The 3D Racing Sequel RE-VOLT 2 Game roars back onto Android

The 3D Racing Sequel RE-VOLT 2 Game roars back onto Android Smartphone. The new and improved version of the intriguing racing game on your handsets! With new breathtaking and funny stages! Thrilling racing missions! The Grand Prix race for players around the world!

I used to play this RE-VOLT 2 Game on my computer in my younger years. I was so addicted to this game that from those days I had a dream to play it on my Android phone. Finally after so many years the developers of We Go Interactive Co., LTD has fulfilled this dream of mine. I was highly delighted when I first heard about it.

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Revolt Game was firstly introduced back in 1999 for PC. It was a fun little racing in which like other games you’re not actually racing real race cars. Instead, you’re presented to be race some radio controlled race cars through normal, everyday obstacles. You also had weapons to attack your opponent players which made this game more famous and unique from others. This RE-VOLT 2 Game for Android phones is a mirror image of the computer game which I used to play. It has absolute no change rather it has something more advanced.

The controls are so simple and based on just steering left and right while the acceleration is automatically controlled. The brakes can be applied and handled just by placing two fingers simultaneously on the display screen. That type of control makes it fun and easy for everyone to pick it up and just go. RE-VOLT 2 Game is available in two versions. The ad infused demo version is available as a free download while the full featured and paid version is also available. The various features present in RE-VOLT 2 Game are given below. Have a look at them.

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  • Amazing racing experience for all race maniacs.

It has various models of real looking Race cars. Some of which are Formula cars, sports cars, monster cars and even trucks. You can enjoy and experience the actual realistic touch of controlling an actual RC car on your Android phone.

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  • Upgrade your Race cars.

This RE-VOLT 2 Game also has some options to upgrade your entire game system. You can upgrade the top speed, accelerating force, handling and stability for each car. There is also an option present in the RE-VOLT 2 Game to choose a unique skin for your each car. This way you’ll be able to express your personality.

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  • Various Challenge Modes.

RE-VOLT 2 Game has various challenge modes in which you can enjoy the fun of single race games. After clearing various stages of mission you’ll have a chance to win the cup.

  • Grand Prix Mode.

With Grand Prix mode, you’ll have a chance to compete with your friends or even other players around the world. Enjoy some breathtaking races with fifty players in your group on five new tracks each week. There is an option present in this game which allows you to see the various unique cars built by your friends or other players for even more realistic racing. If you are amongst those who feel racing is difficult then you can use the consumable items to make it easier. RE-VOLT 2 Game has some Power Up options to easily upgrade the weapons available on your car.

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  • Social activities with friends.

With this new RE-VOLT 2 Game you can compete with your facebook friends or even get help from them.

  • Lucky Wheel System.

You can use the Lucky Wheel Ticket given out for free everyday to win various items and hit the Jackpot!

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  • Optimized for tablets with various language options.

The RE-VOLT 2 Game can be enjoyed more with realistic racing on tablet. The Game is available in different languages.

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Each Race car present in the game has different features. If you want to win the game just choose the right car for each track and race mode.
A lot of rewards can be won on Challenge Cup Stage. For that you need to win all the 3 stars. You can get record setting scores on all five tracks of the Grand Prix in order to be ranked high. Higher ranks get enormous rewards, so you must definitely challenge this.

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RE-VOLT 2 Game features a wide variety of styled races where tiny remote controlled cars put the pedal to the metal in larger than life scenarios. One moment players will be drifting around corners in the backyard and the next they’ll be catching air with a massive jump over the kitchen sink. The classic modes death battle, time trials, and grand prix return are picked up from the original RE-VOLT. There are some more additional over the top challenge modes and the Company is soon going to introduce the online multiplayer mode.

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Sporting better graphics, more interesting game play, and tons of new features, RE-VOLT 2 Game is a definite improvement over the original. It is available now on Google Play for free, so go get it now!

[appbox googleplay com.wego.revolt2_global&hl]

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