Everything You need to know about Android Silver

According to rumors, Google is preparing to launch a new program, Android Silver which will increase the line of Google devices beyond a few Nexus Tablets and Smartphones. Android Silver is going to be a very big deal and that could be a good news for Android fans and a big blow to Samsung.

android silver

What is Android Silver Actually?

Silver is a bit like an advanced Nexus program, but instead of working with only one manufacturer on one device, Google will work with multiple firms on multiple devices. Thus, Google will be able to launch multiple devices with multiple developers rather than a single Nexus device with a single developer per year. Google supposedly wants to help the manufacturers to give a premium Android experience to the users, so the participating firms will get the help from Google with their development and Marketing costs and these devices will be getting preferred when it comes to software updates.

Google is going to invest $1 Million on this project, to get the phone makers to jump abroad its new initiative. This money will go to subsidize the development and marketing costs of the hardware partners who will sign this program.

Why it is Good for Users?

Android Silver program will provide a wider range of high-end Android devices at a reasonable price. As the software will be provided by Google and the signing firms will be providing hardware only, these devices will be free from the bloatwares and unwanted apps.

Participating firms will have to agree not to mess around with stock Android. The devices must closely adhere to Google specifications and will sharply limit the number of non-Google apps that can be pre-installed on the devices. Even if Google permits to provide some non-Google apps pre-installed, users will be able to uninstall them. Lesser the number of bloatwares, better will be the performance.

It also means that you will be buying the handsets without wondering that you are getting the most up to date Android version or whether the firm will bother supplying Android update after a few months.

How it is for Manufacturers?

In terms of money, Google is providing a large funding on this program. So, Android Silver will help the smaller players in the market to compete. However, by becoming the part of Android Silver program, the firms will find it difficult to differentiate their products from the other ones. Rumors are saying that that Google will be providing the software as well as the hardware specifications as it does now for the Nexus devices, there is not much the manufacturers can do with their products to make them different from other devices. However, the whole program is not known yet. So, there might be any way for this.

For now, LG and Motorola have been named as the most likely candidates of Android Silver program to manufacture initial devices.

Why is Google taking this step?

It’s simple, Google is doing to for Control. With this program, Google is limiting the manufacturers to do with the Android. This will ensure the quality and consistency of the Android. Thus, Google is trying to the best possible Android experience to their customers.

There might be another reason behind this also. Android Silver is like anti-Samsung insurance. With the help of Android, Google collects user’s data and the dominance of Samsung in the market is a threat to that. If Samsung plans to drop Android, that will leave an enormous hole in Google’s data gathering. By giving the Android brands to more firms and helping them for marketing, Google is helping those firms to compete with Samsung.

Thus, Android Silver might be an attempt to minimize the damage that Samsung could do to the data gathering of Google. Well, now that will depend on how successfully the Android Silver program works.

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