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Google created Google play, formerly known as Android market which worked as a digital application distribution platform for android users. This market made a strong impact on the android users as it offered with many cool apps some of which were free while others need to be paid. Same like Google play, how about an android market of your own? Isn’t it much shocking? Yes it is now possible with Android app Aptoide.

You can create your own app and upload it on Aptoide to get a large audience and advertisement

Apps can be created based on a particular hardware attribute of your device such as

  1. Motion sensor for motion dependent games
  2. Front facing camera for online video calling.

Along with that Aptoide also works as an android application that allows the Android users to browse and install the latest versions of apps. All these apps come from multiple sources which are distributed over different locations. This app makes an android user to be always notified about the latest updates of the respective app. It helps you to get all apps you need for your smartphone and install them for free. The only reason for this is that many developers stay here. Also, It is the second most popular app for android after Google play. This is because Google has more archives. You can create your own enterprise private app store and advertise your applications. Reach to a larger audience and never be limited by political, geographical or content policies restrictions.

How to Install Aptoide

  • Download Aptoide Apk from the link given at the end of this article.
  • Tick “Unknown Sources” option from here: Settings –>  Security.
  • Now, install Aptoide as a normal apk.

Aptoide Screenshots

Aptoid 1 Aptoid 2 Aptoid 3 Aptoid 4


  • Top applications in the app store
  • You can easily create a new account with the process given
  • Can swipe between tabs
  • Included with download manager
  • Store parsing optimization
  • Many bugs fixed
  • There are many improvements made in its performance
  • Included with many trusted applications free from malware certification
  • Better log out and signup feature
  • Tablets layout optimization
  • Automatic resume as the Wi-Fi is turned on
  • Included with Editors Choice apps
  • Ignore an update in the updates tab
  • You can set the maximum number of downloaded Apks to free some space in your memory card

Aptoide has made it so easy to set up your own App store and upload apps. You really must try this one.

Download Aptoide APK

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