2 Android Auto Reply Apps that can make you more Efficient

There are times when you just can not pick up the phone when it is ringing but you have to tell the caller that you are busy and will call them back. If you have subscribed to voicemail service the caller can end up on your voicemail. However, voicemail has it’s deficiency, many people are not comfortable talking to a machine and leaving their message so they will simply hang up. Also a voicemail can not call back on your behalf and say that you have received the message and will talk later.

An auto reply SMS on the other hand can solve the problem, a person calls you and you do not / can not answer, the auto reply app will send an SMS from your phone saying that you have received the call but can not answer now and will call back later. This is far more reassuring to the person at the other end and also gives an impression of promptness and efficiency.

In the Google App market there are many apps that will help you to setup a SMS auto reply service on your phone. I tested few of them and found these two to be good and efficient for the job. The first one is quite simple and easy to use, the later is more full fledged but will take time to get used to, for some people.

1. Call to SMS Answering machine

This app can send a custom SMS to your missed call numbers. I saw a nice feature where you can create a list of numbers for which you will like to send auto replies. For example, you can have your spouse or girlfriend , friends, parents, siblings, co-workers, boss’s numbers on a special list and when they call and you can not pick up the phone it will send them the auto reply SMS. For other numbers, it will not send an auto reply.

The free version is limited to only 5 numbers in the auto reply list. You can also set it to send SMS to any missed call numbers.


1. Easy to use and very simple

2. Can setup a white list for auto reply.


1. You can not create a blacklist.

2. You can not send a SMS sending limit. If a person calls multiple times, it will send multiple auto replies.

3. The free version has a nag screen, which seems like an overkill since, it already has ads.

4. Can not reply to incoming SMS.

You can download Call to SMS here.

2. Auto SMS

This is a complete answering machine app that has many features that you do not know you need cant live without once you have used them. With this app you can set multiple auto reply message and set them up to be sent to different numbers. You can create white lists, black lists. You can forward your phone calls or SMS to another number. You can also reply to incoming SMS. You can setup profiles for auto replies and customize each profile with its own message, contact list, schedules and response types. In addition, this app can also read aloud your incoming SMS message.


1. A versatile, full featured auto reply app.

2. Reads your incoming SMS aloud, can be useful when you are driving.

3. Creating profiles and customizing messages for each profile.

4. Can set up schedules for activating or deactivating the auto answers or activate auto answer profiles based on time and date.


1. The interface is amateurish and can take time getting used to.

2. No easy way or separate button or icon to create or edit white lists and black lists.

You can download Auto SMS here

My recommendation

If you want a full featured auto reply / auto responder app for your phone and can live with a little bit of complexity, look no further and download Auto SMS and give it a try. If you want a simple auto responder app with no extra bells and whistles, go with Call to SMS. I am using Auto SMS for the time being and am quite happy with it.

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