How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

If you want to flash a custom ROM in your phone, you need to have custom recovery installed in it. Clockworkmod recovery is one of the most famous custom recovery. It allows you not only to flash custom mods but also to perform advanced backups (nandroid backup), restores, installation and maintenance operations which aren’t possible with stock recovery.

Thanks to XDA developer Squadzone from team hacksung for bringing Odin flashable CWM for Galaxy Mini. The simple and easy steps are given below to guide you through flashing procedure of CWM in your device.

Disclaimer: The following steps are considered to be risky and may cause damage to your device. If you are not aware of all these things, please do not follow the given manual. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your phone due to following the tutorial.

how to install clockworkmod recovery on samsung galaxy mini gt s55700

The given steps are only applicable to Samsung galaxy Mini bearing the model number S5570. Use of this tutorial to any other mobile may result in unwanted outcomes.


  • Make sure that you have charged your phone at least up to 70% so that the process wont get interrupted.
  • It is recommended to take a backup of all your important data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to external memory since it may get vanish during the process.
  • Mobile drivers must be installed on your PC.

Procedure to install Clockworkmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy Mini:

  • Download and install Odin 4.38 software on your computer.
  1. Click here to download
  • Download TASS_v1.0.ops (required for flashing Custom Recovery).
  1. Click here to download
  • Download Clockworkmod recovery for Samsung Galaxy Mini.
  1. Click here to download
  • Now you need to get into the downloading mode of your device. For that, first switch off your mobile and then press & hold volume down + power button + home button simultaneously until it shows Downloading message on the screen.
  • Connect mobile to PC through USB cable.
  • Launch Odin software installed on your computer. You will get added!! message in message box. If you dont get such a message make sure that you have installed mobile drivers properly on the computer.
  • Click OPS tab and select ‘TASS_v1.0.ops’ file.
  • Click One Package button on Odin and select tass-recovery-cwm.tar file which you have downloaded earlier.
  • Don’t click/tick any other button in Odin.
  • Now click on Start button for flashing recovery in your device. After the successful installation, your phone will reboot automatically showing pass message in Odin’s message box.
  • However if you mobile get stuck or you get a fail message then exit the Odin, disconnect mobile from computer, remove battery and re-insert it and follow the above procedure again.

That’s it!! Clockworkmod recovery is installed on your Samsung Galaxy Mini-S5570. Enjoy flashing custom ROMs..

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  • Jordan

    Hey thanks man worked perfectly on my Samsung galaxy mini now I can install custom mod :)

  • Arthur gulane

    I Cant Enter Download Mode And Recoverty Mode After Flashing.. What Should I DO ?

  • Ganeshkumar

    Bro , I Downloaded CWM10.1.0 frm other site and when install i cleared dat/factory reset and cache partition in recovery mode as told. but i didnt find the dalvik cache to be cleared. but i continue on to flash the rom. there was a error(missing file) and i got a msg installation aborted. then i selected reboot frm recovery mode itself.
    now my phone shows the samsung logo but not booting.
    After that i found urs article i did as told by u. i got PASS in odin. still my phone doesnt boot. what is the probllem. Help me

    • naro300

      me too

  • Chris

    oh my G! When I try to switch on my cellphone there’s a computer and cellphone photo and between those picture there’s a exclamation point inside a red triangle . What should I do ? Kindly help me please . . . :((

  • Chris

    When the Recovery came flashing, suddenly there’s something appeared “Odin Multi Downloader has stopped working.” What should I do ?

  • Chris

    how can i know if the clockworkmod has been installed in my cellphone ?

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      Turn off the phone. Now press & hold Home button (center button) + Power Key simultaneously. Your device will boot into the recovery mode..

  • asrar

    I installed cwm recovery now i want to root how can i do plz tell me.

  • faraz

    Bro i disconnect the device while odin is at 50% then i press and hold home key + power thent it showing all names like reboot system, wipe/reset, sd card etc at last when am clicking sdcard installation zip file it is not opening what is the problem bro my clockwordmod is not working..
    Can i reinstall again?

  • Faraz

    Is this information is compatable with samsung galaxy mini s5570 android version with 2.2.1.? I heard that we have to convert first version from 2.2.1 to gingerbeard 2.3.6 version is it .. plz tell me how should i start process plz tell me..:)

  • Genuise

    Thank you its work

    like this in message box
    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    set download environment.
    big partition size!!
    recovery.img download..
    1/1 Finished.
    reset pda..
    Started Timer
    Close serial port and wait until rebooting.
    Destroy instant..
    Killed timer

  • Tanvir Rahman

    Hi boss,
    My mane is tanvir rahman. My phone model is samusng galalxy mini 5570i. I need to update my phone. can you please give me clockworkmod recovery v5.0.2.6 software. please help me. please give me the software. please

  • http://gmail Anjani Lal Maury

    hi i have successfully installed but the volume key and power key are not working.

    Also no incoming call is coming. when doing call autometacally disconnected as barred call.

    Kindly suggest for the same.


    • Sanket

      Flash official firmware again. Before that take backup of important stuff.

  • Aditya

    thanks guys my pop was soft bricked by ur other article i could fix it …thanks …how do i use rom manager it doesnt show my device listed ……?

    • Viraj SK

      I personally wouldn’t suggest you to use ROM manager. It can lead your phone to hard brick as well….

  • THT

    I install recovery CWM but when I long press power button and home key it shows the following under the menu E: Can not open cache / recovery / last_log and E: Can not mount / recovery / last_log does not matter? Please help to solve the problem.

    • Viraj SK

      It doesn’t matter…

  • rj

    I have successfully got the message pass, but when i tried to go to recovery mode (home + power), I’m stuck with the samsung logo with website below it, can you help? Thanks.

    • MANOJ Agrahari

      same problem wid me now. ur hone too was froyo version?

  • frederick cordero

    one package button did not highlights to tick/choose, what can i do?

  • Ahmad

    I have galaxy mini but I did something weong and now I cannot open it, I just get the screen of “GALAXY mini GT-S5570″, and nothing happens, what can I do to install a new rom or clockworkmod recovery or any thing? please help!!

  • Ajay

    In samsung galaxy mini GT-S5570 ,when i press menu+power button it only show me
    “reboot system now
    apply sdcard:
    wipe data factory reset
    wipe cache partition”
    but it cannot show install zip from sd card………………
    please can u help why it can show like this………i want to install andriod install 4.2 jelly bean on………it…………..

    • Sanket

      It means you haven’t installed cwm yet. Follow above article to flash it. Then only you can install android 4.2.

      • joben

        is it possible to update my phone made in spain and open lined in philippines?…..i tried many roms but none
        of them works….

        • Sanket

          What is your device’s model number? If it is GT-S5570 then you can go for it.

  • bryll josep carr

    i follow the step and i install it

    but it not open the cwn

    please reply

  • shuroj

    i have done all the process as the given info. but at last it doesnt show me the recovery mode. help me.
    and is it necessary to update frm froyo to gingerbread before doing this process??? reply me soon

  • janssen

    why my Galaxy Mini can’t connect in my PC ?? please help me!

  • octa

    sorry 1 quesion again, if there is written E: Can not open cache / recovery / last_log and E: Can not mount / recovery / last_log does not matter? if the issue of how the solution? and condition I use ginggerbread. thx

    • Viraj SK

      What are you planning to do with CWM?

      • frederick cordero

        I want to backup my current rom but same issue cant mount cache, data and system

  • octa

    hey, I have quetion, what the name of version this CMW?? bcause on rom manager I can’t add this version. thx.

    • Viraj SK

      Currently, ROM Manager doesn’t support your device. That’s why you can’t flash CWM through it..

  • jason murphy

    when i click start i get error an unnamed file was not found. any ideas what i did wrong

  • jason murphy

    when i click the OPS button and click the tass file it doesnt show in odin. any ideas

  • benny lim


    • Viraj SK

      Well, turning on USB debugging is not that important. You can proceed further without doing so..

      • benny lim

        it is important. i can’t connect my phone to the computer

        • Viraj SK

          Put your phone in download mode. It’s not at all required..

        • benny lim

          But when i put the usb when my phone is in download mode, my computer can’t detect the phone.

        • Viraj SK

          You have to install Samsung drivers in your PC..

  • benny lim

    I Need Your Help!
    Yesterday i try to update cm 10 on my galaxy mini
    i did not install Clockworkmod recovery and when i update it,
    it fails as when i tried to on my phone. it just stuck on the samsung screen. please help!

    • benny lim

      i tried to Go to recovery and do wipe data and wipe cache already but still nothing. please help!

    • Sanket

      Flash official firmware again.

      • benny lim

        Thanks For The Fast Reply, But How Do I Flash Official Firmware? i really appreciate if you could tell me the link and steps. thanks! :)

        • benny lim

          i have the same problem as the guy below. his name is ELONT.

        • Sanket
        • benny lim

          the article said that i have to turn off usb debugging but i can’t even turn on my phone so how do i turn off usb debbugging with my phone off?

        • benny lim

          i have a mini sd card for my galaxy mini and if i put in on my micro sd adapter. it can connect to the computer. i am just wondering will this works? because i cant turn on my galaxy mini thats why i cant turn off the debugging


    i installed everything even CM10 but stuck at samsung logo while rebooting

    • Shreyas

      Go to recovery and do wipe data and wipe cache.

  • MannanRocker

    Hey there i have a question My phone is rooted is there a problem if it
    is already rooted?

    • Sanket

      It is better if you have rooted your phone before installing CWM.

  • Noei

    Hi, I have a question (I don’t really understand this CWM thing…sorry)…

    If this was installed…then I can flash Custom ROMs…If I failed to flash it I can get back to my Stock ROM…

    Is this correct???

  • dren

    same problem installed smoothly but cant open the cwm mode

  • Jose Mauricio

    how long does it (odin multi downloader) process?

    and what does ” — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5″ mean?, saw in in the message box.

    • Sanket

      Also uninstall kies.

  • Jose Mauricio

    why does it keep saying “please connect phone”? i connected my phone already but still.

  • Jose

    Same problem here

  • Mefi

    Hey I’ve got this problem.

    I can’t get into CWM recovery mode. I’ve installed Clockworkmod via your tutorial, everything went smooth without problems. But when I try to get into CWM recovery mode, via Home+Power, only Samsung logo boot screen appears and gets stuck and nothing happens after that.

    Any solutions for that? My phone is rooted btw.

    • Boris

      I have exactly the same problem does anyone know how to fix this???

  • Jan Aldrich Garcia

    Help I’ve done everything in the instruction but when im trying to go into recovery mode it cant go..its stuck in samsung logo ..what should i do? thanks

    • Darshan Godhia

      I experienced a similar problem, first upgrade to gingerbread using ODIN, then install CWM, it solves the issue

  • Fred


    How can I do that with a PC running under Ubuntu 12.04, plz ?

    • Viraj SK

      You’ll have to use a tool called Heimdall to flash CWM on your Galaxy Mini…

  • awod

    TASS_v1.0.ops link download was broked. Fix it!

    • Viraj SK

      Link fixed..

  • shampzz

    TASS_v1.0.ops this file is not downloadable. it opens in the browser.

  • shampzz

    TASS_v1.0.ops file is not downloading. it opens in the browser. what to do?

    • Viraj SK

      OPS file zipped. Please re-check..

      • shampzz

        now i hav dowloaded it from another site and followed your steps. it worked

  • Julo

    When I somehow add the tass-recovery file and press start it says : invalid image type

    • Viraj SK

      Removing .md5 extension from the recovery file may help you to solve this problem..

  • Julo

    Everything went fine till the point where I am suppose to press PDA button, it is not possible, only button I can press is OPS
    Any idea ?

    • Viraj SK

      Guide updated. Please re-check the procedure..

  • Nithin R Das

    which is the best jellybean update available for GT s5570? please add the link

  • Mohammed

    Hi Viraj,

    I have a problem with my Galaxy Mini Phone, I forgot the Screen Unlock pattern and Data/wifi are turned off, Any idea to Enable Wifi Connection, or at least to backup my phone for hard resetting


  • Bogdan

    it’s keep telling me invalid image type. i changed the extention in .tar.md5 and same thing.

  • Jr

    When I enter the tass-recovery-cwm.tar it says “invalid image type” please help

    • Sanket

      Try to change its extension to .tar.md5

      • Teun

        Don’t work here

  • Iskalameni

    where can i find the PDA button in the odin ?? thanks

  • rabindra

    Hi viraj,
    Can you tell me how to unstall cmd from my s5570 completely.

    Waiting for your kind response

    • Viraj SK

      Flash any stock firmware. This will remove the custom recovery (Just backup your data before doing so)..

  • Eugene

    Hi Viraj can you please take me step by step to upgrade my samsung mini galaxy from Android Version 2.3.6 Model Number GT-S55701 to Jelly Bean

  • Luciano

    Please fix the link to the Clockworkmod file. It’s broked!

    • Viraj SK

      Link updated. Thanks for notifying Luciano!

  • Andrew

    okay . I will follow it later , By the way , Thanks for your reply ^^