How to Root Sony Xperia S/SL/Acro S/ION on Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware

It was difficult to achieve root on Xperia phones running stock ICS firmwares. But now there is a way out. A simple rooting tool is available for Sony Xperia S, SL, Acros S and ION. The interesting thing about this tool is that it can even root phones with locked bootloader (of course it roots unlocked bootloaders too). Thanks to Chinese developer eroot for bringing out this awesome rooting tool. Currently it is tested on below mentioned phones but I’ve tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & it works on it as well. So there is probability that it will work on other devices too. But I am not sure about it.

Anyways, move on further & follow these simple steps to root your Xperia Smartphone (which was never possible before, so easily)…

Disclaimer: The Procedure described in this article are risky & can cause damage to your device. You should not try to attempt this if you are not aware of these things. Please follow this guide completely at your own risk. If any damage happened to your device while following this tutorial, we should not be held responsible for it.

how to root sony xperia s sl acro s ion on android 4 0 4 ics firmware0

The following guide is tested & works on these devices: Xperia S / SL / Acro S / ION. It may or may not work on other devices. It is currently tested these firmwares: 6.1.A.2.55, 6.1.A.2.50, 6.1.A.2.45. It should work on other ICS firmwares too.


  • Charge your device at least up to 60% battery level.
  • USB debugging must be enabled in your device. To do so, use this path
  1. Settings –> Developer options –> USB debugging
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” option in your phone.

Note: This method works on both locked & unlocked bootloaders. So, bootloader isn’t a problem now.

Procedure to Root Sony Xperia S LT26i on Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware:

  • Download Appropriate drivers for your Sony Xperia device from the link mentioned below (required for debugging):
  1. Download Xperia Drivers
  • Install the drivers in your PC.

Note: This rooting tool is written in Chinese language but don’t worry just follow the steps written ahead.

  • Extract “” (Rooting package). You’ll get ERoot-1.0.14.exe file.
  • Run ERoot-1.0.14.exe file.

how to root sony xperia s sl acro s ion on android 4 0 4 ics firmware1

  • Now connect your phone to PC.
  • You’ll observe that your device has got detected by Rooting tool.
  • Now, simply press “一键Root” button & leave rest upon the tool.

how to root sony xperia s sl acro s ion on android 4 0 4 ics firmware2

  • When it says something like “恭喜您,获取root 权限成功“, it means that your device is rooted now. Isn’t it simple?

Whoa! You’ve successfully rooted your Sony Xperia phone running Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware. Let me know if it works for you or not. Enjoy..

via XDA

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Viraj Kshatriya

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  • Kamil

    not working for me…
    Is on the picture a reason?
    Thank you for translate :-)

  • Pallab

    eRoot detects my device. I click root ..the app process all check marks but nothing happens.what is the problem??????????

  • muntaseer511

    can i do it on my jelly bean updated sony xperia s


    i am not able to install drivers…:(
    please tell mr how to do it..

    after enabling USB debugging > then some software installation programme occurs and asks for location.. but i am not able to suggest that location of drivers files to that programme..:(

    • Viraj SK

      Which device do you own?

      • VIDEOCON A15

        videocon a15


          For Videocon a15 support please join our community


  • Emilia

    It didn’t work for my SE xperia J ST26i, but maybe the reason is I didn’t installed correct drivers (not listed on in your table) or that it’s impossible to unlock bootloader :(

    Anyway I get a form in Eroot (but I don’t know chinese):
    请输入手机型号 or 输入您的宝贵意见(限80字符)
    to type your model etc (according Google translator)…

  • Godfatherdl

    Thanks, it worked on my videocon A15

    • Viraj SK

      Wow, that’s great…

      • VIDEOCON A15

        and it also started downloading some stupid files

        • Viraj SK

          Well, it’s not supported with your device..

    • VIDEOCON A15

      hi… i installed the drivers…. and eroot detected my device… and i pressed the root button…. then 4 processes were done…. then [][]ROOT[][][][][] appeared…. but still after i restarted my phone(videocon a15) and checked using root checker basic…. it said you donot have proper root access…:(

  • Rockdrigo

    Do you know something about upgrade JB to a SO-03D phone?

  • Rockdrigo

    Works fine!! Thanks a lot Viraj

    Can I share this useful page?

    • Viraj SK

      Of course, you can…

  • Xperia Acro s

    How do I install the driver to my PC? And do I still have to install even if my phone says that drivers are up to date?

    • Viraj SK

      First of all extract the drivers in a folder. Connect your Acro S to the PC. When prompted for driver installations, point its directory to the folder where you’ve extracted the driver files. Rest is done by the Windows.

      If PC doesn’t prompt for the driver installation then you can install the same by using device manager in your Windows PC.

      OR simply install Sony PC Companion software and connect your phone to PC. It will install all necessary drivers.

      Lastly, if Eroot shows your device’s model as it then there is no need to install any drivers. They’re already installed…

  • MxDtockLiCxa

    Hello there does it flash ur device with a kernel if it does it will simply harm my phone and causing it something like brick like could not on my phone…cuz it happen to me when i am using flashtool to root my phone….

    • Viraj SK

      It doesn’t flash any kernel. It just uses some sort of script to root your phone…

  • Stephen lee

    Can you tell me how to root xperia SL android JellyBean? Does Eroot support with JellyBean or not?

    • Viraj SK

      Not sure if it works with JB. But you can try. It won’t harm the phone..

  • Edwin

    When I open the Eroot file, I get the error Init() failed. Can you please tell me what is wrong??

    • Tony

      Same here, seems like it failed to update and the error message shows up

      • ByrdOne

        You should connect the phone soon, it’s working for me..

        thanks Viraj

  • Miloshka

    I had different final screen, but I think that the operation went successfully. So how I am supposed to verify if my mobile is really rooted now or not??

  • prabip

    i rooted by this software before,it worked fine for me…but now i have updated rom to jelly bean….now after 3rd step it gives a form to fill and i cannot under stand it,,,pls help

    • LT15i

      i have the same problem. Did you find some solutions ?

  • idir

    how i want to root xzxperience rom

  • Shalva

    oh I did not read pre requests my phone is low battery and Iam rooting now I hope everything would be great

  • Robert

    Thank’s man, it works :)

  • m.reza from Iran

    first time it said I couldn’t do it
    but I did it again simply on a hunch or disappointment
    and it worked Perfectly and was confirmed by “root check basic”
    you rock man.

  • Edward

    Worked for me, just a few seconds ago! confirmed root by superuser and titanium backup

    • Viraj SK

      Glad to hear :)

  • Acro s

    ok done its already uptodate ! did eroot , but in the end another option came and not that u quoted !

  • Acro s

    i know what device manager is, googled howto install sony xperia acro s using a device manager but couldnt find it ! can u tell me wat do i hav to do in device manager?

  • Acro s

    sorry it came now :P

  • Acro s

    “一键Root option never came !

  • Acro s

    Acro s driver has no install option !

    • Viraj SK

      You’ve to manually install them using a device manager in your PC (you may google for its howto)..

      • Chandan

        Hi Viraj,

        Can you please tell me how i can root my xperia SL firmware 6.1.a.2.55 with all basic steps.