10 Must Have Apps to Optimize your Google TV

Television companies are ushering a new trend with the presence of Google TV. Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and Sony Bravia have come up with their own Google TV models which redefines the television industry altogether. Watching TV is not simply a couch potato thing where youre simply glued to your seat watching your favorite shows or movies. Google TV revolutionizes user experience by providing more to what you can do with that flat screen in your living room. Here are 10 of the best Android apps you can use to optimize your Google TV.

Flixster. This app is perfect for movie buffs. Everything and anything you need to know about the latest films can be found in Flixster. You can search movies by title, read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster users, browse its DVD catalog with over 50,000 films, check out box office leaders, get updated with upcoming films and new DVD releases, and watch HD trailers and video clips for over 10,000 movies!

Pandora Radio. Now who wouldve thought that your TV can now play your favorite songs! Pandora Internet Radio is the app you need to have if youre a certified music junkie. This is a personalized radio service that streams music on your Google TV! You can play music from your favorite artists, the genre you love, or the decade you grew up in. Pandora can create a station that will play the music according to your preferences! Creators of Pandora said that this app has only one mission and that is to play only the music youll love.

CNN Money. Get conveniently updated with the latest news in the business world with the CNN Money app. The great thing about this app is its presentation in showing informative and engaging information about personal finance, business news, real estate, technology trends, and other noteworthy business content. The content of this app is updated several times daily.

Able Remote. To maximize the use of your Google TV, you should download the Able Remote app. With this app, you can turn your android device to a customized Google TV remote! Able Remote is loaded with features such as TV touch navigation, view photos and videos from your android device on Google TV, touch play controls, voice commands, and so much more! Users who tried this app are highly recommending it.

Skype. With Skype on your Google TV, video chat has never been more convenient, crisp, and clear. You dont need to move your laptop around anymore because you can Skype with your friends and family in the comfort of your living room!

Redux. This app is for those of you with a flair for unique shows and videos. Exceptional entertainment can be found in Redux with curators and tastemakers programming high-end shows for you! This app takes note of your interests and brings together the best of cable television for you.

Netflix. Watch unlimited movies via Netflix in your Google TV! Netflix is the leading subscription service for TV shows and movies. You can browse through its growing selection consisting of thousands of movies and TV series. New episodes are being added regularly too! Netflix also makes recommendations based on your favorite films and TV shows.

Red Karaoke. This fun Android app will make parties and social gatherings more fun in your living room! Red Karaoke is the largest online karaoke in the world streamed directly to your Google TV. With this app, you can sound your best through its pitch change tool that adapts to your voice. You can also create your playlist suitable for your parties. Plus, if you feel like showing off you can share your song renditions online, too! This tasty app is for
the foodie in you. The worlds number one food site can now be accessed conveniently in your living room, providing a wide range of recipes from the sites entire library. You can also watch cooking videos in HD and share recipes online.

SnagFilms. Need an expert for indie films? SnagFilms app is the ultimate source for independent films in your Google TV. This app gives you the most compelling and outstanding creations from independent filmmakers. Get your daily dose of festival favorites, award winners, and cult classics from this app. Easy to navigate, SnagFilms gives you the edgy and artsy entertainment you crave for.

There are countless things you can do with Google TV. With more Android apps flooding the market, you will definitely find more ways to enjoy Google TV.

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