Automatic – Smart Driving Assistant For Android Users

According to a survey, almost 1.6 millions accidents per year are caused due to operating the phone while driving. 78% of the teens accept the fact that they read texts and attend calls while driving. It is very habitual to the people when their phone rings, they become very eager to see who is texting us. Also, people think that it is an obligation to reply a message as soon as with gets delivered to us. An Android application has tried to solve this problem. Let’s have a look at it.


An Android software, Automatic, will help the users to concentrate them on driving giving them a safety assistance. This is a package which contains a small hardware also, which is to be fitted into your car. Automatic was already available for iOS users and now it is launched for the Android OS with some new features such as ‘Do not disturb‘ and ‘Crash Alert‘. The crash alert feature is still in beta state and is available for tasting on iOS and Android devices.

automatic-android-dnd-tourThe idea of the Automatic, is to make the driving more safer by neglecting the attention of the users to the phone. While you are driving, the ‘Do not disturb’ feature will automatically turn your phone on the silent mode. If anybody calls you or texts you, an automated message will be sent to them telling that you are driving. This is not disturb you while driving. This app is deeply integrated with Android system and it’s ability to text automatically while you are driving will be very helpful to users.More features will be added to it further. automatic-android-crash-alert-tour

The Crash Alert feature is just like a OnStar which would provide emergency assistance. But, unlike OnStar, it is bundled into a software which is to be installed on your phone. With the Crash Alert enabled, Automatic will be able to detect you in a serious car crash and it will immediately send messages for emergency assistance. At the same time, it will reach to your family or dear one’s telling them about the situation happened and that the emergency responders are on their way to help you.

The Android app is available on Google Play. You can download it from Play Store. The application is totally free. But, a small hardware which is to be fitted in your car’s data port and to be integrated with the software is necessary to buy. It costs $99.95 only and it is a one-time installment. There are no further subscriptions required. Well, this is a necessary stuff that must be used of every Android user for their safety.

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