Install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) on Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

After the success of Galaxy S, Samsung released its improved version Galaxy S Plus. With 1.4 Ghz processor, its performance is excellent. It has a slim attractive body. But this device is still running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Samsung is not likely to announce any Jelly Bean update for this device. So custom ROM is only your hope to install it your mobile.

One of the necessary condition for installing custom ROM is custom recovery. Clockworkmod recovery is most preferred custom recovery over the other ones. Thanks to senior XDA member ivendor for bringing out this for you. This will allow you not only to flash custom ROMs but also to perform advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations which arent possible with stock recovery.

Further reading of article will help you to understand the procedure of installing Clockworkmod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S Plus.


The steps mentioned in the given article are considered as risky and may cause damage to your mobile. It is recommended that you should not follow this article if you are not aware of all these things. Read article completely at your own risk. We or developers are not responsible for any damage caused to your mobile.

install clockworkmod recovery cwm on samsung galaxy s plus i90010

The given article is strictly intended for Samsung Galaxy S Plus having model number I9001. Implementing it to any other mobile might give you some unwanted results or permanent damage may cause to the mobile.


  • Make sure that you have charged your mobile at least up to 70% so that installation process will occur without any interruption.
  • It is recommended that you should take a backup of all your important personal data such as SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external microSD card.
  • You must install your mobiles drivers on PC. If you have installed Kies on your computer then you dont need to install it separately.


Android 4.4 KitKat doesn’t support older versions of CWM. So go for method 2 if you are going to install any custom ROM based on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Procedure to install Clockworkmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

Method 1 (Odin method)

  • First download Odin v4.43 software and install it on your PC. It is necessary for flashing recovery on mobile.
  1. Click here to download.
  • Download Clockworkmod recovery for Samsung Galaxy S Plus.
  1. Click here to download.
  • Also download AriesVE OPS file.
  1. Click here to download.
  • Now you have to boot your mobile into downloading mode. For that, first switch off your mobile then press & hold volume down + power button + home button simultaneously until it shows downloading message on your screen.
  • Now connect mobile to PC via USB cable.
  • Launch Odin software which you have installed previously on your PC. You will see Added!! message in Odin’s message box. If you wont get this message make sure that you have installed mobile drivers properly.
  • Now click on the OPS button and then select AriesVE OPS file.
  • Click One Package button on Odin and selectcwm6032-ariesve-touch-odin.tar file which you have downloaded earlier.
  • Ensure that Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time is checked. Make sure that you haven’t clicked anywhere else.
  • Hit start button to flash recovery on mobile. After successful installation of recovery your mobile rebooted automatically. At the same time you will get pass message in Odin’s message box.
  • However if you mobile get stuck or you get a fail message then exit the Odin, disconnect mobile from computer, remove battery and re-insert it and follow the above procedure again.

Method 2

  • First download for Galaxy S plus from the link given below.
  1. Click here to download.
  • Copy this file to the external memory card.
  • Now switch off your device and boot into recovery mode by using power key + volume up button.
  • You will land into stock recovery. Since touch is not enabled here, you have to use volume keys for navigation and home button for selection.
  • Select update zip from sdcard and then select file.
  • After successful flashing of this file you will automatically land in CWM recovery.
  • Now select +++++go back+++++ and then reboot system now.

Well done! Clockworkmod Recovery is now installed on your Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001. Do let us know how it is working. If you any query regarding this article, you can ask us freely. We will try our level best to solve it.

Note: For entering into Clockworkmod recovery press & hold volume up + power button + home button simultaneously.

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  • timekiller

    Clockmod recovery link is broken. file not found :(

    • Viraj SK


  • vasil

    OK I I stall it but when I pres power + home + volume up buttons at the same time the phone goes into ramdump mode not in clock work mod

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      Try Volume up + Power key..

      • mohammad

        I tried that too.but android logo came up with a box.after that my phone power off and start from the begining….

        • Viraj Kshatriya

          You must be doing something wrong. You’ve to hold those buttons while restarting the phone…

  • Julio

    I solved the “Could mount SD” problem using the file called “” from this page:
    And this solved too the recovery mode loop if you want to install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S Plus ( with the Method 2.
    I hope this help.

    • Rod Griffin

      I installed that successfully but now the phone keeps rebooting into CWM Recovery mode! Any ideas to fix this?
      thanks, Rod

  • Ketan

    Thanx. It worked for me.

  • Akbar

    Hey Buddy,
    Followed your step and completed the installation. The only problem I encountered is that I couldn’t mount my SD card. Say; Could mount SD.
    Pls help.

  • Kaustubh Marathe

    Bro, am facin d same problem as Nadumananchi August 3, 2013 did:

    (At the last STEP – after hitting the start button, there was an recovery message in Odin. But I never get a PASS message. Now, I am not able to on the phone and I only get black screen with a little mobile phone ! and computer on it. )

    Help me with a solution asap!

    • Viraj SK

      It seems that the OS of your phone has been corrupted. Flash any stock firmware through Odin to get it working…

      • daas saas

        thanks. worked for me :)

  • Nadumananchi

    Hi, I followed your steps to Install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) on Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001(so that I can upgrade my S3 plus to Android 4.4.2). At the last STEP – after hitting the start button, there was an recovery message in Odin. But I never get a PASS message. Now, I am not able to on the phone and I only get black screen with a little mobile phone ! and computer on it. Can you please help me to solve my problem? I followed all the steps the you had advised. Will appreciate if you could drop a mail to my email. Thank you.

    • Amit


      Were you able to come out of this state, seem like I am also stuck in there.
      Need help.

      • Viraj SK

        Flash a stock recovery or firmware to get your phone in a working state…

        • Eric

          Hello, I faced similar issue and have re-installed the stock ROM and it works fine. I’m still interested to install Jelly Bean on my ageing galaxy s plus, do I follow the instruction above or is there an alternative way which also make use of ODIN? Please help.

        • Sanket

          Yes. You have to follow above instruction first. Then flash custom ROM.

        • Vicko7

          hi, i have the same problem… sth happened my computer stucked and the procedure stopped. Now I am not able to on the phone and I only get black screen with a little mobile phone and computer on it. Can you please help me to solve my problem? I started the procedure again but i dont know if its working cause i cant go back to the Download mode. What do u mean by “Flash any stock firmware through Odin to get it working…”? I dont understand this. Please help me!!!

  • alessandro

    fare questo lavoro non ha senso. ha senso installare la TWRP recovery dalla stock recovery, ed ha mote più funzioni della CWM

  • B w

    Hello, nice work with the tutorial, but it is wrong.
    You first have to change the .OPS extension by deleting the .txt on the end.

    Then you select one package in the check box and you insert the MD5 into the one package box at the bottom (not PDA)