5 Best Free Android Apps for 2012

There are many useful and wonderful apps available for Android at Google Play store. Many popular apps on Android Store is available free of cost, thanks to the efforts put by all Android developers. The best Android apps are available in every category. So, here is our top pick for free Android apps you should install.

1. Facebook:

Android Facebook app lacks many modern features compared to Facebook itself, but many recent updates added support for Android app Inbox support, and ultimately allowed the users to chat in almost real-time. The app’s look stable and fast, with a simplicity that makes you think of installing Facebook app on your smart phone.

2. Hotmail:

As a Google product you will be having Gmail and other popular Google services on your Android smart phone, but what about others who are using Hotmail. Recently, Microsoft has partnered with SEVEN developer to launch an official Android Hotmail app. This tiny app has a simple, push notification support, clean interface and even lets you maintain multiple Hotmail accounts from within the app.

3. TweetCaster:

Twitter has certainly become a vital social communication tool and the easy way to enjoy them on your Android phone is using TweetDeck for Twitter. The app has some unique features that distinguish it from other Twitter apps. Provides speed, a clean-looking interface, and plenty of features. It is the number one Twitter app for Android device. TweetDeck has a search function so you can easily search for your tweets.

4. Seesmic:

With the constant rise of social media awareness, social networking websites are in great demand, offering the users different ways to chat with their buddies. If you are the owner responsible for multiple networking sites, you will find yourself unable to manage them all, especially if you’re a bit busy. Good news is that there is Seesmic for you to help which allows your social media accounts to be handled at one place. However, the apps free version can only manage your Facebook and Twitter account. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy more functionality, you can pick the Pro version of Seesmic app.

5. Foursquare:

If you love exploring new destinations or if you want to check latest events on discounts and freebies then you must have Foursquare installed on your Android device. This application is probably the best guide that you might have. With this app, you will receive popular suggestions and advice from experts, brands and even some of your favorite celebrities. You will get a chance to lessen your budget with discounts of companies and you can ask your pals what the best spot to go, whether it be a restaurant, shop or a hotel.

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