Update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 With ICS 4.0.4 (CM9) Beta 7

So here is another ICS update for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570. In the last update release, there were many bugs – system instability, mass storage problems, flickering and many more, but developers have put their efforts to overcome these problems and fixed the issues. Still they have not fixed all the bugs like camera (which is more essential), but we can expect camera and many other bug fixes in upcoming releases. Sources have told that the camera will fixed as soon as possible in near release. As this might take some time, till then you can enjoy this release & let developers do their work.
Now in further article we will be discussing how to update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 to latest ICS 4.0.4 CM9 beta 7.
In the Due Course of this article We will be checking,
  1. Enhancements in ICS 4.0.4 (CM9) Beta 7 for Galaxy Mini,
  2. Essential Steps Before Installing ROM
  3. Procedure to update Galaxy Mini s5570 with ICS 4.0.4 Cyanogen MOD 9 Release.

Disclaimer: We have made this article covering each and every part at our level best. In case if any damage happens to your device (it should not be), neither we nor developer will be held liable for it.

Enhancements in the ICS 4.0.4(CM9) Beta 7:

  • Android updated to 4.0.4.
  • FM Working.
  • Clean Cyanogen Mod 9 Sources.
  • Smooth windows animations.
  • New phone lock animation.
  • Hardware acceleration on most video formats (not all).
  • Smooth videos on YouTube (LQ only right now).
  • Fully working deep sleep.
  • GSM fully works (signal indicator/mobile data/phone calls/messages etc.)
  • Updated Google Apps.
  • Flickering is Gone.
  • Working native mass storage.
  • New kernel, updated to
  • Smoother than Gingerbread.
  • Good System performance.
  • Improved GPU performance.
  • Removed UMS app.
  • New Adreno 200 libraries for ICS.
  • Fast and Smooth System.
  • Working Live Wallpapers (won’t slowdown your system, like before or on Gingerbread).
  • All time Gallery and Calculator.
  • Working Gmail App.
  • Smooth And Fast Native Browser.
  • All Apps with Graphics Problems are Fixed.
  • Updated AOSP/CM9 sources.
  • Updated Audio Libraries.

Essential Steps Before Installing ROM:

  • You Must Enable USB Debugging By Checking the Box in your device by Following the Path Below:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging

  • It will highly Recommended to Backup all Your data Stored in your phone So as to Restore it back just in case If You Lose or Corrupt the Data During this Process.
  • Your Device Must be Charged up to 70% or Above Battery Level to Ensure that Your Device should not be Turned Off During this Process.
  • It will be Recommended to Temporary Disable Security Tools as well as Antivirus Installed on your Computer as This might Interrupt the Process.
  • Your Device Must Be Running Gingerbread 2.3.x ROM. This ROM will not Work on Froyo 2.2.x.

By Assuming that you have followed all the instructions mentioned in Essential Steps Before Installing ROM, you are now ready to proceed further where we will be checking how to apply this Firmware Update in your phone.

Procedure to update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 with ICS 4.0.4 (CM9) Beta 7:

For Simplicity we have divided whole procedure in two simple steps.

Step 1: Clock Work MOD Installation

  • Now, Switch off your Device and enter into download mode by pressing ‘Power + Home Button + Volume Down Button’ till downloading mode appears. Open odin_v4.38.exe.  Place ‘tass.ops’ on OPS tab. Place ‘CWM-′ in PDA tab. Connect the device to PC which you have put in downloading mode. Press start and wait for flashing process to get finished (until you see Pass message).

After this you will have to proceed to the next step which is mentioned Further

Step 2: Installation of ICS 4.0.4 CM9:

  • First up you need to download Zip file of ROM in Your Computer which is mentioned Below. Also you have to separately download and flash Gaps as ROM doesn’t has them pre-installed.
  1. CM9 for Galaxy Mini (update: 11 Nov 2012)
  2. Google Apps

Tip: Update Samsung Galaxy Mini to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10

  • Now, once you are done with downloading the above files in your computer, you need to now copy the files in your phone and ensure that you are not placing these file deep into the phone. Please note that you should not modify or rename the files which you have downloaded or else there is a high probability that the file would not be supported.
  • After this enter in recovery mode. Recovery mode can be entered by holding Power Off + Home Button simultaneously.
  • In the recovery mode, you will have to choose choose zip from SD. Now, from the list of files and paths you will need to first select the file which is named as “cm-9-20121110-UNOFFICIAL-tass.zip” (or which you have copied to SD earlier). Ensure that you select the file properly.
  • To install Google Apps, again select ‘install zip from sdcard’ followed by ‘choose zip from sdcard’, now navigate to GApps package and select it to install.
  • Now, as soon as the process is over. Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ And ‘wipe cache partition’ & then select ‘reboot system now’.

Note: It will take some time for the first boot as you are flashing the ROM for first time. After 1st boot, your device will boot normally.

So as soon as the firmware updated successfully, the device will be rebooted and Cheers, you have now successfully updated your device to latest update of ICS Beta 7. (You can check it from Settings -> About Phone). Do let me know in the comment Section just in case if you face any issues, I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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Viraj Kshatriya

Hello everyone, I'm Viraj, the chief editor at Android Legend. When I'm not checking out the latest stuff happening in Android, I mostly spend my time flashing different ROMs, testing Android apps & games. Feel free to join me on Google+.
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    • Viraj SK

      Broken link fixed…

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    • jahi

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      • Viraj SK

        Remove .md5 extension..

        • piyush

          after that it is converted into .rar and after seleecting it still showing invalid image type invalid model no. i have galaxy pop and it is updated to 2.3.6 gingerbread…..pls help sir..:)

        • Viraj SK

          From where did you get that recovery file?

        • aldrine

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    • Sanket

      Download ES file explorer from play store.

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    • Shreyas

      Go to recovery and do wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache.

      • jasbir

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      • jasbir

        sir when am click wipe factory reset
        this msg show in recovry mode “E: format_volume:make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2″ formatting /sdcard/.android_secure…
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    everything works fine …. running smooth on by galaxy mini….
    Missed out features
    - My files
    And you forgot to mention that we needed to download g apps
    other than this …. Gud Job

    • Shreyas

      Thanks for reminding about Gapps.
      for file explorer you can use external apps like ES file explorer or root explorer.

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    • Viraj SK

      Disable Haptic Feedback option from Settings –> Sound.

      • Red

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        • Viraj SK

          Well, then check all the settings & search for Haptic Feedback option & then disable it..

        • Red

          i already done it, but still when i’m texting it vibrates every time i typed the letters

        • Viraj SK

          Check with the keyboard settings then and if it is still persisting then there might be some bug in the ROM..

        • Red

          thank you very much, it helped.. it was on the keyboard settings as you mentioned.. thanks again

        • Viraj SK


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    Do i need to use the same ClockworkMod as you have used in your write up…or can i have other way but will have clockwrokMod installed…….will there be any problem with the way the ClockworkMod is installed?????

    • Shreyas

      You can have any clockworkmod recovery installed by any method.

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    • kim

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    • Viraj SK

      Don’t extract the ROM file. Directly copy it to sdcard…

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      Being an unofficial ROM some bugs are bound to be there.
      You have to wait for updated build and see if its working.

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  • Maz30262002

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  • Chirag Solanki

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    a) lock screen options seem to be there and functioning but not really working , i.e. i set my power button to lock but all it does is blacken screen and on resume the phone is unlocked

    b) no file explorer – is it just me , is the explorer somewhere i havent looked maybe , or does this come with no file explorer at all?

    c) Google Play store does not function – used the updated link i saw on some comments below to manually flash it but after working for 5 mins it keeps saying : Server Error

    if anyone can help with the above ill be thankful :)

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    • Viraj SK

      You can download and flash Google Apps manually using cwm. Here is the link: http://goo.gl/WAmuX

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    • Viraj SK

      What is your phone’s actual model number ? Is it S5570 or S5570I ? If it is Pop plus (S5570I), don’t try to install this ROM. Simply revert back to the stock Gingerbread ROM..

  • omer

    hello i have a serious problem with my galaxy mini gts5570. when i download and installed the package it installs fine . when i start my galaxy mini it does not boot i kept it for an hour but still nothing happened. please help and reply to this comment as soon as possible because i have all my personal details in it. : (

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    just one thing, i admire the developers they’ve done an amazing joob but i want to replace their logo for my one “indonesia cyanmobile squadzone” at the start up.
    how can i do it.
    there’s some java lessons starting in my city but i hood prefer that you could thel me how.

    • Viraj SK

      Does it mean that you want to change boot animation ?

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    So questions:
    what is the difference between IMEI and serial number?
    how can I fix this?

    I checked the root folder and efs folder is missing.

    Many thanks for your help.

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    • https://plus.google.com/109451511715592775195/posts Viraj

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    • https://plus.google.com/109451511715592775195/posts Viraj

      Revert back to different stock version & retry the same again..

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    I have installed the ics but cant find radio on my galaxy mini, any fixes please

  • Terry


    i want to upgrade my galaxy mini into ics..
    if i upgrade my galaxy, is the internal memory will increase..?

    • Viraj

      No, it will remain same..

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    • Viraj

      Try flashing Wi-Fi fix through CWM..

      • Sunny saini

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    it is giving cheksum fail problem……..
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    • http://www.androidlegend.com Viraj

      Redownload the file & try again..

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    • Viraj

      Rooting is not Required Before Installing Custom ROM..
      & Many Users Have Faced White Screen Problem.Try Reflashing The ROM Again or Download & Install Beta 4 and Then Install Latest Release Available..

    • Zain

      1. You must first upgrade to gingerbread 2.3 or above
      2. Then you must install clock work mod recovery
      3. You don’t have root your mobile (if your mobile is rooted on problem it will work)

  • hims

    yup…i know…phone even doesn’t start….i install many times..beta 9 sucks..

    • Gokusanssj

      yaayagaire.blogspot is the best way just folllow intructions wait 10min ad it will work

  • hims

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    • Viraj

      So Sad, They’ve not Fixed It Yet…

  • Michael Fox

    Hi Viraj,

    Michael here again.

    Do you have any suggestions for GPS Navigation Software for this Beta. I can’t seem to get one to work with 4.0.4

    Again, many thanks


    • Viraj

      I Think None of GPS Apps Will Work As GPS Modules Need To be Fixed.

      • Michael Fox

        Hi Viraj

        I have managed to get Google Maps with Navigation to work. Set to work in WiFi only (so no Data charges) and has a cool cache for directions when you are out of WiFi range.

        The voice is the installed Samsung TTS and is OK.

        Be great to be able to do the same with the commercial Navigation software like Sygic, nDrive, and Navigon Europe



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  • eavik

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  • Michael

    Hi Viraj

    that was where I was installing from. Got it working now. Digital devices and computers are so logical, it hurts. The default Lang. setting in Swype Beta is English US and I had the Mini set to English UK. Once I downloaded English UK for Swype it installed and is working fine. Many thanks

    Now just wait for the Camera;-)



  • Michael

    Hi Viraj

    I am trying to install Swype as my keyboard but am unable to unselect or change the “Default” Android Keyboard. Any thoughts?

    This is a great ROM as always and cannot wait for the camera fix.

    Many thanks


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  • Yash Obhan

    Hello. I downloaded the firmware, flashed it properly, but when my phone boots, it starts in ICS and then restart again. I have reflashed the Rom 10-12 times, cleared data/cache before every reboot and wiped dalvik cache everytime, still the problem persists. What can I do?

    • Viraj

      Whats Your Baseband Version ?

  • bennis

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    final Version


  • allstar

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    • Viraj

      Due to Some GPS Modules Sygic May not work.Wait For The Next Release..

  • hims

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  • hims

    thankx man…it realy realy awesome…bt camera not works….any other way to fix camera bug…nd when the next realease taking place…?????

    • Viraj

      Sorry As Per Now There is no Way to Fix Camera & Next Release will be Soon….

      • allstar

        Can we other camera application instead of original camera?

        • Viraj

          No You Can’t..

        • Riwaz

          When will be the next release date for fixed camera bugs??

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  • http://bennis bennis

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    plz reply fast

    • Viraj

      It will be Fixed in Upcoming Releases..

  • hims

    hey please give other website to download cm9 beta 7 firmwork…website stop my download

    • Viraj

      Please Try Again..

  • Ilco

    APN settings and mobile data are not working. How to fix that?

    • Viraj

      Delete all APN settings.Remove Your SIM & reinsert it..
      Then switch on the phone..

  • zohaib tariq

    hey!.is this gona work on galaxy y??

    • Viraj

      No, This is only for galaxy mini S5570…

  • thieu xuyen

    toi rat thich rom cua ban!!!mong sao khac phuc duoc moi loi va tron tru.rat cam on ban.toi nguong mo ban

  • Everton Barbosa

    Eu também estou passando pelo mesmo problema tela branca, alguém pode me ajuda ?
    Eu usava o android 2.3.6

    • Viraj

      qual verso Baseband Está On?

  • sanket

    getting white screen the phone is not reebooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    • Viraj

      Which Android Version You Are Using (Gingerbread or Froyo) ? & Are You Able to Enter in The Recovery Mode ?

  • John


    You mention that a modified version of Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 version will be arriving for the Galaxy Mini s5570. Is this going to be a global update like the one you mentioned in the Gingerbread 2.3.6 post? When do you think it will come? Thanks!

    • Viraj

      Modified ICS is MIUI ROM which is not that much Stable & MIUI ROM is Unofficial Port of This ROM which is Based on CM9 Sources.Therefore That also won’t be Global Update.
      I think it will take some Time to Make that Update Stable.So You Can Expect it As Soon As Original CM9 Port will be Fixed..

  • mahtwog

    why is settings not working????

    • Viraj

      All things are working except Camera.Now,Just wipe data/factory reset once.If still problem persists,reflash the ROM again.

  • BinMgen

    good! but camera and internet problem,ican’t to edit internet setting.

  • Nizam

    somethink wrong here in Odin3_v1.85.exe there not support options to select OPS file
    you must use this (S5570_S5670_S5830_Odin Multi Downloader v4.38)

  • Viraj

    There is no way to make camera work.Wait for the next releases..

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  • Zayar Myo

    Please help me ! I want to use camera.But ..if I open it,showing”Can’t connect to the camera”…please help me! PLEASE!