How to Increase Internal Memory of Your Android Phone using CWM Recovery

Android is one of the most used and popular operating system for the mobile. Due to availability of more than 700000 apps it is popular amongst the people. Day by day several new apps are getting available for the android devices, but your limited internal memory restricts it to the certain limit.

Old Android phones have internal memory around 200 to 300 MB (Mega Bytes) unlike the latest one which have in few GB (Giga Bytes). Due to this limited memory, you cannot install more apps. This problem can be overcome by increasing internal memory of your mobile.

By partitioning external memory card of mobile, you can use it as an internal memory. With the help of link2SD app and memory card partition, you can increase internal memory as per your requirement. Different methods are available for partitioning memory card. But the most reliable method is CWM method as it works for any mobile or memory card.


  • First of all your mobile must be charged at least up to 70% so that there will not be any interruption during memory card partition.
  • You must take a backup of memory card on your computer as all the data on the card gets erased during installation.
  • Your mobile/tablet must be rooted.
  • Install Link2SD app on the device from the play store.
  • Clockworkmod recovery must be installed on your mobile/tablet.

Procedure to Partition Memory Card

  • First switch off your mobile and boot into recovery mode by any method or using appropriate key combination.
  • As we know that touch doesnt work in most of the CWM, use volume keys for navigation and use power or home button for selection.
  • Select advanced option.
  • Then go to partition sdcard.
  • Select ext size. (Note: It should be less than your memory card size.)
  • It will take few minutes for partitioning SDcard.
  • After successful partitioning of sdcard select +++++go back+++++ then reboot system now.

Procedure to Configure Link2SD App

  • Download and install latest version of Link2SD app from the play store.
  • Grant superuser permission for this app.
  • After granting superuser permission it will ask to choose file system of your second partition.
  • Select ext2 format.

how to increase internal memory of your android mobile using cwm recovery0

  • After confirming the file system, it will ask to restart your phone. Do it.

how to increase internal memory of your android mobile using cwm recovery1

  • After restarting phone, open Link2SD app again. Select filter option and the on internal.

how to increase internal memory of your android mobile using cwm recovery2

  • You will see all the apps from internal memory.
  • Select options-> multi select. Select the apps that you want to move on that internal memory.
  • Choose action and then create link. Select all 3 options i.e. Link application file, Link dalvik cache file, Link library files. Then ok.

how to increase internal memory of your android mobile using cwm recovery3

  • It will take few minutes for creating link to this partition.

how to increase internal memory of your android mobile using cwm recovery4

  • Finally select ok. Now your all apps are moved to this partition.
  • Now in order to link every new app that you will download to this partition, select options and then auto link.
  • Now henceforth whenever you download app from the play store, it will get saved in this partition.

Thats it! You have successfully increased internal memory of your mobile. In order to see the status of this memory select option-> storage info.

how to increase internal memory of your android mobile using cwm recovery5

Dont remove memory card from the mobile. If you have any queries regarding article ask us through the comments.We are always happy to help you. Do let us know how it is working for you.

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Sanket Bhurke

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  • Siddharth Negi

    I have rooted galaxy y and I have installed jelly beam 4.3 rom, now I want to partition SD card with this method but fail to do…anybody plz help!

  • Cristea Adelin

    i hava Samsung i9070 (S advance) can you help me??

  • ali

    how to increase RAM memory in Galaxy Grand Duos?

  • Kunal

    I an using galaxy y duos…i hv done everuthing as mentioned above…bt its just not working with facebook n whatsapp.
    Error is insufficient storage…while partition storage is 80% free!!
    Plz help me

  • SteveXandroid

    Very thanks this blog is very good

  • Basant Rajpurohit

    i have Micromax HD A116.

    1. i have update manually my Android 4.1 to 4.2

    2. i creat partition of my 16 gb sd card. 1 part 9gb FAT32 & second part EXT2 file system about 6 gb

    3. i root my phone succesfully

    3. i install superuser

    4. i install Link2SD

    5. i move all apps to my sdcard partion EXT2

    6. clear all apps catch, dalvik catch

    but still Internal storage is low.

    Please help me to clear some space of my internal storage (Phone Storage)

  • Bytoy

    please help me to do this im kid and i learn how to root android phone

  • harman

    Micromax a35 ki b ho jayegi partion cwm se tel me fast pls

    • Sanket Bhurke


  • Kojo williams

    I have downloaded the link2sd, but it does.not oppen… What should…. galaxy-Q

  • ???? raul

    I have a Samsung coolpad any help, cus I haven’t been able to partition my sd, thanks!!

  • prem

    sir I m using cellkon a20 version 4.2.2 …I didn’t get cwd for 4.2.2 can I download it..

    • Sanket Bhurke

      If you have rooted your device, you can use mini partition tool if cwm is not available.

  • sinchan

    I have tried your method. But could not find any advanced option in recovery mode. Using samsung grand I9802. Kindly tell me what will be the actual name of the option in recovery mode or guide some other way. I m not able to partition mysd card.

    • Sanket Bhurke

      Install clockworkmod recovery.

  • viswanadham

    thnq u so much.. its a nys article!! i should try it out.. at any point of tym if i hapend 2 take out my sd card wat would hapen? doesthis app get erasd?

    • Abhijeet Bharekar may get corrupted..

  • Hardik Prajapati

    I want all applications data move in sdcard on zte blade (idea smart). zte blade is version 2.2.2, 256mb ram ,512 mb rom . so that please give me answer

  • shekhar desai

    what happens if sd card is unmaunted after procedure? damage card? or system apps?

    • Abhijeet Bharekar

      The apps won’t work and might get corrupted..

  • Arora

    what will happen if i remove the memory card?

  • Nikhil

    sir meri galaxy y 5360 mein setting ka option gum ho gaya hai pls help me

  • Karry

    Is this possible in Sony Experia Pro?

    • Viraj SK

      It’s applicable on any Android device…

  • sahil

    What if I remove the memory card?

  • Shubham

    will it work on HTC explorer???? what will happen it wo remove sd card??

    • Sanket

      Yes it will work. If you remove the sd card, apps on the sd card may get corrupted.

  • mahesh bajaj

    i want to how i can i root acess in mts duet 2

    • mahesh bajaj

      plz tel me how can i transfer app to sd card

  • Reagan

    Everytime I open link2sd it always mount warning. I do follow your guide above, I change already the ext partition, I tried all ext partition but oohing happen always the mount warning appear. My device is Samsung galaxy grand i9082. Is there any compatibility issue?. Hope for urgent reply. Thanks

  • Reagan

    Nid help. Everything I did already, parition on minitools and partition n cwm but still I get mount warning everytime I open link2sd. Is there problem using link2sd at samsung galaxy grand. Pls anybody I nid help.

  • Shashi

    I am using Celkon Campus A20 Smart phone, and i see that i don’t have Root access. Is there any way i can still partition my memory card?

    • Sanket

      You can use mini partition tool. But for linked to sd-card app you will need a root access.

  • Ujjwal Sharma

    I have alcatel One Touch 918N. does same procedure applies to this model also. Pls. help?

    • Sanket

      Yes. it does.

  • Gokul

    Dear Sir,
    It’s applicable for samsung galaxy y duos GT S6102, please confirm..

    • Sanket

      Yes. It is applicable to y duos.

  • Joshua Sastado

    Sir, I have a question. I already Increase my Phone’s Internal Memory. Using Link2SD (With card reader and partition method) Yet, my Phone’s memory (internal memory always says that “Low of internal memory”) but i’ve done it Successfully with Link2SD method.

  • pavi

    hi dude iam useing samsung fit want to increase internal memory and ram can u help me

    • Sanket

      You cannot increase RAM.

      • kuldeep

        sir that means if my internal storage is 1gb and ext. storrage is 4 gb icnt download 7 gb game on my phone?

    • Rahul Pande

      Physical RAM cannot be increased. But there’s a workaround for that. You can allocate SWAP space which would be used virtually as RAM. You can allocate the swap space at the time of partitioning the sd-card using ClockWorkMod recovery. Hope this works out for you.

  • vinod jaiswal

    Sanket I have a xperia z I want to root
    how to root
    please help

    • Syed Obaidullah Hussaini

      hey dude ! first of all, ur device needs to be unlocked from its bootloader ! so for doing that follow this link and then just gogole to root ur device ! AS SIMPLE AS THAT !

      Kudos to DooMLorD for his magnificient work !

  • http://N/A Pratik Dangol

    I did all the process for my Karbon A4+ Mobile.
    But still my internal memory is not geting free, in other hand the ext2 part of memory also using. But while i install any apps use of internal memory also increase too, i mean yah it is working but internal memory also affecting by this, this makes me some apps can install bt still have same problem of low disk space,

    plz any idea that we can use only ext2 part not internal memory, how to set free to internal memory?

  • sweta

    i hv got samsung galaxy y duos 6102 mobile. i want to increase it’s phone memory through my sd card partition..i hv rooted my phone cmw instaled in my mobile and also hv link2sd but getting some error…it’s script and partition mount error. pls help me to resolve this…

  • Sujoy

    Could you send me the link of CWM recovery latest for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 by which I will be able to partition SD card. One more thing I have 32 GB external storage in my Galaxy S4 is it possible that I can create a partition of 16GB which I can used for my internal memory?

  • Sujoy

    What will be happen if i will remove the memory card after doing the above process ?

    • Sanket

      Your appas may get ccorrupt.

  • sandeep parulekar

    Currenty i have only 4gb sd card in my mobile, & i have done all the Pre-requisites like, root, installed busybox, flash cwm 6 but 4gb sd card not enough for me so i will insert 8gb sd card.
    Then let me know should i follow all Pre-requisites once again or i can directly go to next step (Partition Memory Card), is there any problem to change sd card after i installed cwm

    • Sanket

      Yes. You can directly go to partition.

  • Vineet Saxena

    Hi Sanket,
    Can I follow the above mentioned procedure (for increasing internal memory) for my Xolo Q1000?
    Please guide.

    Thanks in advance

    • Sanket

      Yes. If you have rooted your device.

  • Aman

    can this be used on micromax A34 without rooting and if no then how to root micromax A35 .

    • Sanket

      This method is applicable only for rooted device.

  • sandeep parulekar

    I am using samsung galaxy fit, i have rooted it & I have to install custom update 4.2 (Cyanogenmod.20.1), So pls tell me Should i partion my memory card first or update custom update first.

    • Sanket

      You can do it afterwards also.

  • anna cruz

    should the link2sd must really be downloaded in google play?
    thank you

    • Sanket


  • deepak

    hi i have partitioned my memory card using partition software but in link2 sd storage info it is showing sd card 2nd part not found …………kindly help

  • deepak

    hi admin i have done partitin of my memory card successfully but link2sd says that it could not obtain root acess if u have root acess make sure u respond allow or grant to the superuser request where to allow or grant this request kindly help …….

    • Abhijeet

      Launch Superuser app, go to menu–> preferences–> automatic response and select allow..

      • deepak

        where is this super user app do i have to download it from google play

        • Abhijeet

          Which device do you own ? You need to root your device first then set the settings from superuser app (as mentioned before)…

      • deepak

        i have installed super user and selected allow but still it says the same ,link to sd says the same thing as before kindly describe briefly what to do ……………how to root my android device

  • YoungHero

    Hi admin i try this method its really useful but unfortunately i did mistake while i create partition i just click on internal sdcard instead of external sdcard. so its showing only the new partitiono of the memory card and i cannot see my old partition of the memory card which has my all files can you please help me regarding of this issue please.

    Thank you

    • Sanket

      Connect mobile to pc and enable mass storage mode. Install Mini partition tool on pc. Open it and then you will see the remaining partition. Merge both partition.

  • jyotirmoy misra

    I am confused.does it increase internal memory or external sd card?can i do this process after removing external sd card?or can insert and do the process after formating it.plz let me know…

    • Sanket

      It increases internal memory by using external memory card. So you have to insert it.

  • avinash

    what is the difference between ext(2) and ext(3)
    in LINK2SD

  • B Sriram

    Thnks for the Article
    i am using samsung galaxy ace s5830i with internal 180MB.
    I Partitioned the SD Card using the Minitool partition manager.
    7 GB as fat 32 and rest 1 GB as Ext2
    And followed the process as specified used link2sd and recreate mount and multi select moved all the 3 files which it asks to click.
    But the main problem is i haven’t found it so useful the internal memory is consumed the same as before.Previously i used to move almost all the Apps to external SD.And the Application data used to be accumulated in the Internal memory and even now its the same… The extended partition ext2 is not that useful.. Plz help

  • Khwezi

    Hi i did all the steps correctly up until the part where i select ext2 its says mount script cannot be created , i select options,more then Recreate mount scripts but it shows Mount script cannot be created over and over again i am on cyanogenmod 10.1 please help me

    • Rahul Pande

      Check the format of the external partition again and repeat. If you don’t know how to do that, just try every option listed in there.

      • Sanford

        even im getting an error saying
        mount script cannot be created
        Write: no space left on device.

        Please help.

        • Sanford

          Im using Samsung Galaxy y duos

  • gopinath

    “link2sd could not obtain root access

    if you have root access make sure you respaond ‘allow’ or ‘grant’ to the superuser request ”
    am getting this wats next ???
    plz suggest..

    • Sanket

      Have you rooted your device? If yes then open superSU and make default access grant.

  • gopinath

    “link2sd could not obtain root access ”
    am getting error like this what shud i do ??

  • faid

    Im wandering, If the phone micro sd limit is 32gb, does it mean that it can support 32gb micro sd or it can support 32gb external memory? Im planning to use my 64gb micro sd and partition it into two with 32gb each for internal and external memory.

    • Sanket

      As you said that your phone’s micro SD limit it 32gb means it cannot support 64gb card.

  • Dabrainy

    What about if you put a new meemory card can you relink your apps please help i really want to know before i do the tutorial


    • Sanket

      Before removing your old memory card, remove link of all linked apps. Then put a new sdcard. Now you can relink them.

  • Riky Fahri Hasibuan

    I have followed all instruction above but when i choose filesystem for external sdcard on link2sd, it gives a warning “Mount script error…Mount script cannot be created”…what should i do? help me :(

    • Sanket

      Select options->more-> recreate mount scripts and then select ext2 option.

      • Sanford

        I get the same error again and again. please help. Im using Samsung Galaxy y duos

  • SaikianReddy Sama

    My Mobile Doesn’t Support CWM Recovery and Rom Manager..then How to do partitions.. Is Any tool exist which can do partitions on EXTsd Card So that i can perform all the above Methods. ?

  • vichu

    i dont have an option called partition sdcard after selecting advanced.
    what ill do plz tel ?

    • Sanket

      Install latest version of CWM. v6.0

  • venkat

    i had installed CWM recovery in my GALAXY S5570 2.3.6 but it is not rooting when i open link2SD app how to grant permissin or allow it to root

    • venkat

      How to grant permission for link2SD app

      • Sanket

        Open superSU and go to settings and then make default access grant.

        • Rahul

          That’s potentially dangerous. You should never do that.

      • venkat

        But I didn’t root my phone s5570 how to root it? Explain how to root or provide any links

        • Viraj SK

          There are many guides available on the web for the same..

  • BinMgen

    In the last section, you mentioned – Don’t remove memory card from the mobile. What does that mean? Why shouldn’t I remove sdcard.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Sanket

      As your apps will be linked sdcard, you cannot access them if you remove memory card.

      • http://nonenone loel

        when I go to recovery mode there’s no “advance option” appears.. pls help.. cherry mobile spark TV (rooted)

        • Sanket

          Which recovery are you using??

        • Rahul Pande

          You don’t necessarily need CWM for partitioning your sd-card. Make your partitions using any partitioning tool (e.g. Magic Partition Tool)