How to Change Boot Animation of Android Device

Many users were asking me that how they can change boot animation of their Android device. And therefore on their request, I am writing this short guide upon the same.

Disclaimer: We Have Made This Article Covering Each And Every Part At Our Level Best.In Case If Any Damage Happens to Your Device (It Should not Be), We will Not Held Any Responsibility for It.

Essential Things Before Changing Boot Animation of You Device:

  • Your Android Device Must be Rooted In Order to Access Phone Memory.
  • You Need To Have App Like Root Explorer To Access Your Device’s Phone Memory.
  • You Must Have Custom Boot Animation File ( in Order to Change Your Boot Animation.

Procedure To Change Boot animation of Your Device:

  • Download Custom Boot Animations For Your Device From Or You Can Extract the Same From Any Custom ROM compatible to Your Phone.

  • Move “” in the “/system/media” Using Root Explorer.

Note: You have to Mount Phone Memory For Moving in /system/media.You can Do It By Pressing Mount R/W Button On the Top of Root Explorer.

  • After Moving, Now Its Time To change Permissions for
  • For Changing Permissions, Long Press
  • Select Permissions.
  • Now in Permissions. Select Permissions as rw-r-r (Or Refer to the Image Below).

how to change boot animation of android device0

Now Just Restart Your Phone & You will see the new boot animation for your Android Device. If any problem persist, Let me know in the Comments below, I will try my best to solve it.

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Viraj Kshatriya

Hello everyone, I'm Viraj, the chief editor at Android Legend. When I'm not checking out the latest stuff happening in Android, I mostly spend my time flashing different ROMs, testing Android apps & games. Feel free to join me on Google+.
  • diego

    i use xperia s and i delete my bootanimation original, i try this metod but doesnt work … i turn on my phone and i can see only SONY, after a black screen for a few seconds and the phone complete on

  • Viraj SK

    This guide works for AOSP based Custom ROM only (that’s why it worked with your old SGS).

    • Tzvika

      I know that.
      My custom ROM has the “standard” android structure.
      The stock SGS3 is very different to a point that it’s annoying :-)

  • Rathan

    Thanks bro…u r article helped me to hange permission and activate new boot animination..Simple and the best….

  • rowell copon

    permission not granted?

  • Mohammed Nishad

    I am using 5830i with gingerbread. can i flash

    CyanogenMod 10 Boot Animation

    • Viraj SK

      Yes, you can.

  • FKA

    Well, hi! I tried your instructions for 2more times, but it still doesn’t work… I’ve got a HTC One X, it’s completly Rooted & runs 4.2.2. HELP!!!

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      I guess it won’t work on Stock Sense ROM…

  • frank

    not working on my rooted samsung galaxy grand, copied custom zile, changed name, still the old samsung appears

  • Anush

    i tried to do it on my micromax funbook p300
    in root explorer it comes cannot move file from downloads i also tried from my computer and when i try setting permissions it says app doesnt allow changing permissions
    help plz

    • Viraj SK

      Your device has to be rooted first…

  • praveen

    how can i change my booting screen in htc wildfire s ,pls suggest me.
    i am fade of my stock booting screen and it also take long time to start up
    pls mail me if you dont think its difficults for you.

  • sahil varsani

    how can i recover boot menu after earas all kind of data from mobile.. ? i have samsung galaxy s captivate i897 model. it happen during upgrad my mobile oprating system. now after upgrad fauilt when i start mobile only at&t world phone coming.. nothing else.. even power key and voluem key also not able working for get boot many.. so pls help me to get my mobile back..

  • nik

    hi im using the myth 3 rom on my galaxy ace..this didnt replace my current animation as there was no bootanimation .zip there from the beggining..ive done as u said..what can i do ?? thanks

  • Day-mo

    Hey I’ve been trying to load a for quite some time now to no avail.

    Copied it over to system/media using ‘ES File Ex’ – mounted it to r/w. I restart my phone and nothing happens. What’s with that?

    I have noticed in my ‘media’ folder there are files called ; ‘bootsamsung.qmg’ and ‘bootsamsungloop.qmg’ – which I know is rather hard to edit (or expensive I don’t know?)

    I tried CWM and installing ‘’ but that didn’t seem to do anything.

    I’m quite stuck, any advice?

    • Day-mo

      P.s kernal version is Siyah 1.9.1

  • johnnythebigman2

    I have a galaxy mini and i followed your instructions and it just come up with a black screen :(

    • Viraj SK

      Probably, you’ll have to flash a custom kernel that has a custom boot animation support. OR

      Flash a custom ROM & then try to change the same….

  • mike dick

    ihave a huawei premia 4g i did what you said and it wont work

  • Albert Santos

    hi sir good day, i followed your instruction here to change my boot animation why it doesn’t work to my phone..?

    • Viraj SK

      Phone model?

  • jmaBZ

    thanks man you’re great!!

  • iamJSRCA

    only black screen then boots up

  • Harshvardhan Malpani

    Hey Viraj,
    I have a problem which is related to boot animation.
    I used ROM Toolbox to alter the animation but now on booting.
    my android sticks on a colored screen.
    plz help
    device: canvas 2

    • Viraj SK

      Have you taken a backup of your previous boot animation?

  • prasanth

    I followed above steps to changing bootanimation. but after restarting old bootanimation were running. I copied new animation into system/media.
    is i need to delete old animation?

  • prasanth

    I am using Huawei u8800pro.
    OS- ICS 4.0.3
    I did above steps to change bootanimations.
    I stored new bootanimations in System/media
    after moving i restarted my mobile but old boot animation only running.
    so pls give suggestion to run new bootanimation.

  • Diego

    hi, i´ve followed all the instructions but it seems not to be working at all. i have a rooted sgs3 with siyah kernel, what can i do to change the boot animation

  • Valentin

    Viraj, I followed your direction exactley like you describe it, but my Verizon Rotted N2 does not do anything. It is stupidly runs it’s childish animation. Anything is different with the big red?

    • Viraj SK

      You mean replacing isn’t changing your boot animation?

      • erroljade

        huhu i deleted a file in system/bin bootanimation then theres no bootanimation showing anymore ,what should i do sir??

  • sanketmayekar

    thanks viraj i have done this on my MT6575 galaxy s3

    • Viraj SK

      You’re welcome Sanket..

  • CuriousBoy

    nice post.
    it works very fine :)
    m curious which device u wud b using n how :P

  • anki

    thanks a lot bhai

  • Wahed

    Worked like a charm on Galaxy Tab p1010 with GB 2.3.6 rooted of course.
    Thanks man

  • androg

    i upgraded my sgs3 to 4.2, had beautiful rocket animation. tried to change it and now i have no animation all… I have it in the right place with full permissions but have only black screen during boot. any advice?

    • Viraj SK

      I think this doesn’t work with 4.1.x / 4.2.x. You can restore your previous bootanimation using adb commands OR simply by flashing the same ROM..

  • Viraj SK

    Does your boot animation support sound?

  • skrapx

    I tried and tried and nothing changed. I have a canadian s3. Im rooted and I have es file manager. I tried the steps by steps process and the troubleshooting down there…. (so simple with my gf iphone lol)

  • kabeer

    Hy dude am using note n7000 permissin is seccecfull but boot animatn picr not show only blank screen but sound is working plzzzz hel meee bro plz

    • Dridge

      Same problem

  • Shinjarey

    not support on my alcatel ot 918n…2.3.6 pls fix tnx…

  • Gus Deunas

    Hi I have a chine phone tablet use android 4.0.4 using mediatek(MTK 6575) chips, do you know how can I root it in order to change the boot image and Boot Animation, thanks.

  • Aditya Ace

    thanks bro i did it on my nexus s running on cm10.1 and matr1x kernel inside….booting animations is great…..

  • Aditya Ace

    thanks bro i did it on my nexus s running on cm10.1 and matr1x kernel inside….booting animations is great…..

  • Chad Powell

    After moving the are you supposed to extract the contents?  It didn’t appear to work on my S3

    • Viraj SK

      Download compatible (or extract from any custom ROM available for Galaxy S3).
      Galaxy S3 needs high resolution bootanimation images..

      • Chad Powell

        Interesting…I downloaded and my phone is rooted but the animation didn’t take affect. It was downloaded to /mt/sdcard/Download then copied it to /system/media.  See here:

        • Aditya Ace

           don’t copy the content , just move it to system them media and then paste it using es file manager, after downloading es file manager, go to settings then go to other settings then click on root settings and enable everything then move the content to system then media and reboot your system and enjoy your new boot animation, and don’t forget to say thanks to your devloper viraj and to me as well….

        • Aditya Ace

           don’t copy the content , just move it to system them media and then paste it using es file manager, after downloading es file manager, go to settings then go to other settings then click on root settings and enable everything then move the content to system then media and reboot your system and enjoy your new boot animation, and don’t forget to say thanks to your devloper viraj and to me as well….

  • lamborghini gallardo

    Hola podrias decirme como quitar el de una compañia, para que no salga nada

  • kashish

    hey i have a samsung galaxy note gt n7000 i tried hard getting my boot animation changed and succeeded too . But now its so sad of me to tell that now my phone is stuck at the boot animation only . The phone starts in the background but the animation just doesnt stops . I know i can cure that by deleting the from system files . is there any way to access those files with a computer ? or can u suggest anything else ? I am running stock ics .

    • Viraj SK

      You can’t access system files via PC. The way Samsung handles the boot partition, it won’t allow you to use ADB.
      To make your phone work again, you have to flash another ICS ROM through Odin Note that it will erase all the data (Excluding SD Card).

      • kashish

        hey dude thanks but i have revived my phone just deleted the . Just 10 minutes after that i got your mail . Felt good . U rock !

  • Bomberone666

    Doesnt work for my Alcatel OT 918 rooted 2.3.6 stock rom…
    Any help please :)

  • Prathamesh Shinde


  • mmm

    Doesn’t work for me. I use rooted galaxy ace with stock rom…

    • Viraj

      Please Follow The Instructions Correctly.It Should Work..

  • Nitish Saxena

    Nice post.

    Do get in touch.

  • anuj

    can you tell me how add sound in the boot animation

  • wowieG

    will this run ok…even if im on stock rom.(2.3.6 gingerbread)???tnx.

    • Viraj

      Yes It will.But Your Device Must Be Rooted..

      • wowieG


  • anuj

    viraj pls give either link or give name of boot animation that is in ics 4.0.3 pls

    • Viraj

      Extract From The ROM Itself..

  • anuj

    thanks viraj……