Download Latest Google Apps (GApps) for Your Android Device

Google Apps (or GApps as they are commonly referred to) is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under one name. Most of the applications can now be found and updated via the Google Play Store. In some ROMs, the Google Apps are included. These are usually stock ROMs (the ROM comes pre-loaded with your phone at the time of purchase i.e. it’s a ROM by manufacturer). Many AOSP ROMs like Cyanogenmod and AOKP, do not include the Google Apps due to some Licensing issue. They are after all proprietary code owned by Google and hence not included in the Android Open Source Project.

This Package includes following Apps:

  • Google Play Store itself.
  • Google Talk.
  • Google Sync (for adding and synchronizing Google accounts).
  • Google Backup Transport.
  • Car Home.
  • Gmail.
  • Google Maps.
  • YouTube.
  • Google Search.
  • Google Voice Search.
  • Google Music.
  • Google Docs.

We have classified Google Apps according to Android versions / ROM.

Cyanogenmod 11 (new)

For Android 4.4 only – KitKat GApps

All Devices (Full GApps): Mirror #1Mirror #2Mirror #3

Size: ~200 – 250 MB

All Devices (Compact KitKat GApps): Mirror #1Mirror #2Mirror #3

Size: ~80 – 90 MB

Cyanogenmod 10.2.x

  • For Android 4.3 only – Jelly Bean (JB)
  1. All devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 10.1.x 

  • For Android 4.2.2 only – Jelly Bean (JB)
  1. All devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 10.1.x (1)

  • For Android 4.2.1 only – Jelly Bean (JB)
  1. All devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 10.0.x

  • For Android 4.1.1 & 4.1.2 – Jelly Bean (JB)
  1. All Devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 9.x.x

  • For Android 4.0.3 & 4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
  1. All Devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 7.1.x & 7.2.x

  • For Android 2.3.5, 2.3.6 & 2.3.7 – Gingerbread (GB)
  1. All Devices:  (Mirror #1)
  • Android 2.3.4 – Gingerbread (GB)
  1. All Devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 7.0.x

  • For Android 2.3.3 – Gingerbread (GB)
  1. All Devices:  (Mirror #1)
  • Android 2.3.2 – Gingerbread
  1. All Devices:  (Mirror #1)

Cyanogenmod 6.0.x & 6.1.x

  • For Android 2.2.0 & 2.2.3 – Froyo
  1. HDPI devices:  (Mirror #1)
  2. MDPI devices:  (Mirror #1)
  3. TINY devices:  (Mirror #1)

Download appropriate Google Apps package from above. Enjoy..

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Viraj Kshatriya

Hello everyone, I'm Viraj, the chief editor at Android Legend. When I'm not checking out the latest stuff happening in Android, I mostly spend my time flashing different ROMs, testing Android apps & games. Feel free to join me on Google+.
  • Hoàng Anh


  • Sanket

    Which android version are you using?

  • Kaveendran

    Hi Viraj,I want to install googleapps on my Android 4.1.1. Im having a HTC T329w. Im new to the whole android platform. Please could you help direct me find google apps for this phone. Thanks.

  • shihan holmes

    Where is my FM radio ? its gone after I installed Kitkat and the latest app in here.

  • Furqan

    hey, i recently installed cm 11 compatible with Kit Kat on my S2 GT-I9500, and installed micro gapps on it. t is working fine but i was unable to install mini gapps or full modular gapps on it, because it said not enough memory in system. Any suggestions on how can i fix this…

  • juank

    no funcionaan las entradas para descargar los gapps del cmd11 no sirven xfa suvirlos otra ves

  • Adeel

    hi, i have Samsung S4 GT-I9500. i installed kitkat 4.4.2. its working fine.but then i call form network voice slowly going.mic not working properly .can anybody help me please. how i do it .

  • Mukul Nair

    I am using hyperion 8.
    On my galaxy y.
    And i cant install google play services!!
    Can u please help???
    I want to use youtube bt i can’t due to google play services..
    Please help me i will be pleased with your’e work….

    Thank you.

  • nanda

    oh i see… thanks so much for the info mr. viraj. Go Ahead!!

    • Viraj SK

      Most welcome :)

      • nanda

        bro, i have a problem with the gapps. when im flashing it on my HH everything was ok, but after i reboot my HH all of google applications was forced close? can you help me

  • nanda

    yaa i know. should i flash cusrom like CM/AOKP before flashing the gapps ? and what version of gapps that compatible with mine?

  • nanda

    hi viraj. im using alps cross at1g running on JB 4.1.2. can i download the gapps and install it into my HH? mine is stock rom

    • Viraj SK

      You’ll need Custom recovery like CWM to flash GApps…

  • Faizal


    I just install/flash CM10.2 – 4.3 JellyBean (cm-10.2-20131015-dev_connection_team-alpha3-ariesve) and GApps for 4.3 JellyBean (gapps-jb-20130813-signed).

    Everything are working normally and excellent except, I dont have any Google Apps in there. I try to flash it again several time, for all process and also for GApps process only. But still dont have any Google Apps in my phone.

    Please advise me and kindly feel free to contact me at
    Thanks a lot man.

    • Viraj SK

      Are you wiping data after flashing GApps?

      • Faizal

        Hi bro,

        Thanks for the tutorial before. Actually I didn’t use custom recovery, I use normal system recovery before. After I use CWM ver. 6, everything works normally and excellent. Thanks a lot bro. U r the best.

  • Mukul Nair

    I am using galaxy y.
    I am using hyperion 8 ROM and want to install Gapps can u please provide the link to my email ..
    I will be pleased for u feedback.

    • Sanket

      Download according to your android version.

  • Rishit

    gapps package for 4.3 is not icluded in the link………..Help!!!

    • Shreyas

      follow the mirror link

  • rehan

    BHAI, i have to remove in my ace duos gts6802

  • Alpha Cyrus

    I need help for my Galaxy Note III dual SIM(i9002) that I bought from China. There’s No GApps in the phone. Can someone help me or guide me what I should do for my Galaxy Note III i9002 so that I can use just normaly like other Galaxy Note III beside i9002???

  • shero1977

    thanks for you
    I have install this ROM & it was very nice & working very well
    but the problem is Consuming battery quickly
    if there is any solution plz help me

  • tobi

    please can I flash a new gapps for android 4.0.4 stock rom and if yes where can I get it

    • Shreyas

      Google apps are same for Stock and custom ROMs. You can download for 4.0.4 from link given in the article and flash them.

  • Prabhjot maan

    i have rooted my phone and just installed gapps package from clockword mod recovery
    how can i uninstall all of them

    • Viraj SK

      You’ll have to uninstall them one by one (manually). You can an app called Titanium Backup for the same…

  • xavier

    How long it will take to change my galaxy mini into jellybean?why it always in samung opening text?

    • Sanket

      Have you wiped data after flashing ROM n gapps?

  • Shaun Raniel Marcasote

    Do you have GApps for FROYO ver.2.2.1?

    • Viraj SK

      I think GApps for Android 2.2.0 should work on 2.2.1

  • abinav

    i had rooted my mobile .i am using galaxy y s 5360.after rooting i had no issue .but after i uninstalled some system app my play store s force closing and cant access.i even tried to bring it back to it lower version market.but that too doesnt work.
    then i installed jelly blast ,there tooo i cant accesss my play store
    what should i do help me:)

  • chowhith

    will this gennxt rom works on 4.2.2 grand unofficial?
    I tried the above process and mobile is not is strucked and not going beyond (samsung galaxy grand gt i9082) screen.plz help me fast .

  • justin gulane

    I successfully upgrade my phone in Cyanogenmod 10.1.x (new) but i my new 4.2.2. dont have an keypad. what do i do? help me.

    • Shreyas

      Try external Keyboard application like swiftkey 3

  • carlos henrique nascimento silva

    Eu quero ter conta no google

  • Nickolaus

    Can you tell me how can i install gapps in my android device?.
    My device is Huawei G610-U00, and android version is 4.2.1 chinese version. Currently Googlay, gtalk and Gmail can’t be use on my devise.
    Can you advise me how to do?

    • Sanket

      Install CWM or TWRP recovery and then flash gapps.

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  • Tony

    is there a posibilty to get only google playstore, google sync and youtube?
    or do i have to install all the gapps? (mostly o dont need them)

    • Viraj SK

      Search for Play store apk on Google and then using the same, install the rest apps…

      • patrick valentine


  • md sameer

    hi frd hw shd i update my android version. am using samsung galaxy s5830i

  • Red

    hello there Viraj, i have a samsung mini s5570 upgraded already to CM 10 android 4.1.2 , the problem is that my google play always crashes,

    • Viraj SK

      Which GApps did you flash? Please specify the filename..

      • Red

        gapps jb 20130301

        • Viraj SK

          For ICS (Android 4.0.4):
          For JB (Android 4.1.2):
          For JB (Android 4.2.2):

          Now flash it according to your Android version..

        • JP SINGH

          For Just adding Gapps, without removing the stock Android ROM/Firmware, do we not need to delete/wipe/clean the existing Gapps from tablet? If yes, how? OR just Flash the new Gapps zip file using recovery UI & it will overwrite previous? Thanks.

        • Viraj SK

          Just flash new GApps, it will overwrite the previous ones…

        • JP SINGH

          Thanks for Links boss.
          After flashing CM10.1 Nightly & Android 4.2.2 my Tab2 is working fine, only problem is 1) No Screenshot, do u know where is it? Or some Key combination?
          2) The UI i think is for Mobiles, the Back, Home & Multitask touch keys are centered in the middle. Its almost impossible to reach there by thumb in 10.1″ tab.
          I seen XDA issued some Auto-Patcher for this, then these keys are shifted to extreme left & also the single notification tray at Bottom right area, as was in original ROM. Does these patches really work & how to select which one? As they have given many links.

          Are these Patcher are MODs actually?, is there some harm or risk in flashing these?

        • Viraj SK

          1) Search for Power Menu options. And enable Screenshot option. It will be displayed after holding Power key.

          2) I think it works. Choose this one:

          It’s just a mod. So no harm involved in flashing it. Flash it through any Custom Recovery..

  • Mueen Hasan

    I am new to android.I have installed android 4.2.2 and kernal version 3.0.16 & now i am unable to use my htc explorer a310e camera.first, there was no camera icon in the default settings and when i installed camera apps, the following msg appears “can’t connect to the camera”.
    Plz tell me what i do now

  • Julo

    I have installed cyanogenmod 10.1 android 4.1.2 but now facing a problem which gapps I need, what I found was cynogenmod 10.1 but android 4.2.x. Most of gapps for android 4.1.2 have cynogenmod 10.0. Thanx for answer

  • hesam

    i downloding gapp for samsung s plus andriod 4.2.1 but gapp dont have play store can u show me link for download gapp have play store?

    • Sanket

      It should contain play store. Anyway you can download apk file of play store from any other site and install it on mobile.

  • neta gheorghe

    Hello there.I’m from Romania,so my english it might not be so good.I have installed cyanogenmod 10.1 android 4.1.2 and and google apps on my samsung galaxy mini s5570,and after reboot i can’t do almost anything because i dont hany keypad on my diplay.
    So i can’t do any messages or an adress on google search.Is anyone hoo can help me?Thank you kindly.

    • Sanket

      install third party keyboard app.

      • Viraj SK

        Or try this: Settings –> Application Manager –> Keyboard (select from All tab).
        Select ‘wipe data’ and ‘wipe cache’ options…
        Let me know the results…

  • jmpr

    I have installed gapps on my galaxy mini which runs CM-10 which is Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and i am not getting Google play in my mobile ?
    Please help me

  • karthik

    my mobile hanged at opening window”samsung galaxy y”

  • taher

    Can you plz upload for 2.3.6 !!!
    i would be thankfull