Android Development and Its Advantages

This is an article that summaries the core benefits of using Android for business owners, consumers and even developers. It talks about the trending changes and the basic fundamentals of this platform along with its risks.

Android is the talk of the tech town. Almost everyone these days swears by android and its great future as the leading technology of the coming days. With the observable increase in the demand for Android devices, the demand for Android applications has also skyrocketed.

This has consequently led to the increase in the demand for android development services globally. Android application development has totally penetrated the market with its technology and features that is absolutely loved by the people. Research and trend analysis indicate that the coming few years will primarily be dominated by Android. It is commendable to see a relatively new technology seer up the market in this way. Maximum market shares are expected to be bagged by Android.


When compared to other technologies, Android has proved its mettle by being the most robust and reliable. The one main reason why so many people are turning to android is because it offers all the goodness of technology packed in devices that come in a wide range of prices. It is easier for people to pick whatever suits them best.

Android is a very simple platform. In spite of the immense sophistication that it provides it continues to remain fundamentally simple. Therefore even if you are a beginner, dealing with Android will not be a hassle. If you are acquainted with Java, making your first app on android wouldnt feel all that difficult.

Developers are the focal points in the industry because they are providing to over 250 million Android users all over the world, with their services. They are the ones who are basically offering Android app development services. It works like this, you give the idea and they give the solutions. A staggering 700,000 (approximately) Android devices are activated every single day and each user at least downloads one or more app every other day.

Money matters

Since most business owners have become increasingly aware of the power of having a mobile application, the growing awareness of how much mobile application development affects business is clear.

Either to smoothen business processes or to market your brand or company, an app is essential. Most e-commerce sites have also started developing mobile shopping carts to enable people to shop while on the go.

Having said this, people are also looking at increasing their monetary returns through mobile apps. So while you may find a number of apps that are available at Google Play for free, Apps like Angry Birds attract out attention towards the strategy with Rovio has literally minted money from this app. The use of advertisements on the app has ensured the wheel going a full circle.


Today, a Smartphone functions not just like a phone but like an omnipotent gadget that handles and stores any kind of data you would feed it. People store their photographs, personal notes, banking passwords, email ids and other such data of personal kinds on their devices. This is why it has become a target for a lot of Phishing and malware.

Some studies claim that the rate of attack on the Android OS has grown up to 472% in the 3rd quarter of 2011 alone; iOS wasnt bothered one bit by this. Being popular has its own disadvantages I guess.

Expert Android development services across the world are working in order to create apps for an enhanced user experience; however, there does remain a segment of this community that is constantly attempting to create more and more malware to hack through android devices.


On the whole, Android is a very promising platform, both for business owners and for customers as well. It takes into consideration all the things that a user probably would look for from a smartphone. Android application development is also a great field for developers because of the sharp demand. Since android is priced moderately and a further drop in price is expected soon, a large number of users are compelled to go for it.

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