Android vs iPhone – Which One is Better ?

Debates about what is better, android phone or iPhone, have been trending all over the world. Comparisons have been made between the two ones. However, reviews and comments were biased towards one device or the other. The best way is to understand each component and compare it. However, it always depends on the intention that one needs the feature. The benefits of such phones usually are rated totally. Often, this is based on the users preference on which is much better for him between two phone options. Users have tested the functionality of each device. On the other hand, new users depend on reviews to decide on which one to choose, the Android or the iPhone.

For the battery and battery life, the Android phones have replaceable and removable batteries. Users could avail of these batteries readily in the stores. The iPhone, on the other hand, has no substitute batteries. The battery cannot be seen and encased. The user has to bring the unit to its dealer whenever the battery needs to be replaced. In charging the battery, the Android uses the micro USB charger which is almost available anywhere. The iPhone uses the Apple charger that is also readily available in the Apple stores worldwide. The Android phones have limited internal memory, which is a concern among its users. It cannot accommodate most of the Apps that they have made available. Not to mention, the media and photos that users want to keep in their devices. However, the iPhone has a large internal memory. Users have the option to purchase a bigger memory if they need. There are choices of different memory sizes. The Android has extendable memory. An SD card could be inserted in the device for additional memory. However, there are claims that these SD cards are often corrupted resulting in the loss of files stored in it. The iPhone has no extendable memory, but this is not a problem for users. The extensive internal memory is broad enough to save whatever user need to be stored in the device. Most Android devices are often designed to be jail broken. Users have the option to jailbreak the device from its service provider. However, the iPhone is a type of jailbreak- at- your-risk sort of thing. The iPhone does not come with this feature when purchased.

Concerning its applications, the Android currently has over 70,000 apps while the iPhone claims to have at least 230,000 Apps available online. The built-in dictionary for the Android phones is more flexible and user modified. The iPhone feature is an artificial intelligence kind of dictionary. The device learns as the user type in the words. Often, if the user keeps on committing the same mistake, the device regards this as correct. On mail applications, the Android phones have different apps for Gmail and other mail while the iPhone uses a single mail app.

Therefore, the option depends on the user expectations and needs. Whether it is the Android phone or the iPhone, yet it depends on how the user needs the device. Some of its features might be just enough for some users. However, for some, it might not be enough.

This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate as a writer.

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