How To Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia U ST25i

Are you ready to power up your device by unlocking its bootloader ? Well we are here to present our new tutorial on unlocking bootloader of your Xperia U. Unlocking bootloader is the only way to flash Custom ROMs & Root your device running any firmware. Just keep one thing in mind, Unlocking bootloader will void your phone’s warranty provided by sony though you are unlocking it by official way (described in this article). But just as every problem has solution, in this case it is true also. Yes, warranty can be reclaimed by relocking the bootloader & we will be coming up with the same very soon. Ok now we will move on further article where we will check out on how to unlock the bootloader of your Xperia U.

how to unlock bootloader of sony xperia u st25i0

Let Us Checkout The Things We Will be Discussing in This Article :

  1. Essential Steps Before Unlocking Bootloader of Sony Xperia U.
  2. Procedure To Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia U ST25i.

Disclaimer : We Have Made This Article Covering Each & Every Part Required For Unlocking Bootloader of XperiaU At Our Level Best. In Case if Any Damage Happened To Your Device (It Should Not Be), We Will Not Be Held Responsible For It.

Essential Steps Before Unlocking Bootloader of Sony Xperia U:

  • Firstly Get & Note Down IMEI Code of Your Device. It can be Obtained by Dialing *#06# in Phone Dialer.
  • Charge Your Phone Upto 60% Battery Level So As To Ensure That It Doesn’t Turn Off During The Process of Bootloader Unlocking.
  • Temporarily Disable Your PC’s Antivirus Software As This Might Interrupt The Process.

By Assuming That You’ve Followed The Essential Steps Mentioned Above, You Can Now Move To The Further Part Of The Article Where Will Check on How To Unlock Bootloader of Xperia U.

Note: After unlocking the bootloader, data stored on phone will be wiped out. So, before you proceed make a backup of your data.

Procedure To Unlock Bootloader of Sony XperiaU ST25i :

For Simplicity We Have Divided This Article In Two Simple Steps.

Step 1 : Installation of USB Drivers (Xperia U)

  • Download Fast Boot Package (With USB Drivers) From The Link Mentioned Below:
  1. Fast Boot Package With USB Driver.
  • Switch Off Your Device & Connect It To The Computer Using USB Cable While Enabling Fast Boot Mode (Press & Hold Volume Up Button To Trigger Fastboot Mode). Windows Will Start Driver Installation As soon As You’ll Connect Your Device To The Computer While Keeping It In Fastboot Mode.
  • Now Extract The Fastboot Package Which You’ve Just Downloaded in Your PC.You Will Find 2 Folders Named As ‘fastboot’ & ‘usb_driver’.
  • Point Driver Installation Location To ‘usb_driver’ Folder.
  • Once Drivers Get Installed, Disconnect XperiaU From PC & Power On It.

Step 2 : Unlocking Bootloader of Xperia U

  • Before Unlocking Bootloader, You Need To Check That if Your Device’s Bootloader Can Be Unlocked Or Not. For Checking Bootloader Status Dial *#*#7378423#*#* From Phone Dialer To Access Service Menu.Find Bootloader Unlock Status Over There. If It is Set To Yes Then Only You Can Unlock Your Device’s Bootloader Otherwise It’s Impossible To Unlock It.
  • Scroll To The Bottom of The Page & Press Continue.
  • You Will be Prompted With The Message “Are You Sure ?”. Accept It By Clicking On “Yes I Am Sure”.(Assuming That You’ve Read It Properly). Then Accept The Legal Terms.
  • Now You’ll Get “Create Unlock Request” Page.Enter Your Name, Email Address & IMEI (Which You’ve Noted in Essential Steps Mentioned Above).
  • You’ll Now Get Unique Key Which Will Be Displayed On The Screen. Save It Safely As We Will Require It In Next Part Of The Article.
  • Open Command Prompt In Your Computer & Point/Set It’s Location To ‘fastboot’ Folder.
  • Again Connect Your Device To PC By Enabling Flash Mode On It (Check Step 1).
  • Now In Command Prompt (CMD) Type The Following Command :

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version

  • If Value is Returned (It Should return 0.5), It Means Device is Connected Properly.
  • Type This Second Command Mentioned Below :

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

  • Replace The KEY With The Unique Key Which You’ve Received Earlier (In Step 2). And Hit Enter.

Congratulations !! You’ve Successfully Unlocked Bootloader of Your Xperia U. Now Enjoy The Advantages of Unlocking Bootloader & Do Whatever You Want With Your Xperia.

Now Just In Case If You Get Any Difficulty While Unlocking Bootloader Procedure Mentioned Above, Do not Hesitate To Comment Below, We Will Try our Best To Sort Out The Same..

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Abhijeet Bharekar

Residing in Pune (India), Abhijeet is a Tech lover and enthusiast about all-things Android. He is a hardcore PC Gamer and likes to play Football as well. Follow him on Google+.
  • zebast

    Thanks for the tutorial, I had to use the “trick” from xda to solve fastboot driver installation issue :

    After this process I just want to remind readers that the device has an unlocked bootloader but still no root access and no busybox.

    You can follow this steps to add the “Rooting Section”, very simple !

  • brent

    fastboot.exe is not recognized

  • Raghav

    I cant connect it to my pc in fastboot mode
    Whenever i try to do it it gets that blue light but after 5-6 seconds it begins getting charged.. Please tell me what to do.. I dont understand how to point the driver installation to a folder…plz reply…

  • Sree

    I am stuck at the command “fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version”
    In the CMD I am getting “Waiting for device”
    I have win7 on my PC, Please help

  • urooj

    hi guyz I really need ur help reply asap
    I went to dat site gave my imei no by removing the last digit as per the instructions n email id its been 8hours I still haven’t got the unique no pls help is der any other way

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      Did you check the spam folder?

  • Tejas

    Hi, i unlocked the bootloader on xperia U, got “Okay”. but RecoverX gives this error when trying to install Recovery.
    “Error 4
    This error occurs when RecoverX detects that your device is not rooted or not correctly.
    Please, root your device correctly using the specific program for your device. ”

    Busybox and Root Checker also say device is not properly rooted. What to do to get proper root access ?

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      Unlocking bootloader doesn’t root the device. You’ve to root your device manually…

    • Tejas

      my phone has Build is 6.1.1.B.1.54, I hv read it can’t be rooted. Is it true?

  • kaizer

    who are problem with staying fastboot use “padnet+ ” software . install it on your computer and connect your device when it says. then try to go fastboot with device physical button not with adb

  • raju reddy

    thank you very much bro for giving fastboot link thanks

  • Reign

    hi can i ask something….im done unlocking my xperia but how do i know if already unlock because nothing change and it resets the factory settings all my file gone?…plz help me

    • Ferrator

      I’m in the same situation. The moment I rebooted my phone, all my app data and settings were gone. I wonder if that happens when the bootloader is unlocked.

      Does anyone know about a definite way of knowing whether the bootloader is unlocked or not?

  • Narender

    it shows in cmd and does nothing more than that

  • Saneesh

    In the comment prompt window i get a message ‘Waiting for device’. I am using windows 8 os. I’ve tried it by turning on usb debugging mode.

    • Shreyas

      Make sure you have win 8 compatible drivers installed properly.
      or better try win 7

      • Leonidas

        hi ,where can I find the win 8 drivers ? please send me a link at my email

      • Leonidas

        hi ,i installed the drivers correctly and now the phone stys in fastboot mode ,but when i open the cmd in the fastboot file and type the first command i don’t get any resposne ,just the command “”
        what can I do ???

      • Leonidas

        i do all the steps .but when i choose the “android bootloader interface’ and install it while I have connected the device in fastboot mode it says that there’s an error ,what can I do ? pleaze answer at

  • Reign

    hi…why is it may xperia u cannot trigger fastboot Mode?…plz help me…tnx.

  • Ferrator

    I know I’m writing this way too late from the others, but it looks like the link to the Fastbook Package with USB installer is no longer valid, as I get a 404 error.

    Does anyone know of an alternate link? I’ll be grateful.

    • Viraj SK

      Link updated. Thanks for reporting..

      • Ferrator

        Thank you for the update.
        Just wanted to know, how can you tell if the bootloader is unlocked? Will all the app data be erased and setting reset?

      • ehtisham

        i am not able to unlock bootloader
        what shuld i do ???
        give me easy steps to unlock it plzzzz…..

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  • Andrew

    I followed instructions step by step i got an OKAY on the last fastboot intruction.

    Its done something the calenders empty there is no phone book and text msg’s were deleted,internal storage ok, thats not a problem.

    the phone took a couple of minutes to start up

    There is still no root acsess when i run root explorer

    going to watch this youtube video on unlocking st25i

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  • nay

    I could see
    finished on my computer after boot. but when I press power button again,
    my sony xperia u st25i could not start anything. How can I start it?
    Help me pls

    Sony Xperia U ST25i

    • Letis

      Hey I thought the same.. But my phone was only starting very long.. 2minutes maybe more.. Now it’s unlocked :p

  • Viraj SK

    No, you can’t..

  • TM

    it worked perfectly…

    for those are failed to staying in fast boot please follow the link bellow.


  • rumen marcov

    i have sony xperia u from 3 uk! bootloader say NO !! how can i unlock it ?

    • Viraj

      As of now there is no method to unlock bootloader if bootloader status is set to no..

  • mihai

    is not working .. is not staying on fast boot .. is staying 2 3 seconds then enter on charge mode, and is not working with + volume key is working with – volume key … so were is the problem?

    • paarth

      its the same with me !!!
      is there sum1 who will tell us u is this happening ????
      but in my case its workin with the +volume key !!!
      still less then 10 sec but ????

    • Deepak Bhushan

      yeah same problem here. it stays in fastboot for a couple of seconds and then enters charging. also when i click update driver on device manager, and Point Driver Installation Location To ‘usb_driver’ Folder, it says no drivers found. Please help

  • Henry

    After “fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version”