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Android vs iPhone – Which One is Better ?

Debates about what is better, android phone or iPhone, have been trending all over the world. Comparisons have been made between the two ones. However, reviews and comments were biased towards one device or the other. The best way is to understand each component and compare it.

New LG Optimus G (E973) – Specifications and Review

South Korean company LG announced their new mobile device LG Optimus G E973 which has great technical characteristics and can compete with the best devices at the market. Among its best characteristics are 13Mp camera, S-IPS display, new powerful processor. In my review Ill tell you about

Good Reasons to Buy Tablet Cases

There are plenty of reasons to buy tablet cases, since we are talking about one of the most expensive gadgets you could buy. Not only is security highly important in this regard, but you might also want to get more out of your money. To do this,

10 Must Have Apps to Optimize your Google TV

Television companies are ushering a new trend with the presence of Google TV. Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and Sony Bravia have come up with their own Google TV models which redefines the television industry altogether. Watching TV is not simply a couch potato thing where

Firefox 15 Beta is Available for Android

A month ago Mozilla released its Firefox 14. Now the company is ready to present a new version of a popular browser. First went Firefox 15 Beta version for Windows, Mac and Linux, and now the company is ready to present Firefox 15 Beta for Android that

Android Development and Its Advantages

This is an article that summaries the core benefits of using Android for business owners, consumers and even developers. It talks about the trending changes and the basic fundamentals of this platform along with its risks. Android is the talk of the tech town. Almost everyone these

5 Best Free Android Apps for 2012

There are many useful and wonderful apps available for Android at Google Play store. Many popular apps on Android Store is available free of cost, thanks to the efforts put by all Android developers. The best Android apps are available in every category. So, here is our

Google To Sell Android Phones Directly

For quite some time, Googles line of Nexus phones have been sold through different carriers such as HTC for the Nexus One, Samsung for the Nexus S, and an upcoming 7 inch tablet of high quality to be manufactured by Asus which is rumored to introduce the