How to Crack / Unlock Pattern Lock of Your Android Device without using Google Account

Have you locked your Android device with pattern lock security? And have you forgotten a pattern for it? Well, if the answer is yes then XDA Senior Member m.sabra has found a small trick to unlock pattern lock security. His method uses ADB interface and can be applied to any non-rooted smartphone & tablet (Of course it works with rooted device too!). You don’t need to sign in into Google Account or have data enabled for this method to work. It requires only a personal computer or a laptop & device specific drivers installed in it. So, go ahead & unlock your device with some simple commands.

Disclaimer: This guide is made for educational purposes only, you shall not use this on other people’s phones without permission under any circumstances and lastly neither we nor m.sabra (developer of the trick) will be held responsible for any misuse of this guide.

how to crack unlock pattern lock of any android device0Compatibility:

This guide (hack) works with any Android phone or tablet (running Gingerbread, ICS, Jelly Bean). It does NOT require rooted device. So, loosing warranty is not an issue.


  • It is recommended to charge your device up to 60% battery level.
  • (Important!)USB debugging” option must be enabled in your device. Without this, you’ll NOT be able to crack the pattern lock.
  • Disable Antivirus or any security application installed in your PC.
  • In some cases, Root is required to make it work.
  • (Optional) If “USB Debugging” is disabled then you’ll have to install a Custom Recovery (like CWM) on your phone.

Procedure to Crack / Unlock Pattern Lock of your Android Device:

Update (20 Sep 2013): Please skip to method 3 if method 1 and method 2 don’t work for you. It’s a full proof method.

  • Download ADB & Fastboot Files from the link mentioned below:
  1. ADB & Fastboot files for Android
  • Extract ‘‘ (the one you’ve just downloaded) to any convenient location on your PC (may be Desktop).
  • After extracting the zip file, open Fastboot folder. You’ll find following 4 files inside it.
  1. adb.exe
  2. AdbWinApi.dll
  3. AdbWinUsbApi.dll
  4. fastboot.exe
  • Now connect your Android phone to the Computer.
  • On PC, in fastboot folder, hold shift button & right click on empty space (Check the image below).

how to crack unlock pattern lock of any android device1

  • Select “Open command window here” option.
  • In command prompt, type following command to ensure that if your device is properly connected or not.

adb devices

  • After entering above command, some random numbers will appear (Check the image given below). This confirms that your device is connected properly. Now there are two methods to crack unlock pattern. Choose one which is applicable on your device.

how to crack unlock pattern lock of any android device2

Method 1: (Applicable on Samsung Phones. May or may not work with other devices)

  • Now type following commands one by one (and hit enter after each command).

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

Method 2: (Applicable on non Samsung devices. May or may not work with Samsung Phones. You can try though):

  • If above commands don’t work then try with this one.

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

  • After typing all these commands, restart your phone.
  • As soon as your device gets rebooted, you’ll see the pattern lock isn’t unlocked yet. Well don’t worry just enter any pattern & phone will get unlock automatically.

Method 3 (new):

  • It’s a quite simple method than the other two. By using this method you can crack / unlock both, pattern lock as well as pin / password lock. But before you use this method, your device must have a custom recovery like CWM installed on it. Note that you may also require to root your device just in case if it doesn’t work by having CWM only (it’s a far rare case though). It should work with CWM Recovery alone.
  • So, lets get started: firstly download a Lockscreen bypass file from the link given below:
  1. Pattern / Password Bypass for Android
  • Copy the downloaded zip file on your device’s internal / external memory by any means.
  • Now, boot into recovery mode on your phone / tab. Note that, each device has a different method (key combinations) to get into recovery mode. If you don’t know how to boot into recovery, you can Google it or ask us in comments below (include your device model along with the comment).
  • After getting into recovery, select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. Navigate to the file you’ve just transferred on your phone. Hit Power button to select the file and confirm the installation by selecting ‘Yes – Install’.
  • As soon as installation gets completed, select ‘reboot system now’ to restart the phone.
  • Once the phone gets rebooted, you’ll see that the pattern / password lock is still there. But don’t panic, just enter any pattern / password and it will get unlocked by itself.

Thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor dr.ketan for this awesome script. You can find his original thread here.

That’s it! You’ve successfully unlocked / cracked the pattern lock of your Android device. Do let us know if you face any difficulty while unlocking the pattern lock. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Via- XDA

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  • Legend

    LOL If you forget your password just go and enable your USB debugging first then you can crack it :-D
    Come again…

  • Nihal Ro Sha N

    my samsung galaxy core plus had locked how to unlock it?
    plss help

  • klepz

    I have a Nexus 7 2012 running cyanogenmod 11 (android 4.2.2). So it’s a rooted device. I created a user (using the multiple user function) for my daughter and she made a passcode pin but now she has forgotten the the pin. I got Aroma manager installed and I was able to find the password file and delete it using this method:….php?t=2225695. But this did nothing to my daughter’s user passcode. It was still there. I also tried the method described above, and the same happened, my passcode was gone but not the one on her user. Can anyone help? I don’t want to factory reset or delete her profile.

  • marisette

    i have my prestio pmp5785c-quad bought last week i 4got the pattern already can anybody help me out with this please

  • Manny

    Hi, I forgot my pin number to unlock screen on my cell samsung sgh-i897 in order to access my data, such as contacts, pictures, e-mails, texts, etc., and do not want to perform a hard reset. Is there a way possible that I can override this. Please HELP. Thanks in advance.

    • Abhijeet787

      Method 3 will help you..

  • Manny

    Hi,I have a at&t samsung model sgh-I897 and forgot my 4 pin digit to unlock phone in order to acces my data, such as pictures and contacts, don’t want to lose my data, please help.

  • Viraj SK

    Sorry mate I can’t help you. Gear 2 has a Tizen OS.

  • Utkarsh Rai

    My androtab7 has locked up and its usb debugging is also off,and wifi and data connection also please help me ….what to do…..????

  • Jit

    Xperia Neo V CM9..Method 3 worked perfectly !! Thanks a lot..:D

  • khalid

    can some body help me to enter recovery mode EXPERIA T,, I CANNT

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    HCL tab X1 how to get into recovery mode?

  • Ayush Mehta

    please tell

  • Ayush Mehta

    how to boot in recovery mode?

    • Viraj SK

      Which device are you using?

  • Priyesh

    Hey.. I am trying it in swipe halo value… but my device is not showing in “adb devices list” what should i do?

    • Viraj SK

      Which device are you using?

      • Priyesh

        Hii… looking forward for your reply… plzzz reply ASAP… Thanks

        • Viraj SK

          Firstly, I think you haven’t enabled USB Debugging option in settings therefore your PC is unable to recognize ADB commands you are entering.
          Secondly, I searched CWM for your device but couldn’t find it.
          Lastly, I am sorry to say this but none of above methods will help you to crack the pattern.

  • harsh

    Your downlod link doesn’t work please repair it

    • Viraj SK


  • anshuman

    viraj i hv lost password of my samsung galaxy note 10.1..can i get my data back..plz help

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  • sam

    By doing this the device (samsung s4) says signature verification failed??? and it dosen’t work.

    • Viraj SK

      You need to install a custom recovery (like Clockworkmod) for that to work.

  • Ryuzakie

    method 3 doesn’t work on my phone xperia arc s i forgot my screen lock pattern how can i unlock my cellphone without formating it?? please help me thnkx!..

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    hi, i’am Ashish Khanal.and i want to operate auto rotate system in my android phone(m-tech dezire) how is it possible?

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    sir am using Huawei Android U 8860 mobile,unfortunately today it has been locked.plase help out me to open pattern lock without factory setting.
    Thanks and regards

  • Amit

    Used Method 3 by dr.ketan on my Note 10.1 this morning. Worked like a charm – even though I was locked out of my signature lock security. As always, his solutions are the best.

  • Krishna

    I have gipo w919 android 2.3, How to go recovery mode? Please give key combination.

  • pradeep

    i cannot unlock pattern my model is yuando n9zero with icecream sandwich

  • vinod

    when i try to execute the command sqlite3 settings.db it is displaying permission denied. what do you suggest me to do?

    • Viraj SK

      You need to have a root access on your phone…

      • Dhanashree

        sir i am not able to unlock my android system can u help me plssss????

        • Viraj SK

          Which device are you using?

  • yu_buffon

    Hi there,

    I owned a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean 4.2.1 version, yakjuxw (Not rooted), GSM. I activated the Pattern Lock to prevent the kids at my relatives house messing my phone. Unfortunately, I forgot the pattern and the phone stays locked out. I have tried the pattern combinations for days but failed.

    I have tried to key in my Gmail account username/password but since my phone is wifi/data switched off, I cant sign in. Moreover, I am not sure whether the USB Debugging is enabled.

    I have tried some ‘hole’ methods recommended at some forums, but it didnt work on my phone.I hope to get access to my messages/images/some files and transfer them to my pc before reset the phone to factory setting.

    When I type ‘adb shell’, it returns ‘error no device found’. What should I do? I have learned that I could use the recovery method. But how do I install a custom recovery on my locked out phone. Please help.

  • Arvind

    Sir i am using nexus 4.Problem is that i cant access “install zip from sd card” option from my phone.Plzz help me

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    I have gipo w 919 android mobile with spreadtrum processor.
    it has got pattern locked after several wrong attempts.
    Kindly let me know how to open the lock?

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    My Tab M700GPRIME it’s locked massage is Too many pattern attempts.(I try to unlock with my gmail not yet open)pls send me a solution

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  • Alok Sharma

    Dear Viraj

    I got a mobile from us and i need to unlock to use it. It is SPH-L710 samsung S3, which is cdma verson but with out sim slot, Do you have any idea to unlock this mobile. Thanks

  • Mohammed Saeed

    Hey does the method 3 work with the galaxy ace if its locked with too many pattern attempts ?

  • prahlad

    hi viraj in my android 4.04 there are some recovery option like apply
    update from sd card
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    backup user data
    restore user data
    i dselected apply updates from sd card and it says
    E:signature verification failed
    installation aborted .
    plz help asap thanx

  • Aditya

    hey Viraj,
    i am using galaxy y , i have used both 1,2 method but no result help me cracking my pattern i am fed up with this the fast boot is not working at all

  • ankur

    hai I am using galaxy y and I use method 3 but when I select yes intall brack .zip after that it show error and previos page is came…
    whats the matrer plz inform me at

  • sandy

    i have androtab 7 can u tell me how to boot in recovery for it. and thnx yar for ur help

  • Darshan

    I am getting folowing error, please help

    C:\Users\ChimkaChimki>adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
    rm failed for /data/system/gesture.key, Permission denied

    • Viraj SK

      That error is there because your phone isn’t rooted…

  • ahidjay

    I’ve tried it sir.
    but everything when i type sqlite3 results not found.
    the same come with update set value…… it said not found.
    my handset is galaxy mini without sdcard inserted
    thank u very much.

  • Lucy

    I am using Andriod S13 and i have locked the screen with pattern locked and now i cannot unlock it as i have forgotten the pattern so pliz help me what can i do to unlock my phone.

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    Pattern Locked in my tablet and its a china made . both Wifi and USB debugging are disabled in the tablet. Not exactly able to figure the power reset button. Please help……….

  • george H.


  • george H.

    I have a newly bought rooted LENOVO A660 with the mentioned problem. WiFi is disabled and i don’t know about “USB debugging” option . I can’ t use hard reset since everything is in Chineese. Is there a method for this device?

  • rych

    hi sir my USB Debugging is disabled and my phone is locked,how can i switch it on with my phone locked.

  • MODE


  • AhDi

    hi,admin can you give me any other way to crack the password while we forget the password and pattern lock for my android phone. Please admin give me some another way to unlock?

    • AhDi

      I want the way to unlock but as a technician to help others people to unlock theirs android phone pattern and password lock

  • Chetan

    I have a micromax bolt and i have forgot the pattern… qfter attemptin too many times i got a screen too many pattern attempts…. but i forgot the email adress i entered in my phone… please suggest smthing to crack the pattern

  • Mohd Haizam

    hai.. Permission denied when typing sqlite3 settings.db . When try 2nd method got ‘rm failed for /data/system/gesture.key, Permission denied. what wrong…can’t access su and cannot get # sign…..please help..tq

    • Viraj SK

      Which device are you using?

      • Mohd Haizam

        In welcome screen it say samsung galaxy sII gti-9100..try to reset using any combination button volume up/down+home+pwr but cannot access recovery mode…using volume up+home+pwr it will enter factory mode with option full test, item test, test report, version and reboot. .nothing for recovery, wipe or hard reset..Confuse with version display -SW Ver : HTC_A100_V401 or with pc software in win 7 it detect- MAC A102S_KW_MULA 2.3.4 ..what is it? My device is clone one? Plan to active the wifi or just clear out all the data..Tq for your help Viraj

  • Rakesh

    dear viraj my tablet beetel magiq pattern lockd. aap koi solution me data on nahi hai aur na hi usb on hai .plz help

    • kantilal

      You need to hard reset you phone to remove the pattern lock, this will delete all data on your device. First turn off you phone. Now Press and hold Volume up, Volume down and Power Button all at the same time. Until a menu appear and press Volume up Now navigate using Volume keys Navigate to wipe data/factory reset and press Enter button(left button) On the next window select yes wait for it to wipe the date and reboot.

  • Akhil

    i installed cmw with odin and i did the update as u said
    then i followed ur procedure it stoped at third command it showing can’t find
    cd /data/data/
    any advice

    • Viraj SK

      Have you tried with Method 2?

      • Akhil

        yes i tried that too and by the way i tried that aroma file manager then i followed that procedure after it.i connected the to lap so my internal storage is displayed i copied all of my data im feeling some good now and now i have to trying this id and password..i tried that 2 method also its not working….what wrong iam doing..

        • Akhil

          its unlocked bro…..
          i unlocked it in different way
          thanks for your help
          great site………….

        • Viraj SK

          Glad that you unlocked it..

          Would you mind sharing the method with others? It may help them too…

      • Jose Aponte

        I tried your method but my phone debugging mode is disable.

  • sagar

    but my phone is locked i cannot usb connection… so plz help any one

  • Akhil

    Hello viraj sk..
    i read your above procedure and i followed all the steps
    i firstly typed 2 method it is shows permission denied
    then i tried 1 method it struck at sqlite3 settings.db
    shows same permission denied
    my mobile samsung wonder I8150 ver 2.3 gingerbead
    i think i have to root my mobile and installing the cwm recovery
    so how to install cwm recovery when my mobile is locked pattern locked ..
    please can you guide me on this
    please send me a link that easyway to root and installing cmw recovery…
    thank you
    awaiting reply..

    • Viraj SK
      • Akhil

        i did what u said but when i enter into recovery mode there is no found it sd card means internal storage so i copied that to ext sd card it not showing external sd card….
        actually when i switch off the phone it is detected and it is charging and when it is turned on the device is not detected…
        showing too many patterns attempt same asking id and password..
        i already done this but different method but it is failed i used a rooting tool to this SRSROOT for android..
        plz help me on this all i have to i dont want to lose internal data

        • Viraj SK

          Ok, first flash CWM using the link I mentioned and then try to root with it (You can flash a file stored in sdcard using CWM)…

  • link abs

    hello frd,my phone is spreadtrum b930
    how i unlocked pattern lock by pc…

    • Fahad

      when i typed sqlite3 settings.db it shows permission denied.what can i do now sir?plz help me…my phone is samsung galaxy ace s5830

      • Shreyas

        Is your phone rooted??


    i have a samsung android GT 15503 which i was trying to crack the pattern,later when i restarted the phone it displayed the model of the phone and it was stack,does it mean it has no operating system or what,can you please assist me,what can i do?

  • Prasad Joshi

    I have Micromax Canvas HD A116 and like most of the people my phone is locked.

    1. I think, USB debgging is not turned on, though I am not sure about it.
    2. I do not see notifcation bar when I connect the device laptop
    3. WiFi is turned off
    4. adb devices does not detect the phone

    Reading at some of the replies above, seems like I will have to root my phone. However, I could not find the correct procedure to root the phone when USB debugging is turned off.

    Can you please help?

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

    • Sanket

      As you haven’t turned on USB debugging, adb devices will not detect your mobile. Moreover you cannot root it. So there is no other opinion than factory resetting the phone.

      • Prasad Joshi

        I think a reasonable solution is to backup the data on to SD card. Factory reset the phone and restore data from SD card.

        I hope backup/restore options are available with every Android phone.

  • Sukirti

    Hi Viraj,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 and am locked out of it. I am not sure if USB debugging is on for me (I never did it.. if its default option not sure).
    While giving adb devices on command line, its giving blank…
    I have intalled the drivers but still nothing.
    Please help me out of it!!!

    • Viraj SK

      It seems USB debugging is turned off in your phone. The only option left is- root your phone & install CWM recovery and follow the same procedure while keeping your phone in recovery mode…

      • Sonvert Bhardwaj

        Hlo sir I did the same procedure but my Tab was not listed there I have HCL V2 tab What to do?please help

  • john munyes

    i have a samsung android and i cant remember its pattern .due to that reason it has locked itself,what can i do please?

  • FAWK

    I get rm failed for /data/system/gesture.key Permission denied. Help PLEASE!!!!

    • Viraj SK

      Which device are you using? Is it rooted?


    hello sir,
    my name is arjun I forgotten my hcl tab pattern and I can’t recover my google account
    plz help me how can I crack this

  • saifullah

    will this procedure format my data??

    • Viraj SK


      • Abdullah

        sory I have one question, Ilost my phone Sony Ericsson Arc S, and I deleted some pictures and video from the phone. Can the person who took the phone recovered again if it lost? note: I do a password lock on the handset itself. thanks brother

        • Viraj SK

          He / She can’t recover the lost data…

  • sonu

    I have one Samsung galaxy y duos GT-S6102 with a pattern locked screen. And for some reason, Google account validation is not working. USB debugging mode is not enabled by default in my phone. Please tell me what is the best way to recover without loosing contact list in my phone. regards,

  • Kay

    I have downloaded everything as requested…and unzipped the files. Once in command prompt (from the fastboot folder) I type in adb devices and it says “List of devices attached” but then doesn’t show them. Also, adb shell returns error: no devices listed.

    What now??

    • Viraj SK

      What’s your device model? Have you installed drivers for the same on your PC?

      • Pranjal

        Sir I have installed drivers for my Micromax Bolt A35, and the same problem is with me also. As per your instructions I’ve done all the things step by step, after typing “adb devices” it shows “List of devices attached” and there is no device being mentioned. Please help me Sir.

  • Tia

    Do you have a youtube video for this procedure?

    • Viraj SK

      Sorry. We don’t have any video for this procedure… :(

  • Tia

    I have a Samsung S3 and I’m having issues with Installing Clockworkmod/TWRP Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710. The step that I am having trouble with is where I have to
    ◾Download Clockworkmod recovery or TWRP recovery file from official developers page.
    1.Click here to download

    When I click to download I can’t seem to open it even though I’ve downloaded 5 different file openers. In order for me to unlock my Samsung S3 without Google account info and factory resetting the step above for rooting is a prerequisite for me unlock it. How can I get this fixed? I already have the other things downloaded to unlock the phone but just having issues doing the rooting process.
    Please help. I apologize for any inconvenience and I thank you in advance.

    • Viraj SK

      Which Android OS are you using on your Sprint Galaxy S3? Is it ICS or JB?

      • Tia

        The android OS is JB. What should I do?

        • Viraj SK

          Ok. Firstly, download this file: Root & CWM for Sprint Galaxy S3 L710

          Then follow this guide for flashing the same:

          Once you flash it, boot into recovery mode. For doing so, switch off the phone, press & hold Volume up + Home button (middle one) + Power key simultaneously. Release power button as soon as Samsung appears on the screen (keep holding other 2 buttons till recovery mode shows up).

          After getting into recovery mode, follow the above article. That’s it!

          Let me know if you face any difficulties while performing the whole thing..

  • Rahulz

    My Karbonn A1 phone has similar problem , plz help . Need to unlock it fast!

  • mikeg

    I am using on Motorola Xoom 3g + WiFi, and I tried the first method, and it did not have the Sqlite3 file. The second method said that the rm failed and permission was denied. USB debugging is on and USB drivers are installed. What can I do now?

    • Viraj SK

      You’ll have to root your phone..

  • Engr. Sambo

    Will it work for a Sapphire tab?

    • Shreyas

      Yes but make sure you are rooted and you have USB debugging on

  • anup

    I have GIPO w 919 mobile which has got pattern locked.
    how can i factory rest it? or unlock it?

  • Bexxa

    Hi I have a HTC One X+ that I have forgotton the pattern code on and I am now locked out and do not know my Gmail details. I have tried the above but it appears that the debugging is not enabled. I do not want to lose my data. Is there any other way I can fix this

  • adeel

    i m getting an error that no device found
    actually i cannot select usb connection type cux phone is locked
    any help will be appreciated :)

    • Shreyas

      Properly install USB drivers and make sure you have USB debugging on.

  • hasan

    Dear sir
    I have galaxy S3 and I am forgot the key and I want to open the phone without made highrest ( format ) because the data in the phone are important for me.
    If you have any way to open the phone through computer to transfer the data. can you send me reply to my email .

  • Dave

    I have seen several people have been asking the same question; What to do if the USB Debugger is NOT enabled? I am also one of those looking for this answer. Please if anyone has any infon can you please share it with us.

    Much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Viraj SK

      In that case, custom recovery (like CWM) is the only option. CWM has inbuilt debugging function…

      Please read the pre-requisites..

      • Dave

        Ok thanks will try it.

        BTW does this method wipe out any data on the phone, i.e Nexus 4?


        • Viraj SK

          No, it won’t..

      • Dave

        It seems like to able to install CWM you need to able to run Rom Manager from your phone. I am working with a broken unresponsive screen (Nexus 4).

        Can WWM be installed on a device like mine?


        • Dave

          I mean – CWM

        • Viraj SK

          No need to install CWM through ROM Manager. Instead follow this guide:

        • Dave

          Thanks, but it says there that the data will be wiped when doing this installation, or did I misunderstand something?

        • Viraj SK

          Actually it won’t..

        • sonu

          I have one Samsung galaxy y duos GT-S6102 with a pattern locked screen. And for some reason, Google account validation is not working. USB debugging mode is not enabled by default in my phone. Please tell me what is the best way to recover without loosing contact list in my phone. regards,

    • adeel

      i have htc desire s and i gave my cell to cousin
      who used it and forgot unlock pattern and he also had not given any gmail id
      in above process,
      when i typed adb,it says

  • shalini dubey

    Viraj sir
    can you help me as my micromax canvas2 phone has been locked and i forgot the pattern i have hp laptop with window8 can u tell me the whole procedure to unlock or crack it

  • Nikulsinh

    I am Use I-ball Andi5Li android mobile and crack pattern using your trick, but also view
    “adb server is out of date. killing…
    ADB server didn’t ACK
    * failed to start daemon *
    in Open command window here
    And i am use windows 7, how to solve, pleas replay me.

  • arun singh

    plz frnd help me…
    i have MICROMAX CANVAS NUSIC A88 nd there was a problem of screen pattern lock .. i am unable to open the lock… plz suggest me… what should be do..

  • Ali

    Hi Viraj,

    I have Samsung Galaxy pop S5570 . I have tried ur adb commands to unlock the pattern lock but still not working. I don’t want to hard reset as I have my contacts in it. its urgent. if you could help.

  • nikhil

    my mobile is sony xperia l is not open pattern lock what can i do please suggest me

  • wilma dumalag

    thank you so much viraj, your God sent all is well with my grandson’s tab… thank you so much for the instruction bless u more

    • wilma dumalag

      you’re God sent

  • abhinav

    i have sony ericsson e15i….due to exceeded pattern lock attempts my screen is locked and my phone is not connected to any wifi or other data services so i can’t verify my google details…i don’t want to loose any data on my phone so please help me…any suggestions how i can unlock my phone??
    please please help !!!!

    • Viraj SK

      Had you tried with above method?

      • abhinav

        yes……not says device not found !!!!
        any other way to do it??? or any way by which i can connect my phone to net ?

      • wilma dumalag

        can you please help me unlockeurostar epad 2,its my grandson’s, i tried the one above but it doesnt work, thnk you

        • Kalle

          I have similar problem with my daughters Samsung Galaxy Mini, the random numbers do not appear, i.e. device not found. Do I need to install drivers or what? Thank you in advance.

        • Viraj SK

          Yes, you’ve to install drivers first..

      • tia


        • Viraj SK

          You’ve only one option left. Root your device & install Clockworkmod recovery on it.

          After installation, boot your device into recovery mode, connect it to computer & perform the tutorial given above.

        • Tia

          Okay….if I root my Samsung g3 SPH-L710 will I lose the data because the root site(instructions) are saying to backup my device first, but how do I do it if I’m locked out?Also I have another SamsungG3 and I successfully switched motherboards but was too hurt when after switching the boards up it still showed up with screen locked by too many attempts. :(, so I put the proper boards back inside the proper phones and on to the next step of learning how to root the phone now with screen lockout. Thanks in advance for your help, again.:)

        • Viraj SK

          Rooting the phone won’t erase the data. Just remember to flash CMW Recovery after you root the phone & follow the same procedure while keeping your phone in CWM…

  • Rahul Ghosal

    i hav tried ur process bt after dowmloading my right click stuff doesnt work bcoz m using windows xp……… plz help me…..

  • Rahul Ghosal

    m using byond tablet now its locked wat can i do ? Pattern lock

  • Harry

    Viraj, can you help me to disable the pattern lock Micromax Canvas Music. Maximum attempts are exceeded. WiFi & Data connection is disabled. I can’t unlock using google account.

  • Krista Exner

    im using a mac and cant figure out how to get into command prompt :(

  • khalx666

    but in XDA method it preferred Aroma File Manager to place in sdcard, on my case HTC oneX don’t have any sdcard because it just using built in internal storage…so how i want to place and flash Aroma File Manager?

  • khalx666

    my htc one x can’t use this methods it just keep saying “error: device not found” please help me…i got important files in there…

    • Viraj SK

      It would be better if you follow the guide given at XDA. Check my reply to Shuja’s comment..

  • Shuja

    For the past few days I have surfed the web looking for a solution to recover my data from the Samsung Tablet 10.1 Note. I forgot the password I had and cannot loose the data by doing a hard reset/factory reset. There has to be a way to get back into the flash chip and recover data; even if it means physically opening up the tablet and removing the motherboard.

    Since the password encrypts the data, the tablet shows up on a pc or mac when connected with a USB cable but shows no data.

    Please, is there anyone who knows a way around?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Joerge

    i have a problem.
    i used method 1 & 2 but seems usb debugging in my phone is disabled cuse methods dont work.
    is there any way to enable it while my phone is locked?
    pleeeease Help me.

  • saddam khan

    please micromax a27 driver upload please…..

  • florentina

    hello. plz, can u help me? i have Samsung GT- S5300. and i have
    lock the pattern for input 2 many times wrong pattern. now they ask about google account and i dont know username and password. i dont want to lose my data on my phone. how i can unblock this? ty very much and hope u can help me.

  • mukesh

    i installed SRSroot . but again i’m facing same problem “sqlite3:permission denied” i am using window 7 home basic. plz reply ASAP.i will be thankful to u

    • mukesh

      n my cell is samsung galaxy s5360

  • tanu

    in in ma pc i was nt able 2 find tis open command window here option oly when i right clicked …. plzzzzzzz help …….. i m in big trouble n hav 2 make ma tab work properly within 2 days or els i wil b crewd ,…… plzzzzzzzz help ……….

    • Viraj SK

      Which OS are you using?

  • Endo Syahidin

    halo viraj SK my name is Endo Syahidin from Sumatra. my android device is locked (in lanscape potition).I’ve tried your trick but when I hit command : sqlite3 settings.db then appear : sqlite3 settings.db not found. then i step to methode 2. i typed adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key then appear adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key permission deny. can You help me?? my device is ADVAN VANDROID T 7″ ANDROID 4.0 ICE CREAM. Thank u alot

    • Viraj SK

      I think you’ve to root your device in order proceed further. Try to Root your device with the help of this tool:

  • Alireza

    what if the usb debugging is disabled?
    is there anyway to enable it while the screen is locked and the pattern is forgotten?

  • Shanelle

    okay,so I followed your directions smoothly until i tried to do the first method and could not fish typing so I opted for the 2nd method and it didnt work. Foolishly I fiured to start over by deleting the fastboot zip and found that its nearly impossible and open command window will not recognize the device at all. Please send advice :(

    • Viraj SK

      Which device you own? And have you installed its drivers on your PC?

  • Atul Dhadwal

    bro i have forgotten my android phone password i read your article but when i download your ADB & Fastboot files for android this message occurs “Invalid or Deleted File.
    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire” plz help me bro

    • Viraj SK

      Link updated. Please check..

  • anup

    I have GIPO 919 mobile which has got locked due to wrong pattern unlocking.

    Vol down + power button opens testing menu.

    I want to hard reset it.

    please advice how to do it.

    It has android 4.0.



  • sujit mandal


  • Jay

    This method might be working for sure, but when i got into this problem my phone did not have USB debugging mode enabled.
    So there is another very simple method.
    1. Install your respective PC Suite application in PC. for e.g. Kies for Samsung and HTC Sync whatever is applicable to your phone
    2. Backup your contacts, sms. I believe only those two things are very important. Other data like photos videos app backup data will not be harmed. (Although app data will be intact, applications should be reinstalled after these process)
    3. Now disconnect your phone and switch off
    4. Start your phone in recovery mode. There are different combinations for each phone. for e.g. my phone gets started by keep home button pressed and then press power button and till it gets started in recovery mode keep home button pressed. Similarly for other phones different set of buttons will be used, check that on google
    5. Once started in recovery mode select option wipe data/ factory reset. Volume button will allow you to move up and down and home button will allow to select the required option. Then select Yes, Delete all user data
    6. Once Done, it will be back on Main menu, select reboot phone.
    7. Now phone will be started without any lock screen.
    8. Import your contacts and sms from PC to phone and install all Apps from Play store.
    9. Done.

    • supernawab1

      how to backup my data using kies ….pc cant detect my mobile even through kies software

    • lolcow

      indeed, KIES doesnt even recognize the device.. its work before locked phone

  • govardhanhegde

    Very simple to unlock pattern lock in samsung galaxy

    Just follow my steps

    1.Click emergengy call which will display number keys

    2. Enable wi-fi by draging ur screen down and if it was already connected to your office or home wi-fi.

    3. Let get it connected to wifi automatically to office or home wifi(after your modem is fully turned -on)

    4 try login ………… and password properly.

    5. It will comeback to pattern draw screen. confirm the same pattern twice.

    I did the same. No need to lose your contacts ..:)

    • aman


  • emenike

    my phone is locked and requesting google id i know my id and password but the mobile data is off so my phone can’t confirm my id, would hv done hard reset but my volume down botton is bad……

  • emenike

    didnt work on my htc desire hd

  • emenike

    the above link u gave for the adb download is not working, how else can i get it?

  • Prashant Yadav

    I have tried but still it is locked.

    • Viraj SK

      Which phone are you using?

      • ramesh

        sony patten unlock softwore helf me

        • schikyn

          it didnt work for Lt15,could ya share some advice to unlock it,

    • Deep

      bro….will this thing work for zen tab…pls rply

  • Iqbal

    Hi Viraj,

    Im using Androtab 7 made by Nakamichi unfortunately the device got locked due to the wrong pattern selection.

    Do you help me how to unlock the device?

  • praveen

    @pooja ( right click with holding shift in adb and fast boot folder)