Update Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 With Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4

Another Update of Gingerbread 2.3.6 is Rolled Out By Samsung For Galaxy Y Duos S6102.This Update is Released For Indian Region Which Has Baseband Version DDLD4.This Will The Third Gingerbread 2.3.6 Update For Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102.This Update DDLD4 is Also Available Through Kies For India.But Those Who Want To Get This Update On Their Galaxy Y Duos (Irrespective of Region) Can Also Apply The Same(Manually) By Following The Step By Step Procedure Given Below.

So Lets Head To The Rest of This Article Where We will be Checking,

  1. Essential Steps Before Updating Firmware.
  2. Procedure To Update Samsung Galaxy Y Duos I6102 With Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4.

Disclaimer : We Have Made This Article Covering Each And Every Part At Our Level Best.In Case If Any Damage Happens to Your Device (It Should not Be), Neither We nor Samsung Electronics Ltd. will Be Held Responsible For It.

Essential Steps Before Updating Firmware:

  • You Must Enable USB Debugging By Checking the Box in your device by Following the Path Below:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging

  • It will highly Recommended to Backup all Your data Stored in your phone So as to Restore it back just in case If You Lose or Corrupt the Data During this Process.
  • Your Device Must be Charged up to 70% or Above Battery Level to Ensure that Your Device should not be Turned Off During this Process.
  • It will be Recommended to Temporary Disable Security Tools as well as Antivirus Installed on your Computer as This might Interrupt the Process.

By Assuming that you have followed all the instructions mentioned in Essential Steps Before Updating Firmware, You are Now Ready to proceed to Further Article where we will check How To Apply Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 Firmware Update in your phone.

Procedure To Update Samsung Galaxy Y Duos I6102 With Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 :

  • Firstly You Need To Download The Two Files Mentioned Below.
  1. Galaxy Y Duos Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 Package. |  125.97 MB
  2. Odin Multi Downloader.
  • Extract Galaxy Y Duos I6102 Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 Package Files. You’ll Find two files shown in the image below.

update samsung galaxy y duos s6102 with gingerbread 2 3 6 ddld40

  • Turn Off Your Phone & Now Enter Into The Downloading Mode.Downloading Mode Can Be Entered By Holding Power Button + Home Button+Volume Down Button Simultaneously.
  • After Entering Your Phone Into The Downloading Mode, Connect Your Phone To The Computer.
  • Now Open Odin Multi Downloader Which You’ve Just Downloaded in Your Computer.By This Time ID:COM Section Should be Turned Yellow.If It isn’t Then You Need To Install Drivers in Your PC By Downloading Them From The Link Given Below.
  1. Windows 32 bit (x86) Drivers.
  2. Windows 64 bit (x64) Drivers.

update samsung galaxy y duos s6102 with gingerbread 2 3 6 ddld41

  • Select PDA Tab & Then Choose “S6102DDLD4_S6102ODDLD2_S6102DDLD4_HOME.tar.md5” File.(See The Image Below)

update samsung galaxy y duos s6102 with gingerbread 2 3 6 ddld42

  • Start The Process By Pressing Start Button.
  • Wait Until Process Overs (Flashing Process Will Be Done Within 5-7 Minutes). As Soon As Process Done, You will See That The ID:COM Section is Turned Green Giving The Message “Pass”.
  • After Getting “Pass” Message, Disconnect Your Phone From The PC.
  • Again Switch Off Your Device.Now You Need To Enter Into The Recovery Mode. The same can be Entered By Holding Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button Simultaneously.

Note: In Recovery Mode, Touch Will Not Work, Therefore Use Volume Up & Down Keys And Menu Button Only.

  • As Soon As You Enter Into The Recovery mode, Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset & Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Now Simply Reboot Your Device By Pressing Reboot System Now.

Tip: If Something Goes Wrong During Flashing Process i.e, If Process Fails Or Stuck, In That Case Unplug Your Device From Computer, Remove Battery Reinsert It.Again Enter Into The Downloading Mode & Repeat The Whole Process Again.

Congratulations !! By The Time You’ve Successfully Updated Your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 With Latest Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 Firmware Officially.Just Share Your Opinions & Reviews About This Update With Us in Comment Section Below.And In Case If You Face Any Difficulty During This Process, Do Not Hesitate To Report Me in Our Comment Section Below, I will Try to Fix Them As Early As Possible.

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Viraj Kshatriya

Hello everyone, I'm Viraj, the chief editor at Android Legend. When I'm not checking out the latest stuff happening in Android, I mostly spend my time flashing different ROMs, testing Android apps & games. Feel free to join me on Google+.
  • Vishal Rathod

    I try to install jelly bean but my phone stuck and than I did very stupid thing I flash my mobile via file of galaxy y but my phone is y duos than I go to xda forumhttp://techruin.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/how-to-flash-samsung-galaxy-y-duos-s6102/ as they say I download odin and y duos file and do all procedure they say . But finally all I completed my phone shows directly factory reset mode after rebooting it show galaxy y logo. please help me to save my phone.

    • Vishal Rathod

      Please help me viraj …

  • raf

    cannot click start button. launcher odin too big windows. cant resize it.

  • achuatten

    Hey bro i have a bricked galaxy y duos, which is only get downloading mode it has no recovery ,,,,,,, then i am tried to flash stock rom through odin but firstly iam flash it with multiple files such as pda,phone,csc….+++PIT
    after detecting my phone on id com
    it show NAND write started then failed success(0) failed(1)
    iam very affraid …..but after iam tried it with one package from your link,xda link…..always iam faced same problem FAIL (with red icon)
    .after some days iam went to samsung service centre ,, they firstly tells that it is software problem and also say the software charge is RS-150 ,,After an 1 hour they tells that ” can’t software ur phone because i has bricked you must change ur mother board ……….The cost is 4000 hey,,, can u pls help me there is another way to software my phone ….pls bro

  • abhi

    i have a bricked galaxy y duos which is only get downloading mod not get recovery but when stock flashing it says nand write failed and also odin show fail with a red colour iam tried multiple files,one package and also use diffrent pc, but the final result is fail
    pls help me

  • ankit

    it fails at last but my phone not stuck on white screen help how do get back my original rom

  • Pramod

    my Samsung Galaxy y duos S6102
    I try to update then I fail
    now my phone stuck white logo plzz help

  • adminnnn

    Is odin file of samaung galaxy y and y duos all the same

    • Shreyas


  • san kutty

    pls tell me how to update android version on samsung y dous

  • manish

    i am connecting my mobile phone with pc after instlling windows 32 driver no responce in odin software mens no connection betweem pc and mobile help me how to connect my mobile to pc for odin software.. so i can install update 2.3.6

  • aleeem

    i install the drivers but doin doesn’t turns to yellow

  • SujAce

    Hi Viraj,
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102) which I upgraded to 2.3.6(DDLJ1) based on your suggestions. Working fine. Just wanted to check if its possible to upgrade to ICS? Pls provide the steps, if its possible.


    • SujAce

      If possible, pls can you also share steps to partition SD card and create links?

      • Viraj SK
        • SujAce

          Thanks for this. Will try out. Pls also share the ICS upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, if available.

        • Viraj SK


        • SujAce

          Hi Viraj,
          am trying to partition my memory card (8gb) using the steps mentioned above. while i’ve been able to partition it in the recovery mode, when i come to the Link2SD screen, i get an error message “second partition not found. :device not found. Make sure you have two partitions on your SD card and both are primary”. I’ve got both the update.zip and CWM.zip on the /sdcard. Am using Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102). Pls help me as I’ve now got lots of apps and very less internal memory.

        • SujAce

          Hi Viraj,
          Formatted the SD card couple of times before partition solved the problem.
          However, now have a new problem. Am not able to send text messages from my rooted Galaxy Y Duos. The messages remain unsent with a status “Sending…”, no error messages either. Pls can you advise?

        • Viraj SK

          Check your message center number..

        • SujAce

          I had already verified this and its the correct number. Tried restarting a couple of times, but still no success.

  • Imran

    When my phone is struck in logo then how do i on my usb tethering

    • http://waytomyworld.com bisht

      same ques here??

  • Ravi Singh

    How to know if tour mobile is bricked or not????

  • ahmed ashour

    It work ok thanks , can you give us a link for flash Arabian firmware ok where to look for or any name to search in google , thanks again :)

  • NElJO

    love you bro u fix my phone tnk you

  • Amar

    dude i tried installing jelly bean to samsung y duos s6102 but i couldnt and i tried installing ginger bread it got installed again i tried with ice cream it got hanged and i m unable to install ginger bread also :( and if i give reboot it will show only samsung young s6102 and doesnt move forward plz help me

  • arvind

    please help me with this.

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    S6102DDLD4_S6102ODDLD2_S6102DDLD4_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  • bhai

    i flashed my galaxy y duos always reastarting and do not entering to recovery mode.how i can fix this>?

  • Alok

    Hey help me pls…i can only go to download mode but i am not getting that light as u said in ur post….i tried kies and other ways to install driver but no success…atleast say is my phone bricked or service centre person can repair it as per their charge of Rs.170 for software update…pls reply can it be repaired?

    • Viraj SK

      Don’t worry! Your phone is not bricked. Just try the same procedure on another laptop / PC. It’s driver problem with your PC and nothing else.

      Alternately, you can get it repaired from Samsung Service Center…

      • Alok

        So thnx even i Think its Windows 8 who is not recognizing it properly and another think is has samsung recently realeased any update for galaxy y duos s6102.IF so then i can get repair and update at same price.

        • Alok

          Hey another thing, i cannot se the charging notification when i plug it with charger, is it charging or not,else they will not be able to repair it.

  • PR

    how can i solve update firewall on samsung s6102 & update ?

  • vishnu vadhan

    hai viraj i want to upgrade to 2.3.6 to 4.0 in samsung gts6102 so please give details and your mobile number

  • Tilak

    thanx dude.. you are saved my mobile :)

  • chaitanya

    can we upgrade galaxy y gt-5360 android version 2.3.6 to version 4.1 gellybean

  • Praveen

    i updated my phone o ics
    i rebooted it but it takes a lot of time.
    Should i wait or my phone dead plzzzzzzz reply

    • Sanket

      Flash official firmware. Follow this article.

  • tarannom

    when I extract Galaxy Y Duos I6102 Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 Package Files,it needs password.what should i do?!

  • Saurabh

    the process which u told ..i tried it nd it failed.. wht must be reason ? my fon is samsung galaxy y duos

  • Siddhartha

    user galaxy y s6102 installed ics fusion v1, android ver 4.0.4 i can update Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLD4 my phone

  • Saurabh

    Hi Viraj,

    I upgraded my phone with ddld4 package given on your site and installed it as per your instructions via odin but i have a problem now that my device is unable to send sms via both sims,
    as i send sms it shows sending all the time and neither the money is deducted nor the sms is sent to any one whome i am trying to send sms rest everything is ok. Please help me out brother..

    • Abhijeet

      Try changing Message Center number from Message settings.

  • Ashish

    what is advantage of upgrade version DDLD4. I am asking that coz I update my galaxy y dous GT-S6102 using Kies and its covering 30 mb phone memory and no change in phone, I can’t install games etc. please tell me what is advantage of upgradation.

    • Ashish

      I Upgrade my phone Factory version to DXMD1 and its covering 30 mb extra phone memory.

      • Ashish Purohit

        any boddy here can tell me what is advantage of this firmware update ? mean can I install 3d games etc or it will be same as before ? if same then what is need to upgrade…

  • sarab

    I have backup my galaxy y s6102 .when i restore it it will show error md5 mismatch can u help me?

    • Viraj SK

      The backup is corrupted…


    hello dear, I have Samsung Galaxy y duas s6102 nd i have tried to install custom rom and then my phone shows ony white screen and nothing anything no boot and no Recovery and i tried much more Pda,CSC and Phone.md5 files with odin but nothing works so please help to fix it

    • Sanket

      Are you able to boot into downloading mode?

  • s gabhane

    HEy its not working bro…
    the Start The Process By Pressing Start Button.
    Wait Until Process Overs (Flashing Process Will Be Done Within 5-7 Minutes). As Soon As Process Done, You will See That The ID:COM Section is Turned Green Giving The Message “Pass
    its not happening

  • Ashish

    Is there any way to install Official Jelly Bean in Samsung Galaxy Y duos GT-S6102…..coz Galaxy Star comming with Jelly bean now…

    • Shreyas

      No Samsung haven’t provided the official update so no way.

  • http://www.ajeevika.in Ashish

    Hi Viraj… I tried to install Jelly Bean in my Galaxy Y duos GT-S6102 last night and after intall that sim network and few other things was not working. so I tried to install GingerIceJelly v1.3.RC1. in this process I unmount system and sd card. when I reboot device mobile stuck on “Galaxy Y duos GT-S6102″ Logo now I am not albe to recovery mode. please help me how to fix this problem ?

    • KRISH

      same problem….. heeelllllllppppp……….. pllllzzzzz

      • Sanket

        Boot into downloading mode and flash this firmware.

  • http://www.ajeevika.in Ashsih

    Hi Viraj… I Installed Jelly Bean 4.1 in my Samsung Galaxy Y duos GT-S6102, JB working fine but not able to find sim network. pls tell me solution… what if I need to install my old android version in my phone ?

    • RAJ

      hi friend u must go to Samsung care center and re-flash original ROM

  • Ashsih

    Hi Viraj.. I installed Jelly bean 4.1 in my Galaxy y duos GT-S6102, os working good but no network coverage in my phone, tell me how to fix problem…. or tell me how to install old version of Android

    • Shreyas

      Follow steps given in article to go back to Gingerbread.

      • Ashish

        My mobile Stuck on “Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102″ Logo and not able to go to Download Mode.
        I use this process last night for install GingerIceJelly v2.0.RC1.

        •Clean Your Phone and SDCard
        •Copy CWM In Fresh SDCard and PUT Your SDCard In Your Phone
        •Boot Your Phone Into Recovery Mode
        •Select “apply update from sdcard” > Go Into CWM
        •Select “advanced” > “partiton sdcard”
        •Input Your “ext size”
        •You Can Input Swap Size To… ( Recomended 128 )
        •Wait Until CWM Task Completed
        •Turn Off Your Phone
        •Pull Your SDCard Prom Phone Again
        •Copy CWM and GingerIceJelly v2.0.RC1.zip To Your SDCard Again
        •Put Again Your SDCard To Your Phone
        •Boot Into Recovery Again
        •Select “wipe data/factory reset” > Choose “yes”
        •Select “wipe cache partition”
        •Select “apply upate from sdcard” > Go Into CWM
        •Select “wipe data / reset” > Choose “yes”
        •Select “wipe cache partition” > Choose “yes”
        •Select “advanced” > Choose “wipe dalvik cache” > Select “yes”
        •Select “wipe battery stats” > Select “yes” ( ONLY IF YOUR BATTERY FULL )
        •Press Back Button
        •Select “mounts and storage”

        •Mount “/data, /sdard & /system”
        •NOTE :
        •If In CWM Shows “unmount”, It Means Partition Has MOUNTED !!!
        •If In CWM Shows “mount”, It Means Partition Still NOT MOUNTED !!! ( You Need To Mount That )

        ( I THINK I MADE MISTACK HERE .. System and sdard was showing mount so I unmounth it)

        •When All Mounted, Press Back Button
        •Select “install zip from sdcard”
        •Select “choose zip from sdcard”
        •Select GingerIceJelly v2.0.RC1.zip > Choose “yes”
        •Wait Until All Completed
        •After All Complete, Press back Button
        •Al Last, Select “reboot system now”

        After this my phone stuck on “Samsung Logo” and not able to load Recovery mode

        I think I unmount System and SD Card

        I found this artical on given link below

      • Ashish

        not able to load download mode or recover mode coz mobile stuck on “Samsung Galaxy Y duos GT-S6102″ Logo. need to unplugh battery for switch off phone and when connect USB or Charger phone on automaticly… how to fix it… how to go in recover mode … please help me

  • faheem rathore

    dear sir, i recently download ddma3 version from andriodjinn website.. after xtract it i get a file with .md5 after my whole procedure was correct but my phone stucks at samsung logo..plz help me

  • mohannad


    ihave wait for along time but odin3 didn’t flah green what to do now

  • Arvind

    i fail to open odin panel. plz help me

    • Viraj SK

      What error are you getting?

  • Ritesh kukadiya

    thanks a lot for Successfully Updated my galaxy y duos
    thanks ….

  • Tusher

    First i lost recovery mode.
    then i lost download mode on my galaxy y duos.
    now phone has only white screen.
    what can i do?
    please help me.

    • Sanket

      If you are able to boot into download mode them flash official firmware. If not then unfortunately your mobile is bricked. Take it to nearset service center.

  • Sanket

    Thanks a lot you’r article save my money and my mobile

  • Saurabh

    Dear Viraj,

    Thanks a lot for this article i really appreciate your help

    as after flashing gingericejelly v2 i was stuck on the samsung

    logo screen and as i read xda forum for that it said your phone

    is bricked and go to samsung i was so sad that i had bricked

    my phone but i found your article and it saved my phone in few

    minutes. really thanks again for the good work man..

    Saurabh Chhonker

    • Viraj SK

      Welcome! Glad to hear that.. :)

      • rohit jhangdi

        my samsung galaxy y duos gt s 6102 doesn’t go ahead boot menu and it stucks at samsung logo how to get it back in normal position pls help

      • faheem

        Dear sir ,i have downloaded ddlg1.i have exttract it t.and i use latest odin.but my phone stucks at samsung logo plz tell me what to do.

  • Vivek Patnaik

    thnx yr…. it really worked…. was so much tensed that my phone is never gonna b ok… bt thnx 2 u man!!!!

    • Viraj SK

      Welcome :D

  • Mohsin

    I was flashing my gal y duos with ddmc1 by odin but it failed everytime i did everyrhing like wipe data cache and unroot .
    Hiw to solve it tell me please viraj.

  • varad


  • chris king

    yi install gingericejelly in my samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102 and after that im stuck in samsung logo please help… me
    really need help.

    sorry for my bad english

    • Viraj SK

      Already answered..

  • skanani

    I have installed GINJERICEJELLY on my y duos. It works good but none of my sim card network is detected. can u give a solution for that???

  • firas

    i can not find my usb drivers for galaxy y duos thoes on the link are for galaxy s help plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • aarish tinwala

    i have installed a cutsom rom from this site
    its called gingericejelly. well now i followd the proces properly and now my phone is soft bricked .. stuck on the boot animation … i cant access recovery .. onnly download mode .. so will this process recover my phone .. please shine some light urgently .. bad state

    • Sanket

      Yes of course. This is the only way to recover your phone.

  • Vinayak

    I want to install a custom rom on sgy duos which should I install which is the best rom for galaxy y dous please tell me.

  • jiteshasawla

    Viraj help with me this …. my s galaxy y duos s6102 can not download big games and its doesnt show photos which taken by on cameras after sometimes it appears a sign that doesnt shows the photos and vidoes are also being selected some are working some are not please help me ………

  • kriss

    THX A LOT.. You help me with this post …

  • varun

    I m putting ics rom in my galaxy y duos .how to get my original ginger bread in my phone I m not taking any backup

  • jignesh patel

    i wish to know after updating the samsung galaxy y duos officially at samsung service centre at latest firmware .ddma3 to.ddmc1 (latest official firmware)is there any changes could be in 1)internal memory-170mb and 2)ram and 3) processing speed?

    pls reply me on my email id:jigneshangel88@gmail.com

  • sameera

    yellow light nt tearning on…..
    plzz tell me solution

    • Shreyas

      Have you installed drivers properly.
      If you have them try reinstalling.

    • sunnbabu

      For Samsung, install kies software and do USB trouble shoot by disconnecting the mobile. It will install all the required USB drivers.
      But make sure close kies once install is done.And then open odin and connect mobile phone.
      other wise it will not detect as that port is being used by kies.
      In case if detect also you cannot update mobile.

  • prabhakar

    odin didnt detect my phone, what should i do?? plz help

  • Vinayak

    hey there, I want to install cynogenmod on my galaxy y dous can I install that, If yes then which one please tell me.

    • Sanket

      Unfortunately cyanogenmod is not available for your device.

  • RAJ

    anybody can tell me how to connect s6102 to kies…..it says unable to connect to gt-s6102 .failed to retrive device information.
    plz HELP

  • shaleen

    light is not turning green after taking so much time…please reply urgently..

  • kumar

    i tried that procedure but odin couldn’t connect…
    i click start button
    that display setup connection…..
    then i waiting for pass message after half n hour no one change…
    please upload whats your odin version please upload video about it

  • RawkeR

    Hey Viraj … have u heard about ics ddmc1 for galaxy y duos … can u tell whether it is true or fake ???

    • Viraj SK

      No, it’s fake. DDMC1 is Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread viz, the latest Indian firmware update.

      I know, there are guides on the web that are misguiding people by saying that “Update Galaxy Y Duos with official ICS firmware” (and actually it comes out to be Gingerbread).

      And unfortunately, Galaxy Y Duos won’t be getting any official ICS firmware update. So, just ignore such kind of articles…

      • chris king

        pleas help…
        i install gingericejelly in my samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102
        without any backup and now im stuck in samsung galaxy logo.
        pleas help me..

        • Viraj SK

          Flash any official firmware like above, your problem will get resolved..

          P.S: You will lose all the data after performing last 2 steps..

      • jayant

        Hey admin.may be u r right that samsung has not official ics update for galaxy gts 6102.but.a custom rom named fixed ics fusion final with aroma.zip which i dnld from mediafire helped me out of this problem. Its preety good and worked fine in my galaxy y. I take a video referece from youtube and successfully installed in my fone.

  • karthik

    yello light is not coming :(

    • Viraj SK

      If you’re using Odin 3.07 then Blue light should appear in ID:COM..

  • ahray

    hii there i tried installing iduos kernel and after some time i started facing several problems. Now i want the original kernel that came up with my phone at the time of buying. i tried installing stock rom but it didnt work. please someone guide me what to do ?? how can i get my original Kernel back.

  • charanjeet

    odin installed and start work but 20 minute over setup connection not passed

  • Vinayak

    finally I installed this on my phone and my phone is now working, thank you….. thank you…………..

  • Vinayak

    Yellow light is not coming, why ?

    • Sanket

      If you are using odin 3.07 you will get blue light..else check mobile drivers n uninstall kies..

  • Shinto

    I Updated my sgy duos.. Thank you… can I updated to ICS or something like that

    • Shreyas

      Currently Y duos is not given official update.
      But you can install custom ROMs if there are available.

  • Vinayak

    which odin should I download for samsung galaxy y dous ?

    • Sanket

      Odin3 v1.85 or Odin 3.07..

  • http://Gmail Mani Vangaveeti

    Hey bro i had !ownloade thnew galaxy y duos os that is
    when i am doing this process in odin3 v1.85 this is showing as fail in red mark in first block now how can i solve my problem

    • Sanket

      Uninstall kies if you have installed on computer. Also turn off antivirus. Check mobile drivers. Or try with Odin 3.07

  • appoorv

    it’s not working my yelow light is not coming

  • Siddharth

    I DOWNLOAD gij v 2.0
    around 140 mb
    follow all steps
    wipe, mount
    even i read carefully but don’t know where mistake was done ?

    think that i have to download v 1.3
    it size 120 mb
    n than flash it

    • Viraj SK

      Ok then try with it. Just do it carefully. Hope it works for you…

      • Siddharth


  • Siddharth

    N C.CARE

    • Viraj SK

      I don’t know how you bricked your phone. I mean the ROM is meant for Galaxy Y Duos only. Still you bricked your device?
      Can you tell me how did you brick the phone, so that I can help you further?

      • Siddharth


        BUT 100% FLASH ITS 1.3 VERSION COZ


  • Siddharth

    Yo friend
    just want to know that
    i create backup of orignal y duos
    and if i flash any other rom and i don’t like it
    if restore it through cwm recovery,
    is it give old orignal rom ??

    • Viraj SK

      Yes, It will restore the original ROM as it is..

  • chetan

    thanks man it works and superb. had a problem with driver but solved. great.

  • Parth

    Does we require samsung Kies in this whole process?

    • Viraj SK


  • Ajay

    Thanks a tonn man you saved my life. I flashed Gingericejelly bt failed. Phone got stuck at samsung logo. But thing worked :)
    Thanks again

    • Viraj SK

      You’re welcome Ajay.. :)

      • rahul jadhav

        hi friends plese tell me the code of flashing

    • chris king

      hey men.
      please teach me wat viraj sk said to u when ur stuck in samsung galaxy logo..
      beacause thats my problem now…
      sorry for my bad english…

  • Tanmay Gulavane

    Hey Viraj, i have updated my Samsung Glaxy Y Duos Gt-s6102 to Gingericejelly v1.3 RC1, it is also working quite good. But i’m getting baor using that os cuz i have to face many problems such as : i have my total emty memory card and ram, still i’m getting msg while installing new application that no space for more application etc. Plz tell me how to install latest version of Gingerbread back on my cel????? Plz Plz help me.

  • aniket

    is it safe ?

  • nikhil

    plz tell me what is the diff between gingerbread ddlj1 and gingerbread ddma3.which one is latest.

    • Sanket

      ddma3 is the latest one.

  • Kesavan Ramani

    Thank you so much bro…
    It worked on my galaxy y duos.
    May I update to GIJ..?

    • Shreyas

      Yes you can go for custom ROMs if you wish

  • Mujeeb

    hi Viraaj ..
    will it be working .. and if its not working can we have a backup to reinstall the older version..? does it succesfully working na or having such version may affect the performance like batterylife .etc

  • jemish

    hey viraj does this realy work it?

  • Waqar Aslam

    Not works….
    My phone is hanging and restarting again and again after doing this

  • Mohit

    yr ye kam karta hai ke nhi .is se mere galaxy y duos ko kuch hoga to nhi na . Please do tell me.

  • Mayank

    Hello..i mistakly installd creep in my galaxy s duos s6102…n every thing in phone is ruined..i want to get back to previous android pls help me out…n in above odin i m unable to get this yellow id com..pls help me..

  • vivek

    hello viraj,

    i install …miui duos for samsung galaxy y duos and my phone get dead…..it only show onscreen logo of samsung galaxy y duos…..plz help

    • Viraj SK

      By flashing any official firmware, you can make your phone alive..

      • vivek

        plz give me default official firmware link of my phone(samsung galaxy y duos)……

      • vivek

        hey viraj,,
        i flash but every time the same thing appears …..only anim.logo appears and restart..pl help

        • Viraj SK

          Do ID:COM turned Green with “Pass”..

        • vivek

          thanks a lot it worked thank u very much

  • Christian Baltazar

    helo Viraj,

    will that firmware compatible in the philippines.?.. im from the philippines…

    your reply will be highly appreciated.

  • aijaz

    in recovery mode i install ics and now my mobile is dead

  • Viraj SK

    Try with new Odin: http://www.androidlegend.com/dl/Odin307.zip
    This might help..

    • SujAce

      Great, thanks a ton!!! Worked this time!!!

  • Viraj SK
    • SujAce

      Thanks, will try and revert.
      One more query – While you’ve mentioned the baseband version as DDLJ1 for S6102, some other websites mention this as DXLK2 or JKLJ1. How do these differ from each other and which one is the latest?

      • Viraj SK

        I don’t know about DXLK2. JKLJ1 is for Israel. DDLJ1 is latest release for India.
        And XXMA1 is the latest firmware, released in Jan’13 (for Kazakhstan)..

        • SujAce

          Can you share the method to root GT S6102?

        • Viraj SK

          Hmm. Will do it soon..

    • http://abhishikth.blog.com Abhishikth

      Hello Viraj,
      How many times I repeat the process I’m getting :FAILD and the mobile is not showing anything exept the ‘switching on animation’.
      Is there any other way to make my mobile as it is?
      Please reply…..

      • Viraj SK

        Try with Odin 3.07. I’ve mentioned the link for it, somewhere in comments..

  • Ashok Thapa

    clockworkmod recovery funtction not workin in my galaxy y duos pls help..

  • Ashok

    im just hanging  in boot animation while installing a custom rom in galaxy y duos. i had backup but it says md5 mismatch. now cant flash any firmware just stucking in same

    • sushil

      Take your phone to the samsung service center they will repair it

  • Cityscapeinc27

    how can i take a;ll my contact back up in my pc

  • Sidhustyle82

    What are benefits of updating ??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3C6WDA3RUY6JTQET3WZQBRLNME yahoo-3C6WDA3RUY6JTQET3WZQBRLNME

    Thanks but the process stop suddenly, I found this page that for my case was working ok

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000718581525 Sam Elias

    thanx but ufter update i had problem with arabic letters!!is there a solution?

  • Viraj SK

    Keep Odin3.ini file with Odin3 v1.85.exe. It should work..

  • Laughlikelight

    did everthing but failed,need help

  • amir

    is this connectable with kies?

    • Viraj


      • websatendra@gmail.com

        hello viraj I have download all the softwares.. but still Icant find out the ID:COM in downloding mode….plz help

        • velusamy

          hai frnd first download.Odin Multi Downloader it will shown your download file as zip file format, next you extract this file now see two files one is exe file now open exe file you show a ID:COM file. try this

        • aboali

          hi i did everything and it`s ok but there isn`t arabic language in this software

        • Viraj SK

          It’s a Indian Firmware. For Arabic language, you have to download & flash Arabian firmware…