JellyBlast Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 [ICS / JB]

The most awaited ROM is here and its especially for Galaxy Y GT-S5360. We proudly present before you JellyBlast v3, the most popular, smoothest and beyond smart Jelly Bean themed ROM for Galaxy Y. JBV3 is the best version of JellyBlast yet with improved and customizable new features. It comes with Swipable and actionable notifications which always let you stay notified and connected. The homescreens in JBV3 are more content rich and customizable where you can not only add shortcuts but also can embed live application content directly through interactive widgets. Word corrections and errors have been removed in the new improved soft keyboard of JBV3 so that you can type text input faster and accurate. Due to the new type face optimized for high resolution screen brings a polished, modern feel to the user interface. JB lets you navigate with simple, intuitive gestures.


  • Based on DDLF1 & compatible with any version
  • Dark Jelly Bean themed
  • Each and every icon fine tuned to look like Jelly Bean
  • New task manager
  • Added swipe to clear notifications on status bar
  • Roboto as system font
  • New Jelly Bean status bar and notification panel
  • New music app based on stock Touchwiz which contains DSP equalizer support
  • Awesome new lockscreens
  • OTA feature added so that you can update the ROM automatically from OTA upgrades in the settings menu
  • Totally revamped settings menu with new controls:
  1. status bar control,
  2. lockscreen control,
  3. sound effect control, and
  4. quick toggles control
  • New Jelly Bean digital clock, analog clock, and search bar
  • New Jelly Bean smart keyboard
  • Extended power menu
  • Zero delay root access
  • New Kuro Kernel which takes its best possible methods in increasing your battery power
  • Added CPU control feature for high performance
  • CRT animation added in lockscreen along with some other Jelly Bean superfast animations
  • Added holo launcher and stock touchwiz launcher
  • Full screen caller mode
  • Sony Bravia Engine added
  • Net speed tweaks
  • New bootanimation

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device while flashing the ROM. Although it is very rare that your device will be damaged but still you must follow all the stepwise instructions given below.

jellyblast custom rom for samsung galaxy y gt s5360 ics jb0jellyblast custom rom for samsung galaxy y gt s5360 ics jb1Compatibility: This guide is compatible only and only with Galaxy Y model number S5360. So dont even think of flashing if youre having another device except the one mentioned as it may brick your device. You can check your device model in Settings -> About Phone.


  • Firstly enable USB Debugging in your device by the path given below:
  1. Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging
  • Make sure that your device is charged at least up to 80% so that it wont get turn off during the process.
  • Also you must backup all your important data including contacts, messages, internet APNs etc. so that in case you face any problem during the process your data will be safe and protected.
  • You must temporary disable all the security tools as well as Antivirus Installed on your Computer as they might interrupt the process.
  • It is recommended to have custom recovery like CWM installed in your device in order to flash it with Jelly blast Custom ROM.
  1. Procedure to install CWM Recovery in Galaxy Y

Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy Y with Jelly blast Custom ROM:

  • Download the JELLY BLAST ROM from the given link below:
  1. Click Here to Download
  • Download Google Apps (Gmail, Maps, Play Store etc.) from the link given below.
  1. Click Here to Download
  • After downloading, connect your device to the PC, enable mass storage mode and transfer these files in the memory card. Ensure that you are not placing them in the deep directories.
  • Once this is done switch off your device and enter into the recovery mode. Recovery mode can be entered by holding Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key simultaneously until the recovery mode appears. (In Recovery mode use Volume Up and Down key for navigation and Home Button for selection).
  • You should make a nandroid backup of your current ROM so that it can be restored back in case of failure. To do so, highlight backup and restore option in the recovery menu, select it and then choose backup to start the backup process.
  • Now Select wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition to wipe the data and catches respectively from the phone memory.
  • Select install zip from SD card & then choose zip from SD card. It will show all your folders and files on SD card. Now simply select the Jelly blast ROM which you have just downloaded and confirm the installation by pressing Yes.
  • ROM installation process will complete in just a few minutes. Now as soon as Jelly blast ROM gets flashed, again select ‘wipe data/factory reset followed by wipe cache partition and restart your device by pressing reboot system now from the Recovery mode itself.
  • You can flash the Google Apps by the same procedure given above.
  • It will take more time to restart than usual.

Note: If you want to restore back your previous Rom you can do that by simply going back to the Recovery mode and select Backup and Restore option and then on next screen select Restore.

And yeahh..! After restarting you will see your device successfully running on Jelly blast Custom ROM. If you face any difficulty during flashing the ROM then please dont hesitate to contact us in the comment section below. We will try our best to clear them.

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Abhijeet Bharekar

Residing in Pune (India), Abhijeet is a Tech lover and enthusiast about all-things Android. He is a hardcore PC Gamer and likes to play Football as well. Follow him on Google+.
  • jaereu

    I have this rom for a while now and i cant find my settings it just disapeard what to do?

  • Alexia Webb

    After installing I never get to see my startscreen, only the big S or a black screen
    what should I do?

  • John Johns

    I just installed this today in the morning and…well I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that no other ROM is as good as this one. It’s completely and utterly EPIC! It’s just pure awesome!

  • michael

    with all the issues um seeing here in the comments…I’m getting bung of installing jelly blast in my phone…should i leave it ???

    • John Johns

      It’s a risk, sure, but it installed perfectly for me. If you follow each step carefully and properly, you have nothing to fear. Let me just tell you, from what I can see after installing it, the risk is more than worth it.

  • Daksh Arora

    Sir,I have install jelly bean but i forgot to back up the O.S. i.e,gingerbread and i want to know how can i again use the gingerbread 2.3.6 originally made by samsung???plz help me……

  • lakshya

    i have no prob regarding jelly blast…its working good..but the keyboard works slow…nd i updated to jelly bean from stock rom ..just to install bbm…nd latest apps. .which is available for latest version…but still i cant download and install them …i tried using apk file but parsing error..why not bbm nd others latest are running..

    • Abhijeet

      They will only run on Official Android version 4.0 and above…

  • Kshiti Kokate

    I have installed the android 4.1.1 Jelly Blast in my Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360… But i m having a problem in network.. It says network or sim card error n in notification bar it shows (Emergency calls only) … Some one please help.. :(

    • pratik

      me too facing same problem

  • sijo

    bro i already done installed JB . I made a fault that i deleted my phone app using link2sd. so i cant save contacts becoz of dat reasn i decided to reinstal Jb. But reebot stuck with SGY logo. how can i recover dis? pls help.. is there any possibilities to recover.. i can enter into recovery mode but not into download mod..pls help

    • Viraj SK

      Try to flash any other ROM, if it boots successfully then let me know, I’ll tell you a command to get your phone into download mode…

  • sahil sheikh

    no network….
    please tell me the easy n clear cut step for solving this problem…

    • Kshiti Kokate

      Same problem …

    • John Johns

      No network or no data (as in Internet)? If its only the Internet then contact your provider and ask for APN settings. If it’s the whole network, then I can’t help you but I don’t have any problem with the network myself.

  • Rahul

    Hi,I want to re-install the JellyBlast V3 ROM for my SGY GT-S5360..What do i need to now?

    • Sanket

      Repeat same procedure.

  • abinav

    is it feasible to uninstall the system apps ?
    do the phone gets unstable after doing that ?

    • John Johns

      Depends on what you install. Google the things and see what you can uninstall. You can uninstall things like email and social hub without any problems but there are some system apps that are needed for running the OS.

  • abinav

    can u do me a favour.
    i had installed jelly blast in my galaxy y .
    every thing is dng gud.
    but i dont have sufficient rom space .
    can u suggest me some ways to get more rom space .
    i even tried freezing some apps like google frameworks,opps,watsap etc using titanium back up s/w .
    what shuld i do .
    suggest sme ways

  • ajesh

    i am stuck with cyanogen mod

    • Shreyas

      Go back to recovery and do wipe data and wipe cache

  • abinav

    i had rooted my mobile .i am using galaxy y s 5360.after rooting i had no issue .but after i uninstalled some system app my play store s force closing and cant access.i even tried to bring it back to it lower version market.but that too doesnt work.
    then i installed jelly blast ,there tooo i cant accesss my play store
    what should i do help me:)
    what version of gappas should i install
    pl reply fasttt

    • Viraj SK

      I would suggest you to flash a stock firmware. That will definitely solve your problem…

      • abinav

        when i click play store its showing app not installed
        suggest me the GApps for 2.3.6version
        as the link doesnt have it .
        help plllll frnd:)
        post a link that gives GApps for 2.3.6

        • abinav

          is it possible to uninstall the holo launcher as it is pre installed .
          suggest sme ways ……….

        • abinav

          after installing GApps 2.3.5
          i can access play store but i cant download as i hit accept and download it shows ——————— downloading.
          but ntng downloads .
          pl suggest ways so that i can get rid of this frnd .
          suggest sme ways :)

        • Viraj SK
      • vikas sonu

        hello viraj from which site i download coustom rom jelly bean

  • Aditya

    Not receiving network after the installation of ROM. “Emergency calls only” status. What should I do?

  • gems

    Link is dead sir

  • misschoti

    got stuck on black screen for many hours after installing jellyblast. im trying to flash stock rom. i have all the files needed but my glaxy y cannot connect to computer. it always flashes “usb not recognized” .. i have used 3 different computers already. still get same responses.

    • kamlesh

      1.) Download needed file
      and rename it to

      2.) Copy ZIP file ( to your SD-card

      3.) Turn off your phone

      4.) Switch ON your device in the
      recovery Mode (Hold Volume Up, Home Key, Power Button, together).
      *Note: You will find your phone in recovery
      mode with blue coloured UI. You cannot
      use touchscreen while your phone is in
      recovery mode.
      For making selections and movements, you have to make use of volume up/
      down keys and make the selection by
      pressing home key.
      5.) Select update from SD Card

      6.) You will see that the list of files will come from which you will have
      to select the file which is named as Press YES.

      7.) Wait a few minutes

      8.) choose reboot system now.

      may this process will work for you

  • subham

    after updating my device is not catching signals…admin please h
    help me

    • kamlesh

      set your CSC via the dialer *#272*_your_imei_# (to see IMEI type *#06# in dialer) -> (it will erase all your data on the phone, but not the SD card)

  • kamlesh


    what to do for getting this issue solve?

    • Abhijeet

      1. Firstly install a stock ROM..
      2. Backup a folder named “EFS” present in the root directory of your device..
      3. Then flash the Jellyblast custom ROM..

      • kamlesh

        i have done it by using galaxy toolbox and recovered my EFS partition also but result is the same ……unknown IMEI

  • Sijo

    i am usin jellyblast pre nemesis 3.5 rom. But recently the phone reminds me that “unfortunately unexpectedly stopped “… How to fix such problem…not only that but also phone automatically restarted… sometimes turned off..after the turned off i cannot on the phone quickly, it takes much more time…. wot to do??? pls

    • Abhijeet

      Did you wiped the data and cache..?

  • salim miyan

    my phone is Samsung pocket. i cannot install HD games . how to install the games????? plz help

  • Subhajit

    While incoming calls it always tells busy????? pls help to remove the problem

    • Abhijeet

      I think it’s not a ROM problem, as many have successfully installed this ROM on their device. If you’ve made a backup,
      factory reset and try again. Otherwise wait for the next
      update. Even you must check whether there is any problem with your Sim card or not..

  • Prabhu

    HI ..
    after update jelly blast my mobile is on airplane mode. I cant enable my mobile network services. Iam using samsung galaxy y duos s612. PLS help me.

    • Viraj SK

      This ROM doesn’t work for Galaxy Y Duos (It’s for S5360). Please read the instructions clearly..

  • aftab

    Dear I root my galaxy 5830i and install jelly blast but forget to install CWM recovery my phone in not starting only animation of s comes what should I do now?

  • Supri

    Hi All,

    To whom still have a problem.. You could re-install the rom with the Abhijeet’s step above. I did and work fine..

  • raj

    network is not working.. it always shows no service.. with any sim

  • debu

    pls help….stuck at phone logo samsung galaxy y s5360.cant go to recovery mode by presssing home button+power button+volume up key.i think i lost my phone.

  • vivek

    i have the same problem of displaying logo…cant go to recovery mode by presssing home button+power button+volume up just restarts and showing logo again and can i reboot my phone…pld hlp me

  • Karan

    how to get my previous apps back without changing jellyblast OS??

  • jason

    new problem arise it seems that the application of google dont work…. since the android is 4.1.1 and the google apps wont work since its 4.1.2 its incompatible….

  • jason

    i installed the following but it display error such as samsung the application samsung keypad bla bla please try again then it says force close

  • nikhil

    not working.stuck at boot image solutions asap

    • Shreyas

      Have you done wipe data and wipe cache after flashing the ROM??

  • nikhil

    pls add a link which has more download gives a very slow speed

  • Arun

    Buddy, Its working great. ICONs got changed

  • jhoel

    i have problem with my samsung galaxy y ..i cant do it a jellbean :( pls sent me a video tuotorial and what the step to do.

  • zulfikar

    my galaxy y stucked at jelly bean laga screen and repeat logo after 10 or 20 seconds .. what i do..

  • santosh

    i installed the jelly blast but its stucked with the logo and now i even cant flash my cell. what should i to make it work again????

    • Sanket

      Boot into recovery and wipe data and wipe cache partitions.

      • zulfikar

        i hd installed jelly bean blast rom but now it stucked at blank screen after jelly bean logo .. rply fast..

        • Sanket

          Boot into recovery and wipe data n wipe cache partitions.

  • ariman

    stuck at galaxy logo.. cant even go back to recovery mode

    • Sanket

      Boot into downloading mode and flash official firmware.

      • Arun

        How to boot into Downloading mode and how to flash it

  • anish

    doesnt move ahead dan samsung logo.. :{

    • Sanket

      Again boot into recovery mode and wipe data and wipe cache partition.

  • keshav

    i have a problem after installing this. It show only my phone logo samsung galaxy y s5360. Now what i do?? Plz help me

  • Fahmi

    my phone displayed the old gingerbread theme. The performance was significantly better, the lockscreen and the incoming call screen is definitely jelly bean version, but other than that nothing else changed.
    Did I missed something? Do I have to do something else to get the dark jelly bean theme?

  • kiran

    i keep my mobile upto 7 hours on whn i flashed it…
    it showng my screen image only samsung galaxy young wat to do…

    • jackson

      Am from flashing my phone with jelly bean, after rebooting it is just showing galaxy y gt s5360 for 3 hours now, what is the way foward please help

      • Viraj SK

        Did you wipe the data in recovery? If not, do it. It will resolve your problem..

        If still don’t work then change your phone’s firmware version to DDLF1 & try with that..

        • Neil

          Same problem with me Sir.
          How can I resolve this problem. I did wipe the data in recovery.
          And how can I change the phone’s firmware version if it only showing galaxy y gt-s5360..

        • anish

          dude it doesn`t move.. now what??

  • kiran

    after flashing my samsung galaxy y mobile rom vth jelly blast it was not opening it was still at boot image only n it was not opening into recovery mode wat should i do pls tell me

  • other Account

     I have a problem after install it. my first screen is  Samsung Galaxy u duos young gt-s6102  and phone getting restarted every time. what can i do?

    • Priyank

      Its only for galaxy Y model s5360