Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

For flashing custom ROM, you must have custom recovery pre-installed in your device. Clockworkmod recovery (CWM) is one the most used custom recovery. It allows you to flash custom ROMs on your mobile. Moreover, you can perform advanced recovery and installations operations and now it is available for Samsung Galaxy Y. A simple tutorial is given below to install this recovery on your Galaxy Y.

Disclaimer: The steps given in the following article are considered to be risky and may cause damage to your device. Do not follow these steps if you are not familiar with all these things. If any damage caused to your device due to these steps you cant hold us guilty.

install clockworkmod recovery on samsung galaxy y gt s53600

The tutorial is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. Use of this tutorial to any other mobile may turn out into undesired result.


  • Your device must be charged at least up to 70% so that installation will be proceed without any disturbance.
  • It is recommended to take a backup of SMS, MMS, APN, contacts, memo etc. to your external memory since it get formatted during the process.
  • Mobile drivers must be installed on PC.

Procedure to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Y:

  • Download ClockworkMod Recovery from the link given below.
  1. Click here to download
  • Connect your mobile to PC through USB cable (Make sure that you have kept USB debugging on).
  • Copy the zip file to external memory in a new folder called Recovery.
  • Disconnect your phone from PC.
  • Next step is to get into the recovery mode. For that switch off your mobile, press & hold volume up + power button + home button simultaneously until you get into recovery mode.
  • Now select update from SD card and choose zip file which you have saved in Recovery folder earlier.
  • After successful installation, go back and select Reboot system now option.

Congratulations! The CWM based recovery is installed on your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. You can boot into this recovery mode by pressing same buttons that mentioned in above procedure. Enjoy flashing custom ROMs…

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  • Kal

    hello,.. :)
    I’ve a problem.. its of white screen after rebooting the phone i am getting white screen.. please help :))

  • Suman

    Guys please help me…. After installation jelly bean in my Galaxy Y GT_S5360 the keypad is not comming and i m not able to send msg or open net… please help

    • abishek

      remove your sd and place it in windows thenj download gingerbread2.3.6 then transfer to your sd then apply

  • Silke

    I installed ist with.
    My phone setting show version 2.3.6 Biuldt ussr9…
    Google play store breaks with fault.
    I can make calls, but cannot receive calls, the other gets an “vysy” and i get instantly the message, that someone tried to call me.
    I have 32GB SDhC-Card. Is there the problem?

  • Alegna

    Thanks alot for the help.. i done it ^_^

  • shan

    can’t get download mode using vol up + home + pwr any other way..?

    • Syed Obaid

      DOWNLOAD mode is entered by the press and hold of the following keys

      power+home+volume DOWN

      RECOVERY mode : power+home+volume UP

  • shan

    I tried to install jelly bean and it went wrong then i use odin and i mistakenly installed S5570i on my gt-s5360 and now i can’t get into download mode by pressing vol;up+home+power.. when i do so it goes all white screen and shows nothing… how to get download mode other than that way..

  • SDatar

    I have a Galaxy y GT-S5360 with S5360DDLE1 Firmware and I want to root it using Multi Root Installer. But it requires CWM to flash that file, so can I use this file for CWM recovery.
    Note that my device is not rooted.

    • Viraj SK

      Yes, you can..


    My phone stuck on galaxy y welcome logo….. what can i do now???

    i flash CWM and ROM in one Session.

    plz help me.

    • Abhijeet

      Wipe data and cache..

  • muz

    now my device is already jellyblast how to make it back to normal as 2.3.6

  • Abhijit

    I install it successfully. but i unable to go in CWM recovery mode. Every time i try i face recovery mode (RED).

    • Shreyas

      Try flashing different recovery

      • Abhijit

        Try already many recovery. But did not work anything. In rom manager it Shows “Current CWM recovery is 5.05″ something like this.

        What happen if i install CWM and Custom ROM in one session.

  • Rohan

    Which version of CWM is there in the link you have provided?
    Does it work with ROM Manager?



  • Ankit

    i have a jallyblast in my samsung glaxy y mobile ,but i don’t recive a text massage .
    so, help me i what to do?

    • Sanket

      It might be bug in the rom.


    I m unable to root my galaxy y s5360..
    as i reach to recovery page and click to “update zip from sdcard” it shows an error that unable to mount sd card..
    i have done the same as mentioned above..
    can any1 help me out??
    Or can any1 guide me how to and infact what to do to install clockworkmod using ODIN..
    and where can i find proper CWM for my GT S5360..

    • Attila

      The problem may be that it does not recognize SD HC cards in the Recovery Mode, although it works fine under normal phone operation. I had the same issue with a 8GB card. Than I put back the 2GB card that I got with the phone and Recovery Mode recognized that.

      • Mobile

        Thank you very much. Your comment is really helpful. Exactly we need to use SD card, not SDHC.

  • Prashant


  • Prahaas

    Okay, don’t laugh..but what’s a good way to backup my contacts and SMS,MMS and stuff?.. Samsung PC Studio doesn’t work..Also after CWM, I plan to flash Jelly Blast V3, I need to backup all my apps, does Titanium backup ( free V ) help? If so please tell me the procedure to do it. Even though this is unrelated, how do I get the OTA Updater?

    • Shreyas

      Backup your contacts by taking .vcf from your phone and use SMS backup app to backup messages.

  • Amol R NAik

    thanks …! I done it

  • Amol R NAik

    thanks …! I Done it . Thanks admin

  • Goutham

    I am stuck with clockworkmod (yellow text) and cannot go to recovery mod(red text). I just overclocked my galaxy y to 1.2 ghz and not yet rooted to gain superuser access. When I boot in recovery mod (vol up button + power button + home button) I always end up in my clockworkmod. There is something in my background that says “merruk” in the clockworkmod menu. Please help me fast

  • donene

    After installing cwm on my samsung galaxy y, i reboot my phone and then Welcome screen like that Samsung GALAXY Y GT-S5360 appear and then nothing happens… i tried to wait an hour but it is still in samsung logo…. i also tried to remove the battery and then reboot it but still that fucking samsung logo appear and then nothing continues….help me please!!! :)

    • DroidAngel

      It is on bootloop try to wipe data + wipe cache and if still not okie well Better Flash it with Odin .. ;)

  • dominic

    I like u u respond for every question
    u r responceable in nature


    I have a big problem. Please help me. After I’m rooting my galaxy y GT-s5360, reboot my phone and then Welcome screen like that Samsung GALAXY Y GT-S5360 appear and then nothing continues …..still along welcome screen….How can I do….Please Help me…/////

    • donene

      Same thing goes with my Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360…..please help… tnx…. :)

  • prashant

    i want CWM 6 for my galaxy y gt-s5360

  • Fahmi

    I followed the installation steps in this page. Now ROM Manager asked to confirm version of the cmw.
    Is it the ClockworkMod 2.x or ClockworkMod 3.x+ ?

  • Faiz

    “Copy the zip file to external memory in a new folder called Recovery.”

    Does this mean to create a new folder and rename it ‘Recovery’ ?

    • Shreyas

      Yes you are right.

  • ganesh

    there are many cwm available in internet, how do I know which one is the latest or best

    • Viraj SK

      As per my opinion, version doesn’t matter in case of recovery (except for the high end devices like Note 2 & Galaxy S3 etc.)..

      • ganesh

        ok, one more question. I want cwm to format my sd card so that I can increase my internal ph. memory. I saw a video in youtube where a guy is formatting his sd from recovery mode (ext2, ext3). thats why I need cwm, am I doing right?
        Last time when I formatted my sd card in xp, it was not detected by phone, so I thought sd will be detected only if phone format it. am I right?

        • Viraj SK

          Hi Ganesh,

          You can format system memory from recovery. But why do you want to increase phone memory? I mean, the increased phone memory will be nothing but new partitioned space created from SD card memory.

          Don’t partition SD card unless it is needed. Just format SD card & that will be enough…