Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) for Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is already ported for almost all high end devices but now it’s time for devices like Samsung Galaxy Mini. Thanks to XDA Senior Member TheWhisp for bringing out Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) for the same. Cyanogenmod 10 offers butter like smooth interface and highly customizable features compared to stock firmwares. Some minor bugs may be there otherwise ROM works fine. You’ll be pleased to hear that active development is still going on for Samsung Galaxy Mini and developers are trying to fix remaining bugs and releasing updates in near future.

Following is the list of non working functions quoted on ROM development page (as on 27 September 12):

1) HQ video playback (need OpenMAX libraries from Qualcomm, unfortunately, they are not going to release them)
2) Native USB tethering
3) Native Wi-Fi tethering

Now we will move towards the actual process of updating Samsung Galaxy Mini to Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10.

Disclaimer: The procedure discussed below can be harmful for your device and may result in undesirable outcomes. Don’t go for it if you are unaware of these things. Neither we nor developer should be held responsible for any damage caused to your device. Follow the guide on your own risk

cyanogenmod 10 jelly bean for samsung galaxy mini gt s55700

This tutorial is only applicable for Samsung Galaxy Mini having model number GT-s5570. Please don’t follow it for any other device you may get unwanted results.

Pre-Requisites before installing ROM:

  • Your phone must be charged up to 70% battery level.
  • You must backup all your important data like messages, contact and applications as you will lose it all during procedure.
  • Your phone must have Clockworkmod recovery installed before flashing this ROM.

Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy Mini to Cyanogenmod 10 Jelly Bean custom ROM:

  • Download latest release of Cyanogenmod 10 from here (update 15 Dec 2012).
  • Since Google Apps are not included in ROM by default, you have to separately download and flash them. Download link is given below.
  1. Click here to download.
  • Once you get zip files of ROM and Google Apps, using USB cable connect your phone to computer and transfer these files to external SD card of your phone.
  • Now disconnect your phone from computer and switch it off by long pressing power button. Ensure that your phone is completely switched off. Now boot into Clockworkmod recovery by simultaneously holding Power and Home buttons.
  • In recovery select Backup/Restore and on next screen select Backup to take nandroid backup of your current ROM so that you can go back to your previous ROM if anything goes wrong (Nandroid backup doesn’t include content from SD card).
  • Select wipe data/factory reset & wipe cache partition to factory reset the phone (it won’t touch your SD card).
  • Now to install ROM, select choose zip from SD card and then install zip from SD card. Scroll down to the ROM file and confirm it by pressing on Yes. Wait for the installation to finish.
  • After installation is finished, press back button to land into the main menu of recovery.
  • To install Google Apps, again select choose zip from SD card followed by install zip from SD card, now navigate to GApps package and select it to install.
  • After finishing installation of both the files, select reboot system now to restart the phone.

There you go!! Latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is up and running on your Samsung Galaxy Mini. You can now enjoy all the latest features of Jelly Bean like offline voice typing, actionable notifications on your device. Do let us know how it is working for you. Comment below if you have any queries.

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Shreyas Khare

Shreyas is an author at Android Legend and He is a HTC Lover. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
  • miri

    does it works in gt s5570I

  • Elio Ranxha

    does it work for gt s5570I

  • Danielle

    i cant open the calendar.. it says CREATE AN EXCHANGE ACCOUNT .. so i created an account on EMAIL application (the yellow one). BUT after i did that, it still says COULDNT OPEN CONNECTION TO SERVER (on calendar). but i already have an account (in EMAIL)… help me.

  • Pop Laszlo

    hy i upgraded my phone but the screen lock doesn`t work and every call i get goes on busy. some suggestions???

  • Gautam Gopinathan

    It works guyssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bless whoever made this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    is it possible to change the wallpaper on the menu? i mean the black wallpaper on menu…

  • Nicolas Bessert

    first thanks for the very clear and easy to use step by step description.
    One issue was, that if Froyo was installed an other clockworthmod file is needed. With this it was possible to install Cyanogenmod and GooglePlay.
    But after this the phone does not boot. It shows only the “Samsung ….” logo.
    I installed cyanogenmod twice but nothing changes.
    Any idea who to fix it is wellcome.

  • Shahid

    While installing zip from sd card my phone crushed i dont know why my phone is rooted its on CWM recovery but it show Erorr in status 7 please help me whats wrong with it my phone crushed its not working now :(

  • Mark

    hey i cant install my play store.. clockwork says it needs 4.2 something??? it says it needs a higher version of android?..

    • Viraj Kshatriya

      I don’t know which GApps you’ve installed but flashing this GApps package will definitely install the Play Store…

      • Mark

        thanks Viraj… (: it worked.

        • Viraj Kshatriya


  • Mark

    hey bro.. it really worked!! :) thanks to you. now i just want to ask how to change the theme pf thread view, THANKS. comment back he he :)

  • Jaakko Moilanen

    Thanks man! It really works! I can’t believe my eyes. You simply are the best.

  • rahmatralfa

    tanks u for info :D

  • Carlo

    Viraj Can I Ask You Is this Compatible to GT-S5570 SAmsung Galaxy mini

  • Christian

    always seeing my samsung home screen wit black background i want to go back to my froyo. its not working :(

    • Gautam

      you need to open odin and install android 2.3.6 for your phone:)

  • mohit

    guys plz hlp this version not compatible for my gts5570 galaxy pop…..

  • michael

    hey.. viraj and other developer can u help my phone :( tnx in advance

    my galaxy mini gt-s5570i won’t open directly to use.. it was only by boot and boot and boot ..

    the reason if why this happen is i’ve tried to upgrade this os (gb2.3.6) to jb 4.1.2 , and i tried to dl the cm10 that exactly attached above.. and tried to install in my phone .. using cwm .. and after that thing .. i got that error .. only boot and boot and boot .. plzz help me .. boss. :(

    • Shreyas
    • davy


      I already had clockwork recovery on my phone, flashed to cyanogenmod 10 like here on the website

      now, phone didnt boot

      first i wanted to go back to GB2.3.6, but I gave it another go

      I used ODIN to reinstall CWM Recovery

      then I did again, just like here, install jelly bean

      now it worked like a charm

      I guess the recovery mode is sometimes the failing part

      please let know if it helped you to install jellybean

    • davy

      see my reply at the bottom of page
      date is 28 oktober 2013

      guess this will help you install JB

    • Keith

      same also pls help us :(

    • Gautam

      If u r using gt-s5570i then it will not work because the current webpage is for gt-s5570

  • joben

    is it possible to update my samsung made in spain and open lined in philippines?.. i tried many roms but none of it works…

  • emrah bağrıaçık

    This version of the GT-S5570 GT-s5578 for one to have?

    Do you mind if we try this version or do you think?

    • Viraj SK

      It won’t work on GT-S5578…

      • emrah bağrıaçık

        I want to make android 4.0

        Where can I get updates?

        • Viraj SK

          You can use this guide to get your phone updated to Android 4.1 (unofficially)…

      • emrah bağrıaçık

        Hi Viraj,
        Is guide above is suitable also for GT-S5578?

        • Viraj SK

          Oh sorry! I forgot that you’re using GT-S5578. Unfortunately this one also won’t work on GT-S5578…

      • emrah bağrıaçık

        you know Does it works with android 4 my phone
        I could not find the appropriate program on the internet

  • danny

    hi viraj sk please what is the benefit of upgrading gts5570 version 2.2.1 froyo to anoda version

  • Andrew

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  • Andrew

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  • Felipe Machado

    Após a instalaço se eu quiser voltar ao sistema original de fabrica é possivel ?

  • fred

    my gt s5570 is running CM10, everytime I install new application, I have to restart the phone, how to fix it and use the apps without restarting the phone?

    • fred

      sir viraj, could you please post a link to download the best froyo 2.2.1 version in galaxy mini gt s5570? I think I just want to go back to its original version,

      it’s really nice to experience the different update to this phone, thanks ;)

      • Viraj SK

        Why do you want Android 2.2.1 Froyo while you can get Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread?

        • fred

          Because there are some apps that is not working like busy box, and other, whenever I open this application, it always restarting, I don’t know why, I think it’s not compatible in that version,

        • fred

          2.3.6 gingerbread is the best version for this phone, it is smooth and fast..I think I should go back to this version,

          And also I need a firmware for 2.2.1 froyo, could you post a link where can I download, because, there are many froyo version, and I don’t know how to choose. thanks :)

  • darshan

    Cwm recovery mode not working properly after rooting n installing cwm reboot menu not appearing its showing Samsung only its no switching on also wt can i do please tell me soon

  • ramadevi

    thank you for helping in upgradation of gts5570 to jb. But just after one day music app is not working. pl reply soon.

  • Jocelyn

    I cant use my web! >< and my GPS is not working

  • Jhon

    Hi Bro,
    My installation is successful but my Play Store and even the Samsung Apps is gone. How can I have it back. Where can I get the compatible Gapps for my S5570 ver 2.3.6?

    This is only available.
    Cyanogenmod 7.1.x & 7.2.x
    For Android 2.3.5 – 2.3.7 – Gingerbread (GB)

    Please help me fix this. TQ

    • Viraj SK

      Use the same GApps that you’ve mentioned in your comment…

  • ksim

    hi viraj,what’s the procedure for flashing the stock firmware.

  • ksim

    hi shreyas,now I have the file GB from the site recommended by viraj,how do I go abt it.I tried it by odin,which did not work and also via sd card which did not also work.

  • ksim

    hi shreyas,i’ve titanium backup,as u recommended,now to its funtions,how do I maintain my apps like whatsup when I flash a rom..

    • Shreyas

      Backup your apps+data in current firmware from titanium backup.
      Once in the ROM again install titanium backup and then restore backed up apps.

      • ksim

        thanks,nice to have u back.u knw all those zip files in /sdcard ie cm 7, is there anyway of deleting them. do u hav whatup or google talk.

  • Ashraful

    i am getting stuck at samsung written screen while rebooting…. please help me…pls…

    • ksim

      hi shreyas, a couple of questions await your responds

  • ksim

    hi shreyas,I can’t find the original firmware gingerbread at,is it hidden somewhere on the site?and how do I delete CM 7 on the SD card.

  • ksim

    hi shreyas, I flashed CM 7 but I keep getting Process not working.its permanently on the home screen after booting and I can’t go beyond the home screen.what can I do abt it

    • Viraj SK

      In recovery, select “Mounts and storage” and then “format /system” & “format /data

      • ksim

        ok,thanks.but I got stuck with the android word on a black screen permanently after following ur guide..

      • ksim

        hi viraj, where can I get stock firm for my mini.mine initially was 2.2.1 froyo,manufactured in 2011 and I think its a middle east region type.all the site I have tried no longer host the files.

        • Viraj SK


        • ksim

          hi viraj, it was purchase in dubai,and I upgraded it from froyo 2.2.1 to 2.3.6 gingerbread with ur guide

        • Viraj SK
        • ksim

          hi viraj, do i flash the stock firmware like its done with a custom rom.

        • Shreyas

          No.Procedure is different for flashing official firmware.

        • ksim

          hi shreyas,now I have the file GB from the site recommended by viraj,how do I go abt it.I tried it by odin,which did not work and also via sd card which did not work.waiting for ur guide

        • ksim

          hi viraj,I have tried all means I know how to install the gb files without being able to do so.can u help with the procedure.

      • ksim

        hi viraj,when I tried flashing it I was unable to do so,it said it was aborting it since the zip file was bad..or something to that effect.any reason why?

    • David

      Hi, I think I have the same problem. Tried flashing latest and now whenever I turn on the phone it just says “android”. Help ASAP please.

      • David

        Hi, I ended up figuring out how to fix it, odin wasn’t recognizing, but after I found the drivers for the device it recognized it and I could fix it from there. thanks anyways.

  • ksim

    hi shreyas,I flashed my mini with CM 9.1 but I’m unable to get get data connection over my mobile network connection.I ve set the apn too.can u help

    • Shreyas

      Some bugs might be there.
      have you flashed the latest build??

      • ksim

        ok I flashed cm v 9-20121110-unofficial-tass can u confirm if its the latest build,n could u verify if the lastest build has this bug fix.if not which version do u recommend.thanks

        • Shreyas

          Visit this page
          And flash the ROM which they have given. It looks quite stable.

        • ksim

          ok,I will try that but what does this mean: [ download(do not mirror,only do it when down] was on the site.and is there anyway of flashing samsung apps ie their swipe..thanks

        • Shreyas

          That means don’t upload that file on any other site.
          You can install external app called swype.

        • ksim

          ok,thanks..but since u r very helpful and I’m very eager to find out more,let do a couple of questios do I install external apps. I backed up my android 2.3.6 with rom manager b4 flashing cm 9.but when I restore frm recovery mode its takes me to cm 9..

        • Shreyas

          You can use Titanium backup to backup your external apps. Only condition is that your phone must be rooted.

        • ksim

          thanks shreyas u have been most helpful.I will hold the questions for now.have a nice week.

        • Shreyas

          You are most welcome

      • ksim

        I want a CM rom which will enable me access data over my network, I have tried CM 9 and CM 10 without any successs.can someone help.. I need my data back

    • ksim

      it was purchase in dubai,and I upgraded it from froyo 2.2.1 to 2.3.6 gingerbread with ur guide

  • max

    not working my phone is blank.. cn u plz help me out. i hv dne evry step

  • http://facebook Ralph Edmund B. Saycon

    hey i would just like to ask, my google palystore,gmaps and gtalk was lost, i tried to download playstore via wifi and it says that the aps was already installed in my device but i cant see the icon, now how am i going to retrieve the applications?

    • Shreyas

      Try re-flashing Gapps package.

  • http://facebook Ralph Edmund B. Saycon


    • Sanket

      Boot into recovery mode and wipe data and cache partition.

      • Ralph Edmund B. Saycon

        thank u…i just keep on clicking everything into my clockwork and then when i rebooted it, it automatically upgraded to jellybean version~~~ anyways thank u even though im confused and just keep on pressing not thinkin the risk but luckily it made my phone just what i want it to be.

        • Shreyas

          You are welcome

      • Ralph Edmund B. Saycon

        i would just like to ask~~~ my google play store,gtalk,google maps was lost, when i tried to download it via wifi it says that playstore was already installed in my device but i cant see the icon, now how am i going to retrieve these applications?

  • shirhan

    its taking to long to reboot,plz help. what should i do.

  • ishan

    unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped displays. help

  • erik

    large battery consumer nd camera screen small. I want to go back to gingerbred. please help me for this.
    thank you

    • Sanket

      Restore nandroid backup or flash official firmware.

      • erik

        can please tell me the steps to followed. and first i hav to wipe the cynogenmod ?
        i request you to tell in detail please
        thank you

        • donnyxh

          you can flash the firmware back to original gingerbread. you can get that from it’s easy step to do that..

        • erik

          will you please send me the direct link of it.
          thank you

      • Julo

        Everything works fine, it is like brain new mobile, many THANX. It has just one black spot, I can not increase internal memory. I have used ROM manager premium for SD card partition but this doesn´t work. Can you help me with this last step in our succesfull way up ?

  • Donnyxh

    it’s work well,.. but back button is malfunction and so the menu button.. when press the menu button,.. it’s just go to home(like press home button). how to fix it…?

    • Chirag

      Hey Dear do again all steps….then 100% work…

  • shampzz

    there is an error in the Cyanogenmod 10 link. my downloading stops everytime in near about 70-75%. please update it.
    thank you

  • Renz Ramido

    This is a very good rom… I love it… keep it up guys… thank you…, :)

  • Bogdan

    no is not working for me…i do exactly what u said here but i install it….it says instalation complete but is just formating everything and keeps the same firmware i had before

    • Renz Ramido

      are you sure you have followed the right steps and procedures…,? go to recovery mod, wipe factory reset and cache.. then re install the downloaded zip…, hope it helps… -.-

  • Karol

    all old applications work, play store in all version dont work

  • Karol

    I cant play store, 4 example : gta 3, applanet…

  • Abhinav

    After following the procedure step by step, my cell is rebooting automatically again and again. What to do? Please reply as soon as poosible.

  • user

    thnxs bro everything is f9 yet :)
    except just 1 big prob of restart itself several times in a day :(
    any solution for that ??? plz reply

  • santino

    cant open my playstore?? T_T

  • Royce

    Thanks! successfully updated though not as smooth as i have expected but its working. Thanks!

  • Muhammad

    does this include arabic language ??

  • Luciano

    Id installed the gingerbread 2.3.6 from the other tuto from here and tryied to do this one, but not work

  • abhishek parekh

    installation aborted while installing above update of jellybean as per above procedure.
    status 7 error. Insatalllation aborted in gt-s5570i.

    • Viraj SK

      This won’t work in S5570i..

  • ZAK

    how to install cyanogenmod for G-S5570I??

    • basit

      same problem man

  • And2nckiko

    hi this stable?and if not what are the things that are not working..thanks.

  • 0494569198

    In this installation camera Will work ?

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  • Hilmiezz Pulauzz

     i want to work wifi hotspot

  • Ld_pro

    Hi, Can we do this update GT-S5570I?

  • Spideyƒ

    when cyanogenmod is flashing its so slow in booting up how to solve this i have done the process but i am stuck in waiting for the phone to boot up help me

    • Viraj SK

      Wipe the phone data & caches again (through cwm)…

      • Spideyƒ

        if still not working whats the problem??

      • Spideyƒ

        when i wipe the date/ factory reset it says that formae E:/ cannot be format how.

      • Spideyƒ

        Need fast reply… E:/format_……. cannot
        / how is this to be resolve.

  • Ricky PoisonAddict

    camera working?
    please solve camera problem on ics

  • Viraj SK

    It’s a custom ROM & not an official firmware..