How to Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola MT27i

Unlocking Bootloader is Just Like Integrating Super Powers In Your Device. That is By Unlocking Bootloader You Can Install/Flash Custom ROMs/Kernels.You Don’t Need To Worry if The New Firmware Can Be Rooted or Not As With Unlocked Bootloader You Can Always Root Your Device Irrespective of Firmware Installed & Lot more Things You Can Do With Unlocked Bootloader. Over The Period of Article We Will Be Checking On How To Unlock Bootloader Of Xperia Sola MT27i.

how to unlock bootloader sony xperia sola mt27i0Note: Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia Sola Will Void It’s Warranty Provided By The Manufacturer (Warranty Can Be Retained By Relocking The Same).

Let Us Checkout The Things We Will be Discussing in This Article :

  1. Essential Steps Before Unlocking Bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola.
  2. Procedure To Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola MT27i.

Disclaimer : We Have Made This Article Covering Each & Every Part Required For Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia Sola At Our Level Best. In Case if Any Damage Happened To Your Device (It Should Not Be), We Will Not Be Held Responsible For It.

Essential Steps Before Unlocking Bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola :

  • Firstly Get & Note Down IMEI Code of Your Device. It can be Obtained by Dialing *#06# in Phone Dialer.
  • Charge Your Phone Upto 60% Battery Level So As To Ensure That It Doesn’t Turn Off During The Process of Bootloader Unlocking.
  • Temporarily Disable Your PC’s Antivirus Software As This Might Interrupt The Process.

By Assuming That You’ve Followed The Essential Steps Mentioned Above, You Can Now Move To The Further Part Of The Article Where Will Check on How To Unlock Bootloader of Xperia Sola.

Procedure To Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola MT27i :

For Simplicity We Have Divided This Article In Two Simple Steps.

Step 1 : Installation of USB Drivers (Xperia Sola)

  • Download Fast Boot Package (With USB Drivers) From The Link Mentioned Below:
  1. Fast Boot Package With USB Driver. | Mirror
  • Switch Off Your Device & Connect It To The Computer Using USB Cable While Enabling Fast Boot Mode (Press & Hold Volume Up Button To Trigger Fastboot Mode). Windows Will Start Driver Installation As soon As You’ll Connect Your Device To The Computer While Keeping It In Fastboot Mode.
  • Now Extract The Fastboot Package Which You’ve Just Downloaded in Your PC.You Will Find 2 Folders Named As ‘fastboot’ & ‘usb_driver’.
  • Point Driver Installation Location To ‘usb_driver’ Folder.
  • Once Drivers Get Installed, Disconnect Xperia Sola From PC & Power On It.

Step 2 : Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia Sola

  • Before Unlocking Bootloader, You Need To Check That if Your Device’s Bootloader Can Be Unlocked Or Not. For Checking Bootloader Status Dial *#*#7378423#*#* From Phone Dialer To Access Service Menu.Find Bootloader Unlock Status Over There. If It is Set To Yes Then Only You Can Unlock Your Device’s Bootloader Otherwise It’s Impossible To Unlock It.
  • Scroll To The Bottom of The Page & Press Continue.
  • You Will be Prompted With The Message “Are You Sure ?”. Accept It By Clicking On “Yes I Am Sure”.(Assuming That You’ve Read It Properly). Then Accept The Legal Terms.
  • Now You’ll Get “Create Unlock Request” Page.Enter Your Name, Email Address & IMEI (Which You’ve Noted in Essential Steps Mentioned Above).
  • You’ll Now Get Unique Key Which Will Be Displayed On The Screen. Save It Safely As We Will Require It In Next Part Of The Article.
  • Open Command Prompt In Your Computer & Point/Set It’s Location To ‘fastboot’ Folder.
  • Again Connect Your Device To PC By Enabling Flash Mode On It (Check Step 1).
  • Now In Command Prompt (CMD) Type The Following Command :

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version

  • If Value is Returned (It Should return 0.5), It Means Device is Connected Properly.
  • Type This Second Command Mentioned Below :

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

  • Replace The KEY With The Unique Key Which You’ve Received Earlier (In Step 2). And Hit Enter.

Congratulations !! You’ve Successfully Unlocked Bootloader of Your Xperia Sola.Enjoy The Advantages of Unlocking Bootloader.

Now Just In Case If You Get Any Difficulty While UnlockingBootloader Procedure Mentioned Above, Do not Hesitate To Comment Below, We Will Try our Best To Sort Out The Same..

Credits : DooMLoRD.

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Viraj Kshatriya

Hello everyone, I'm Viraj, the chief editor at Android Legend. When I'm not checking out the latest stuff happening in Android, I mostly spend my time flashing different ROMs, testing Android apps & games. Feel free to join me on Google+.
  • Fanis Tsakoumakis

    I have XPeria Sola .54 version.
    I followed the steps and I just unlocked the bootloader. It took me several hours to understand how the cmd works on the file, but the comments helped me a lot.

    SO! Conclusion: Bootloader Unlocked on Xperia Sola MT27i

  • dark exodus

    After i put in everything in the command prompt they say’fastboot.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.plz reply back to me ASAP and what should do(sorry for if my english is bad)

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      I guess you haven’t pointed Command Prompt path to fastboot folder..

      • dark exodus

        then how should i pointed command prompt path to fastboot folder

        • Viraj Kshatriya

          Open fastboot folder. On white (blank) space, holding shift button on keyboard, press right click. Now, from the options, select ‘Open command Windows here’. Now, you can enter the fastboot commands..

          P.S: This works with Windows Vista/7/8 only…

  • Nayan Popatia

    My Boot-loader is unlock-able. I am not getting unlock key email from Sony. I have tried using different id’s as well.

  • Bimal007

    I Have the same problem.. when i connect phone in fastboot mode the blue light appears and wont stays for more than 3 secs.. and so i am not getting time to install the driver plss help

  • Pradeep Reddy

    I have downloaded the drivers from the mirror link. But when I extract the folder, I can’t see folder “Fastboot”.
    Could you please advise ?

  • Xperia solaics

    i have a problem, i unlocked already the bootloader while ago then i install custom rom and flashed again the original rom because i am not satisfied and i tried to open again the bootloader then this shows up “unlock phone requested FAILED ” but the xda developer is not showing when i reboot my phone. Sorry for my bad english xD

    • Viraj SK

      Bootloader need not to be unlocked if you’ve done it already…

      • Xperia solaics

        but i can’t open the bootloader i tried to press the volume down key nothing happend

  • Tim

    I started my phone in fastbootmode before i downloaded the boot package and the drivers installation failes. now i downloaded the boot package but my computer don’t start the USB DRIVERS installation again.

  • hajar

    HI, i have upgraded my xperia mt27i to ics do i have to unlock the bootloader again??

    • Viraj SK


  • jhon

    please fix the link…it’s broken..

    • Viraj SK

      All links are working properly..

      • jhon

        no the fastboot and driver link says 404 not found…please give me a new 1 I’m sticker :-(

        • Viraj SK

          Mirror link added. Try with that….

  • jester

    Hi i seem to be having problems too i’m running windows 7 64 bit. when i open device manager i see the fastboot driver but theres a exclamation point and a error message to troubleshoot??

  • Mrinmoy

    hey i cant set the location to fastboot folder , help me please

  • TDK

    When you connect the 4n and press volume up key, The driver instalation starts but @ last it says Driver installation fail.

    And how exactly can the driver instalation location be directed to the “usb driver” folder?

  • ragNoz

    to Install the driver u have to copy

    ; SonyEricsson
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_0FCE&PID_0DDE
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_0FCE&PID_0DDE&MI_01
    %SingleBootLoaderInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_0FCE&PID_0DDE

    under the [Google.NTamd64] section in the .inf data. Then it will works on a x64 System. Otherwise you cant install the Driver. This is my experience.
    Greetz ragNoz

  • Benson hedges

    My phone(sola) says, bootloader unlock status no. Why is that? And what should i do to unlock this.

    • Viraj SK

      Sadly, you can’t unlock it..

  • Pratama

    Bro, I tried what was written above. But hey, my sola just cant be turned on right now. it always displays blank. cant reach flashtool either. how can i solve that?

  • Garry

    This above mentioned code does not work on my phone

  • Ankur

    I am getting “Waiting for device” message while running the fastboot command prompt. Unable to unlock the bootloader. please help

    • Viraj SK

      What happened when you entered fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version command?

      • Rohan

        It just says “waiting For Devices” and thats it.
        please help me.

  • LackOfNOS DK

    remote: oem unlock failed! why? what is this?

  • Abhi83166

    can u plzzz post the video…bcoz i cannot get it…plzzz….

  • yuskhanzab

    im confused.. is it volume up button or volume down button. in other side, they said press+hold volume down button.

  • Viraj SK

    To resolve your issue, follow these steps:
    1) Open Device manager on your computer
    2) Connect the phone and quickly choose to change driver
    3) Disconnect the phone again (because it goes into normal mode).
    4) Choose to install a driver from the computer, choose “All devices” and “have disk”.
    5) Browse to the folder with the .inf file contained inside it (usb_driver).
    6) Now, before clicking Next, connect the phone again and quickly hit Next.
    This will install all the required drivers..

    • zztop

      i tried but still cant install

      • PTBoxes

        This doesn’t work… at least not in win7 x64. Computer doesn’t accept those drivers. My SOLA is in stock ICS

    • Kavir

      I’d just like to point out that this worked for me in Windows 7 x64. Make sure and follow exact instructions.

    • salman

      What do u mean by: “Choose to install a driver from the computer, choose “All devices” and “have disk” “????? Plz give complete instruction…

  • Pankaj

    Hi, I have tried it but my cell is from CHINA and it have 15 digit IMEI when i try with 14 digit it is not working kindly help me out. thanks…

  • Madhu

    Help me to relock.. mail id is

    • Viraj SK

      I’ll be posting it soon..

  • Vone1974

    i have been trying to unloack the bootloader using the above method a zillion times . i cant seem update S1 fastboot drives in the device manager when i attach the device with the usb and pressing the volume up button down . i have tried almost everything . but it just cant happen . Please advise . The phone doesnot remain with the blue light for more than few seconds then the Sony logo  flashes . i have checked the phone , it says that i unlock the bootloader .

  • J.P. Chauan

    From where I should choose CHANGE DRIVER & which device manager should I open Android SDK or Sony PC Comapnion…..plz rply soon.