehog/rotund bird/popple, whatever you may call it as it has no defined name. It has an ability to make jumps and move upwards and towards right. The main aim in the game is to beat the timer and finish it to the last checkpoint. When reached at the last checkpoint you will be sucked by a cannon like object, which will throw you to the next level.

Talking about the levels, there are handsome number of levels in the game which will keep you engage for days. Moreover, with every update of the game that you will make, more new levels will probably add. All the levels works on the same main objective; this at times might look like that of an endless runner with an altered concept. Besides this, every level contains fixed number of checkpoint. When you die in the game, you will resume from the nearest passed checkpoint. Talking about the controls of the game, there is only one control, that is screen tap. This will control your creature by moving it forward and upwards; rest part is done by gravity, which will gradually pull it downwards.

You have to make your way through this unusual forest with nearby objects moving in a unpredictable manner, so you will need to adapt yourself to the upcoming situations; as the game is built around this idea. To do so, you will be provided with certain powers which will make you compatible with the upcoming environment. Thus it is critically important to get all of powers at right time.


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How To Get This On PC?

To play this game on your PC, follow instruction below:

  • Download Bluestack.
  • Install it.
  • Open Bluestack and search for Badland using the Playstore.
  • Now click on install button to download it.

After installing the game, start the game from All Apps section.

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