Update Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman with Cyanogenmod 10.1 (Jelly Bean)

Sony Ericson devices are very famous for their unique looks and design. At the time when Android smartphones were not in market, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series was very popular. Walkman series devices were music based phones and they were very popular for their sound quality between music lovers. Once Android based smartphones were out, they captured all the market.

In August 2011 Sony Ericsson presented an Android smartphone from Walkman series, Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. In this device you get all the latest features of Android plus ultimate sound quality powered by Walkman. The device has amazing specs but unfortunately Sony declined to give further updates than Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to 2011 Xperias.

Thats when Android development comes in picture. You can go beyond official updates with the help of custom ROMs. There are various custom ROMs based on latest Android 4.2(Jelly Bean) are available for SE Live with Walkman. These ROMs provide you a unique Android experience.

A most popular custom ROM called Cyanogenmod 10.1 based on Android 4.2 is now available for Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. This ROM comes with latest features of Jelly Bean that is daydream, actionable notifications, magical widgets etc. plus you get boost in performance. Just keep in mind that you may face some bugs as the ROM is in development stage. Following article will guide you on how to install CM 10.1 on SE Live with Walkman.

Disclaimer: Risk is involved in the article written ahead and it can also cause damage to your mobile. It is recommended that you should not follow it if you are newbie in this Android world. Read article completely and implement all the steps at your own risk. If any damage is happened to your mobile after inculcating these steps, we will not be responsible for that.

update sony ericsson live with walkman wt19i with cm 10 1 jelly bean0

This procedure to install Cyanogenmod 10.1 is strictly applicable for Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman only bearing model number WT19i. Don’t try to flash it on any other mobile or variant otherwise permanent might cause to it.


  • Don’t forget to charge our mobile at least up to 70% so that installation will proceed uninterruptedly.
  • Since all the data on mobile gets wiped during the process, it is better to take a backup of important data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external memory.
  • Make sure that you have already installed custom recovery like Clockworkmod recovery or TWRP recovery on mobile. Without this recovery you cannot flash ROM on the mobile.
  • USB debugging mode must be enabled.

Procedure to Install Cyanogenmod 10.1 on Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman:

  • Download latest Cyanogenmod build from the official ROM development page (link is given below):
  1. Cyanogenmod 10.1 for Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman.
  • You have to separately download and flash Google Apps (Gmail, Maps, GTalk, Play Store etc.) because they are not present in ROM by default. Link to download Goggle Apps is given below
  1. Google Apps (Jelly Bean).
  • Connect your phone to computer using USB cable and copy zip files of ROM file & Google Apps to your device’s SD Card.
  • Download the fastboot files which we will need to flash the kernel image.
  1. Fastboot Files
  • Extract above zip package of fastboot files. You will find four files inside your extracted folder.
  1. adb.exe
  2. AdbWinApi.dll
  3. AdbWinUsbApi.dll
  4. fastboot.exe

update sony ericsson live with walkman wt19i with cm 10 1 jelly bean1

  • Open ROM package which you’ve just downloaded in your computer. Search for boot.img inside it (which is kernel file). Extract that kernel file using WinRAR & copy the same in fastboot folder so that you should have total five files inside it by now.
  • Disconnect your phone from computer and switch it off. Now to boot your device in fastboot mode do the things given below.
  1. Press & hold Volume Up key and at the same time connect your phone to computer via USB cable.
  2. You can see the LED at the top turning blue. If the installation of drivers start then wait until it gets completed.
  3. Make sure that PC companion or any other application is not running in the background.
  • Open the ‘Fastboot‘ folder in which you have extracted fastboot files.
  • Now Open command prompt & Point its directory to the fastboot folder (OR You can do the same as: open Fastboot folder, Press & hold shift key and then right click on the free space in the same folder. When right clicked (holding shift), you’ll see ‘Open Command window here‘ option. Click it & Command prompt will get opened pointing to the Fastboot directory).

update sony ericsson live with walkman wt19i with cm 10 1 jelly bean2

  • Type the following command in command prompt to flash the kernel file:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

  • Now you will see progress of installing kernel. Once you get finished message restart your phone by typing command “fastboot reboot” (without quotes) in command prompt.
  • When you will see first boot logo and the top LED turns blue, press and release volume down keys for few times. By doing so you will boot into custom recovery.
  • Don’t forget to take Nandroid backup of ROM which you are currently using. In case if anything goes wrong you can go back to your previous ROM just by restoring this backup. To back up your current ROM, select Backup and Restore option from the recovery mode & on next screen, select backup. Now It will make a nandroid backup of your whole system (excluding SD card). Wait for the backup process to get finished.
  • After successfully backup, select wipe data/factory reset & wipe cache partition to wipe all the data & caches from the phone memory respectively.
  • Select “install zip from sdcard” & then “choose zip from sdcard“. Navigate the ROM file (which you’ve transferred earlier) Select it & press on ‘Yes‘ to continue. ROM installation process will start.
  • Wait for the ROM to get installed. After ROM gets successfully installed, your phone will land in the recovery mode.
  • Again select “install zip from sdcard” followed by “choose zip from sdcard” & this time navigate Google apps package file. Press on Yes to install Google Apps.
  • After flashing both the files, Select reboot system now to Restart the phone.
  • First start may take a bit long but don’t worry

There you go!! You’ve successfully updated your Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman to latest version of Android that is 4.2 (Jelly Bean) via custom ROM called Cyanogenmod 10.1. Do let us know how it is working for you and if you have any doubt regarding the procedure mentioned above. Feel free to comment below, we’ll come up with solution as soon as possible.

Tip: In case if you want to restore back your previous ROM , enter into recovery mode, select Backup and Restore option & on next screen, select restore & choose your latest backup to restore.

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Shreyas Khare

Shreyas is an author at Android Legend and He is a HTC Lover. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
  • RJL

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  • RJL

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  • Axel Daryl

    i would like to thanks, and it is working for my WT19i.
    i would also to share this link (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2218221) i think that will make ur life a bit easier (it worked fiiiiine for me)

  • vikram sinode

    but kernel not install,
    now what i do..??

    • Viraj SK

      What’s the error?

  • Zullyvan

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    Help to unlock the phone, if it shows “Waiting for device” , because present other commands that do it, the explanation on the current page.

    See you.

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  • Narasimha

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  • Cédric Dhaenens

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    does anyone have a solution for this?

  • zora singh

    bro need help i hv install usb drivers via how u tell but still stuck on waiting for device confirmed installed usb drivers

    • Viraj SK

      Can you share the link from which you’ve downloaded the drivers?

      • zora singh

        http://hexamob.com/devices/devices-de vices/android-rooting-methods-for-sony-ericsson-live-with-walkmanwt19i-with-android-version-2-3-gingerbread/
        i think the usb drivers are installed properly but the reason is i can’t able to boot my device so usb debugging is disabled . is this might be a reason for not detect the device… BUT OTHER FLASHTOOLS DETECT MY DEVICE AS FASTBOOT AND FLASH MODE ALSO

      • zora singh

        i downloaded and installed drivers from link u provide in comment s
        please post another link if this not properly work

        • Viraj SK

          Is it working now?

  • cyril

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  • asmit kumar

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    • Viraj SK


      • amit

        Thanks a lot, you are hero
        My phone was not booting after i tried rooting
        I followed steps given here and now i am able to start it as well running 4.1.

        Thanks a lot

  • ankit

    hey..after flashing the kernel i’m not able to go into cwm recovery..pls help..cwm recovery is installed but i am facing ths prblm..big trouble bro..

    • Viraj SK

      Flash recovery again & then try to enter into the same…

      • ankit

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      • ankit

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  • Anu

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    • Shreyas

      Check that you have installed device drivers perfectly. Or try reinstalling them

    • Ajit jangid

      same problem here…..while running “fastboot flash boot boot.img”….cmd show

  • vishal

    Trying this on Sony wt19i : Unable to load boot image, It shows for long time no further installation. I have installed every required drivers. Could you be kind to help me.

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  • lara

    hi i’m lara i’m type the command ‘”fastboot flash boot boot.img”but he show error:cannot load ‘boot.img’ plese help how can i fix that problam

    • Viraj SK

      Place boot.img file along with the 4 fastboot files. Now open the folder where you’ve kept these 5 files. Hold Shift button on your keyboard & simultaneously press right mouse click. You will get an option like- “Open Command Window here“. Click on that and follow the given procedure.

      This thing works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 only…

  • Rahul Gajjar

    I have updated my sony wt19i to Cyanogenmod 10.1 yesterday. it working fine.. awesome. battry backup and speed are good. but i have facing one problem. Camera is not working properly. I love camera and Cyanogenmod 10.1 is nothing for me without good camera.
    i have flash fix camera zip. but it make camera function worst than it was before. please help me.

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  • atul ranka

    when we flash the kernel we must be in ginger bread or in ics

    • Shreyas

      First flash the kernel then the ROM.

    • Viraj SK

      OS version doesn’t matter actually. But still ICS is recommended…

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    • Shreyas

      Have you installed drivers properly.
      Install drivers and then in command prompt put command “fastboot devices”. Random numbers should appear. Then go for this command.

  • junior

    can i use the above steps to install Cyanogenmod 9 in my SE live with walkman (WT19i). my phone is already rooted

    • Sanket

      Yes you can.

      • junior

        fastboot command prompt shows . when i enter “adb devices” command, it shows nothing. pls help

        • Sanket

          Have you installed mobile drivers.

  • http://duniagadget558.blogspot.com/ Pandu Dryad

    “First start may take a bit long but don’t worry”

    How long is it (normally)? I worrying about bootloop if my phone get booting too long..

    • Shreyas

      It depends on specifications of your device. But not more than 10 mins.
      If you think your device has gone in bootloop do wipe data and wipe cache from CWM and try again

      • Viraj SK

        Or flash the ROM again (remember to flash kernel before ROM)…

      • vijay

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    anything its full good work
    its butifull

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        لطفا راهنمای داده شده در بالا مراجعه کنید (Google Translate)..

  • mace

    we loose the HD camera like in the cyanogen 10 ? i need my 720p :(

    • Sanket

      Use third party camera app.

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    • Viraj SK

      Link is fixed…

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    • Viraj SK

      It’s fastboot flash boot boot.img (don’t remove the extension)..

      • hy

        I had key in fastboot flash boot boot.img but it still show up waiting for device.
        Please help

        • Viraj SK

          It means that your device is not getting detected. You need to install proper drivers for it to work.
          You can install the same by installing Sony’s PC Companion Tool in your PC..

        • hy

          After installing PC companion, still encounter with the same problem.
          When i check the device manager,it shows Android device, with sony ADB interface is connected.
          However, the command prompt there still showing waiting for device.

        • AgEv

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