Cyanogenmod 10 for Sony Xperia Ray [Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean]

According to Google, phones that are capable of running ICS (Android 4.0) can run Jelly Bean too. Same is the case with Sony Xperia Ray ST18i which has 1 GHz single core processor & already got official ICS firmware update from Sony. It means that Ray has full filled all the requirements needed to run all new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But Sony had announced that they won’t be providing any latest Android update for 2011 Xperias as they are more focused on newly launched devices.

Now there is no need to worry about Official Jelly Bean update to come out. Custom ROMs are always there to serve you latest Android versions with better quality. The most famous custom ROM Cyanogenmod 10 based on Android 4.1 is now made available for Xperia Ray. All thanks goes to FreeXperia Project team for bringing out the same. CM10 offers many more customization features than the pure Android which lets you to change every aspect of your device. There might be some bug though which will be fixed in near released.

You are not far from the Cyanogenmod 10 to make it run on your device. Just follow some simple steps given below & you’ll be enjoying Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your Xperia Ray.

Disclaimer: The Procedure described in this article are risky & can cause damage to your device. You should not try to attempt this if you are unaware of these things. Please follow this guide completely at your own risk. If any damage happened to your device while following this tutorial, neither we nor developer should be held responsible for it.

cyanogenmod 10 for sony xperia ray android 4 1 1 jelly bean0(Attention!) The guide given here is applicable only for Sony Xperia Ray ST18i/ST18a. DON’T try it on any other device or it may result in undesired outcomes.

Things to do before installing a Custom ROM:

  • Your device must be charged up to minimum 70% battery level.
  • This procedure involves wiping data therefore for the safe side, it is recommended to backup all your essential data such as Contacts, SMS/MMS, Apps, APNs etc.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.
  • Ensure that you have unlocked the bootloader of your device.
  • Custom recovery like Clockworkmod is required to flash the Custom ROM. Follow this guide to install CWM on your phone using RecoverX tool (If youve already installed CWM then you can skip this step & go ahead).

Procedure to Upgrade Sony Xperia Ray with Cyanogenmod 10 Custom ROM:

Note: Sony Xperia Ray is code named as Urushi, therefore while downloading the ROM package from a list of Xperias, lookout for the same name & download that file.

  • Since Google Apps are not there in the ROM by default, you have to flash them manually. Download GApps from the link given below.
  1. GApps for Jelly Bean
  • Connect your device to the Computer using a USB cable. Enable mass storage mode & copy/transfer ROM package & Google Apps file to the external memory slot on your device.
  • Now switch off the phone & boot into the Clockworkmod Recovery. For doing the same, press Volume rockers few times while the phone restarts.
  • After getting into the recovery, make a nandroid backup of your current ROM so that it can be restored in case of failure. To do so, Highlight backup and restore option in the recovery menu, select it & then choose backup to start the backup process.
  • Select wipe data/factory reset & subsequently wipe cache partition to wipe the data & caches respectively from the phone memory.
  • Now select install zip from sdcard & then on next screen select, choose zip from sdcard. It will show you the files & folders located on the SD card of your device. Navigate to the ROM file, select it using power button (unless youre using touch CWM) & confirm the installation by pressing on Yes. This should start installing the ROM.
  • As soon as ROM installation finishes, again select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. This time search for the & install it.
  • Select +++Go Back+++ to land into the main menu of recovery. There, select “power off“.
  • Up next, you need to flash kernel image required to boot CM10. For that, follow the steps mentioned in further article.
  • Download the fastboot files
  1. Fastboot Files
  • Extract the zip file, you will find four files inside the fastboot folder.
  • Open Cyanogenmod 10 ROM package, extract boot.img file (which is nothing but a kernel) to any convenient location.
  • Now move that kernel file in the fastboot folder so that now it will contain total 5 files inside.
  • On the phone (while switched off), enter into the fastboot mode. To do so,
  1. Press & hold Volume Up while connecting your phone to the PC.
  2. Open the ‘Fastboot‘ folder where the fastboot files are located.
  3. Now Open command prompt & Point its directory to the fastboot folder (OR You can do the same as: open Fastboot folder, Press & hold shift key and then right click on the free space in the same folder.When right clicked (holding shift), you’ll see Open Command window here‘ option. Click it & Command prompt will be open pointing to the Fastboot directory).

cyanogenmod 10 for sony xperia ray android 4 1 1 jelly bean1

  • Type the following command in command prompt to flash the kernel file:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

  • Restart the phone by typing “fastboot reboot” (without quotes) in command prompt.
  • Your phone may take some time to boot than the usual. This is normal & happens only for the first time after installing a new ROM. So be patient.

Tip: If you want to restore back your previous ROM, you can do this easily using restore feature available in the Clockworkmod recovery. For restoring back your previous ROM, enter into recovery mode (mentioned above). From the main menu, select Backup and Restore option & on next screen, select restore & choose the backup you would like to restore.

Voila! Android 4.1 Jelly Bean based custom ROM Cyanogenmod 10 is now up and running on your Sony Xperia Ray ST18i. Share your thoughts with us on the newly installed Jelly Bean ROM through comments. We would be glad to hear from you.

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Viraj Kshatriya

Hello everyone, I'm Viraj, the chief editor at Android Legend. When I'm not checking out the latest stuff happening in Android, I mostly spend my time flashing different ROMs, testing Android apps & games. Feel free to join me on Google+.
  • Zaman

    I have a strange problem in unlocking the boot loader. I downloaded sdk manager several times but it does not get installed. If anyone have solution pls let me leave a reply I will be grateful to him/her.

  • puratu

    Hi , I did everything good. It boots and no problem on booting. BUT MY TOUCHSCREEN… =( touchscreen is not working! no response any part of the screen. Hard buttons are ok. what is the problem?

  • shammas

    is it really good to update it to jelly bean
    i mean is it stable and fast compared to ics?
    pros and cons?
    please reply…..really in a dillema now !!!!!

  • Arun

    Hi Viraj,
    I m trying to install CM10 ROM latest version but i got this error:

    “assert failed:(getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18i” || getprop(“”) == “ST18i” ||
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18a” || getprop(“”) == “ST18a” ||
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “urushi” || getprop(“”) == “urushi”
    E:error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    installation aborted

    I performed all the steps as explained on this tutorial.
    Pleae help me..

    • Sanket

      Install latest version of recovery.

      • Arun

        I tried with the latest CM 10. I got the following error.

        Installing: /sdcard/
        Finding update package…
        I:Update location: /sdcard/
        Opening update package…
        Installing update…
        script aborted: assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18i” || getprop(“”) == “ST18i” ||
        getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18a” || getprop(“”) == “ST18a” ||
        getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “urushi” || getprop(“”) == “urushi”
        assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18i” || getprop(“”) == “ST18i” || getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18a” || getprop(“”) == “ST18a” || getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “urushi” || getprop(“”) == “urushi”
        E:Error in /sdcard/
        (Status 7)
        Installation aborted.

        • Sanket

          Latest version of recovery not ROM.

  • pradyumna

    i flashed as directed but after flashing my phone stuck in bootloop cant go to boot mode to restore connect in only fast boot mode but not detected in flash boot mode in flash tool

    • Sanket

      Have you flashed kernel and done wipe data/factory rest after flashing the ROM???

  • nami wifi cannot be connect after updated to cyanogenmod 10..any solution??

  • lyrabee

    hello viraj,
    first of all: thx for your lovely guide :)
    i already run cm9.1 on my ray for a year now and was thinking about upgrading to cm10.0, but unfortunately i’m losing a little bit of control concerning the “haves” and “not haves” of cm10.0 on the ray. nonetheless i’m finally in the mood to upgrade, but i’m not sure, if i dare to ;) so i wanted to ask you:
    - are there any severe disadvantages of cm10.0 (FXP234-CM10) compared to cm9.1 on the ray?
    - is mass storage supported “out of the box” or do i have to flash some patch? if so, where do i get it and how do i apply it?
    - should/must i update my current baseband 72? if so, to which version? i read sth about a current version 86.
    thx a lot in advance :)

  • Wyeth

    I really need too many time ill do it my self :))

  • jai

    hey iz xpria ray is 3g mobile

    • Shreyas


  • Lasantha Bandara

    I m trying to install CM10 ROM and always get this error:

    “assert failed:(getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18i” || getprop(“”) == “ST18i” ||
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18a” || getprop(“”) == “ST18a” ||
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “urushi” || getprop(“”) == “urushi”
    E:error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    installation aborted

    I performed all the steps as explained on this tutorial.
    Pleae help me..

    • Sanket

      Install latest version of CWM.

  • Elena

    Hello! I have Xperia Ray and I can’t enter recovery mod. I checked with rom manager and it tells me I have installed Clockworkmod recovery, I also checked and the bootloader is unlocked and my phone is rooted, but I’ve tried several times to enter recovery mod and the phone keeps booting up normally

    • Viraj SK

      You’ll have to install a custom recovery like CWM. You can use this tool for the same:

      • Elena

        I have already installed that and I downloaded an application (Rom manager) which confirms that it has been successfully installed. But I still cannot access the recovery mode. I even tried using the application rom manager, it has an option “Reboot into recovery” but my phone just reboots normally.

        I tried pressing continuously the volume down button while the SONY logo appears on the screen but this doesn’t help either.

  • sujoy sinha

    i have bought a Xperia J yesterday it comes with the Android Jelly bean, everything is functioning fine but i tried to download a mp3 file from a couple of sites and as soon as it started downloading it stopped automatically showing failed download. Can someone help?

    • Viraj SK

      It’s not your device’s fault. Try with different SIM card or use Wi-Fi (if available)..

      • saunak

        Sir, My mobile network wont come, if i install cm 10 mod over jb stock rom.

        • Viraj SK

          There is no Official JB for Xperia Ray…

  • Sasha

    I m trying to install CM10 ROM and always get this error:
    “installation aborted”
    (status 7)
    I performed all the steps as explained on this tutorial.
    any suggestions?

    • Viraj SK

      Try to flash kernel before you flash the ROM…

      • Sasha

        Hi Viraj
        Thanks for replying.
        I already flashed the kernel after the rooting, and it didn’t help.

        • nilomoni

          try kernel fusion 5.4 .

      • Rikus


        I flashed the kernel. Then I cannot use CWM to install ROM. I can move up and down, but cannot choose any option. Now I am stuck

  • Vishal

    Hello! I just installed and everything seems to be good so far. My only problem is that,my phone keeps on restart over and over. I have installed on Xperia Ray. Also can’t record video on 720 dpi. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Eliel Lobo

    Sir Viraj, unfortunately not yet…

    When the phone is ON, I can connection and do a commands like adb shell, su, reboot…
    But, when in FASTBOOT mode I only have WAITING FOR DEVICE for all the commands.

    sorry for the questions.

    and thanks for everything so far.

    • tago tf

      use flashtool instead to flash the kernel

    • Eliel Lobo

      Sr. Viraj, I´m happy =D

      Problem [WAITING FOR DEVICE] solved:
      I used the software: FLASH TOOL to flash the kernel BOOT.img

      Now, I have the JB 4.1 in my Xperia RAY.


      Thanks for all.

      • Viraj SK

        You’re always welcome Eliel… :)

  • Eliel Lobo

    Im dele 3 lines, but: error 7 again

    [set_perm: some changes failed]

    What do you do to this???


    • Viraj SK

      Try with this:
      First, flash the kernel (how to? – given in the article above) and then install CM10 (unmodified zip)..

      • Eliel Lobo

        Viraj, thanks for answer..

        but, the link from ´fastboot files´ is broken.

        do you have other link?

        • Viraj SK

          Link fixed. Go ahead..

        • Eliel Lobo

          ‘waiting for device’

          I try very things, a can´t do.

          Do you have some idea?


        • Viraj SK

          Try with another USB port or with diff. PC..

  • Eliel Lobo

    Good morning, i´m in step: “”◾Now select “install zip from sdcard” & then on next screen select, “choose zip from sdcard”. It will show you the files & folders located on the SD card of your device. Navigate to the ROM file, select it using power button (unless you’re using touch CWM) & confirm the installation by pressing on ‘Yes’. This should start installing the ROM.””

    But, Installation Aborted (status 7)

  • boy2

    I successfully installed CM 10 on my Ray thanks. but how can i use bravia engine? and the other camera app is not working?

    i also cannot use the face unlock service because of the camera. the running app for that camera is the gallery.

    any help would be appreciated. :)

  • deepak

    the CM file which is refered here is stable version or nightly version? and after installing the custom rom i am not able to connect google play(market)

  • Pauline

    Hi . Thanks for this. I installed it on my xperia ray. But I’m having a problem about mobile internet. I cannot use my mobile data. I don’t even see the network mode. How can I find the network mode. I configured the APN for globe. And it seems doesn’t work.

  • zed

    For errors like:
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”)
    just flash the boot.img before installing CM 10. worked for me.

  • Mostafiz

    All ready I have install cyanogenMod 10.1 in my xpera ray, all r done but I can’t overclock my cpu, there are no options names ‘performance’, what i can do. Plz help me.

    • Viraj SK

      You need to have Overclocking kernel to OC your phone. Check if CM kernel is OC enabled or not, else flash CM compatible OC kernel…

  • pratipal

    i have just do this and running normal. I have taken help from another web
    which official web. anyway thanks to both web thanks a lot.

  • Kaushik

    Recently, I unlocked my boot loader,rooted my phone which was on stock ICS 4.0.4 to CM10. **All thanks to your tutorial,keep up the good work**
    But to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with the CM10. Therefore I am thinking of downgrading to ICS 4.0.4 for the time being. Since,I’m totally naive regarding all that, I would like to know if I can revert back from JB to ICS and if so how.
    Pleeeease help me out. Eagerly awaiting for your reply.

    • Viraj SK

      Don’t worry. Here is how you can downgrade your phone to ICS again:

      • Kaushik

        Thanks a million for helping me out..I’m just curious,after using the process mentioned above, will my phone still be boot unlocked,rooted?? or will i have to repeat the methods for installing a custom ROM?

        • Viraj SK

          Yes, it will remain unlocked & rooted. No need to repeat those things again…

        • Kaushik

          Thanks a trillion dude..i successfully downgraded to so happy..Will definitely ping you if i need more help..really loved your help..cheers :)

        • Viraj SK

          Yeah, Sure..

  • oomjcv

    Hi, A few months ago I was running stock ICS on my Ray, I wanted to give out CM10 a go and tried installing it on my phone, but I just couldn’t get it going. After many hours of failing I thought I’d try CM9.1, – which I got working rather easily and has been working perfectly ever since.

    So today I thought I’ll try installing CM10 again, and I again encountered the same problem. After installing the rom along with GApps and then flashing the kernel, it simply bootloops. I can’t even get into CWM – once the LED turns pink I press the volume rockers, the LED then turns blue and the phone hangs for a while before restarting. If I don’t press the volume rockers it basically does the same, just bootlooping.

    Any idea what the problem might be or what I’ve missed?

    • Viraj SK

      Flash boot.img (kernel file) before flashing the ROM. It should work now and bootloops won’t occur anymore…

      • oomjcv

        Thanks for the quick reply. No luck though, once I flash the CM10 kernel I can’t get into CWM, exactly like I described in my original post.

        As far as I understand CWM is bundled with the kernel so it should work right? My guess is that for some the reason the CM10 kernel isn’t working like it should on my phone. Any ideas?

        • Viraj SK

          Have you experienced the same situation while flashing any other ROMs?

        • oomjcv

          The only other ROM’s I’ve tried are CM9.1 and both stock GB and ICS, none of which exhibited the same problem.

          I’ve also tried multiple different nightly builds of CM10 and had the same problem everytime (don’t know the kernel versions).

        • oomjcv

          Ok, I got it working. I used a kernel from Lupus and am now running CM10.

        • Viraj SK

          That’s great. Cheers.. :)

  • Bexxalexa

    Hi! I’ve been reading through the information given here repeatedly for a few days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because no matter what I did, I always ended up with a “status 7″ error. After a lot of searching and experimentation I came to the conclusion that it’s necessary to flash the kernel before the system if you’re doing this on a “vanilla” rooted and unlocked device.. If its the first time you’re installing a custom rom.. I finally, after lot of headache and reverting back to stock to rescue an unbootable device several times, got it working that way. Maybe it would be prudent to make a note of this and save people some annoyances.

  • ellynepain

    hello, I found the official cyanogen downloads but I don’t know which must I choose, what’s different of nightly and stable version? this is the link:

    • Sanket

      Chose stable one(latest build)…nightly has more bugs.

  • Jahanzaib

    when i flash boot.img through fastboot.. get error “sending failed.. the device must be rooted first..”
    my xperia ray is rooted already, also i checked by root checker.. and installed superuser, busybox, cmw recovery

  • Amar Jain

    Hi Viraj,

    As mentioned in one of the comments, even I am getting keyboard aosp has stopped working error. And as suggested by you too, I have wiped data and cache but the problem persists.

    Any other way to fix it?


  • chandu

    Yo! I updated successfully. very good jelly bean experience

  • mohit

    Can’t download fastboot files…!
    Help me out

    • Shreyas

      Link is working fine.
      Try it again

  • Tohid

    I have a problem during installation of CM10 from sd card but google apps being installed.
    Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    symlink: some symlinks failed
    E: Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.
    Now what can I do? Please help giving me a suggestion.

  • Tohid

    I have a problem during installation of CM10 from sd card but google apps being installed. I have tried with three several version of CM10 but the results are the same. The notification is Installation aborted. Now what can I do? Please help giving me a suggestion.

  • loocario

    hola quierosaber si me puedes ayudar a Cyanogenmod 10 para Sony Xperia Ray [Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean]en realidad no me manejo mucho pero em interesa poder hacerlo ya que mi xperia s tiene alguno problemas que me dijeron que con esa actualizacion podrian desaparecer espero me des una respuesta y los link pa descargar lo necesario para hacer esto cuando escribo mensajes de texto se aparece y desaparece el teclado cuando muestro mis fotos se pone negra la pantalla ydesaparece la foto vuelve a aparecer y cosas asi ayudame ya

  • Jahanzaib

    After deleting 3 lines, the same error still… help me

    Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    symlink: some symlinks failed
    E: Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

  • Jahanzaib

    i have rooted my xperia ray also installed cwm recovery but can’t getting cwm recovery mode, plz tell me how to getting cwm recovery mode, i checked your’s way, but my phone go to safe mode not cwm recovery mode.

    • Viraj SK

      Download the fastboot files
      Fastboot Files
      Extract the zip file, you will find four files inside the fastboot folder.

      1) Find these lines in above guide & download fastboot files.
      2) Extract them.
      3) Enable USB debugging option in your phone & connect it to the PC.
      4) Now, open command prompt pointing to “Fastboot” folder and type this command: adb reboot recovery
      5) That’s it..


  • Carlos

    Hello, I saw in the article “(Attention!) The guide given here is applicable only for Sony Xperia Ray ST18i/ST18a” but I have a doubt! Does The download material in the tutorial work for st18a? I read about 3g baseband conflict between st18i and st18a. Thanks.

  • goher

    plzzz help
    it keep sayin status 7 error even after ddeleting 3 line of script with notepad ++ and i tried every thing
    what should i do now??
    where is my mistake??

    • Viraj SK

      Did you flash the CM kernel before flashing ROM?

  • goher

    please elaborate reverting back to stock mode rom u have mentiomned…
    my mobile is stuck on sony logo

  • goher

    recover x has been isntalled but recovery seems to be miconfigured
    what doe tha mean??
    help me viraj bhai quick…

  • CJ

    which file i needed to download for xperia ray,cm mod 10
    it show like
    FXP 201
    FXP 202
    FXP 203
    FXP 204
    FXP 205
    FXP 206
    FXP 207
    FXP 208

    pls help me

    • Viraj SK

      Of course FXP 208.
      It’s a latest one..

      • nagendra

        my xperia ray stuck at sony logo,while trying to install CM10 on my rooted device.even i tried to restore the stock rom but i was unable to go to CWM recovery me to solve this problem…thanks

        • Viraj SK

          Simple Solution would be: revert back to stock ROM (fresh installation) using flashtool, install CWM recovery again & restore the nandroid backup..

        • goher

          please elaborate reverting back to stock mode rom u have mentiomned…
          my mobile is stuck on sony logo

  • Randika

    Hi, I’ve done as it written, but my devices failes to install zip from
    sd card, because it says that the device is ST18i and the provided zip
    is Urushi…
    What should I do? i tride 205-cm and 206-cm also…

  • Nabeel

    I dont understand what u r saying. U mean when u copy the two zips to sd card?
    Try restart the whole process. my SD card also went dead!. dont panic if it happens. format it through mobile its gonna be ok again. these two zips can kill the sd cards if you try to access them through PC.
    Did you backed up the stock ROM through ClockworkMod? you can restore to Stock version if the instalation of CM10 fails. I failed the first time too. My screen went black on restart. I restored to stock Rom through the start of the screen when u keep pressing the vol up n go in to the boot screen menu. after the restore I restarted the mobile, copied the two files again, and tried again by installing both zips at the same time through boot screen.
    hope I’m helping
    remember use the latest CM10. I guess its
    You gonna miss the Camera features of Sony! they key sucsess of this mobile!
    Sony Album for music will vanish!
    No BE engine! means dim screen!
    Im thinking to move back to stock. if I do
    I can upgrade to Ice cream sandwich through PC Companion
    I can install Pimp My Rom through Play store. through it u can get BE2 engine, new Sony Album, Brightest screen, Overclock ability, get rid of Bloatware (The apps u dont want) and all the Sony features.
    Only advantage in CM10 Rom is that it gives u better music sound quality and a sound manager. I dont find this rom intersesting anymore as all the Sony featurese vanished.
    Pardon my English…..its not my mother Language….so who gives a S*&t!!
    1. I recommend you to download the stock Rom
    its 202MB file u can google n download
    2. flash your mobile again through “Flash Tool” /install the stock Rom
    3. Download bussy box through Play Store and install it
    4. Install ClockWorkMod (Google it)
    5. Restart mobile and keep pressing vol + and back up your stock ROM
    6. Then give it a try (I recommend not to as u gonna miss sony features and its gonna be a made in china like mobile….stick to Sony!!!!)

    • goher

      hey naabeel i hope u a pakisani help me by giving your your email or facebook id i will wait

  • nabeel

    u r F&*%$d! dude read instructions on this page. hope its not a brick!

    1. Unloack The Bootloader

    2. Root your phone using flash tool

    3. Download the stock firmwae 4.A something

    4. install the frmware using flash tool

    5. install bussy box from android market

    6. install clockwork Mod

    This was the hard part

    Now easy part

    7. Download the C10 n google apps. copy both zips in SD Card

    8. Restart…..keep pressing vol up….go to back up n backup!

    9 then install both zips

    10. restart n bingo! go to settings to put arc on 1.2GHz as its set on 1.6 by stock. dont fry the chip!

  • Winston

    I am unable to – choose zip from sdcard” getting unable to mount

  • Nabeel

    Ok. I downloaded Pimp my ROM from android market. I had no idea what it was. then I realise its a control of Star Ship Enterprise from Star Trek. :
    but I poke around here and there and somethings got working some made the mobile crash on boot. it offers the Bravia 2 Engine, XLoud from sony and Sonymusic Library. all three made the mobile crash on boot. then I just simply restarted mob.
    Camera Sucks! as its more than half screen view only. How can I get full screen view?
    if you can please advise on the following
    1.Camera full view on sceen (no buttons ^%*&^%*&)
    2.Bravia/Bravia2 as I got low brightness like old X10i
    3.I miss the Sony Music Library
    can u come up with a soloution please?

    After sacrificing thses 3 things in return I get a super duper fast mobile I never used before. JellyBeans……Yummy!!!! cpu 130+ -1100+MHZ. i dont wanna burn it so can u pleae also tell the recommended speed of CPU. CM10 is amazing!!!!! Colors on screen are beautiful but low brightness.

  • dimkli

    Hi, I’ve done as it written, but my devices failes to unstall zip from sd card, because it says that the device is ST18i and the provided zip is Urushi…
    What should I do?

  • Ashok Yadav

    please post how to root sony xperia J  android 4.0.4 build number 11.0.A.7.5  

    • An Anonymous

      Viraj Sir!! LOL!

  • Muthu

    hi,need few help in unloacking boot loader and rooting ma xperia ray..could u help me out with procedures!!!!!!

  • roy

    i wanna try this…but is there any bugs in this ROM? like wifi problem? please tell me, if there is no problem i’ll try this ROM for my Xray

  • Omar_ft

    update not working…………

  • Amin Asgharzde

    how can i unlock the bootloader?

  • Dacklin Pinto

    flashing process was succesful…my phone is stuck in cyanogenmod for more than 15 mins wat should i do

    • Viraj SK

      Did you flash the kernel ??

      • Dacklin Pinto


  • Dacklin Pinto

    can u tell me how to install cwm in xperia ray i have rooted and boot loaded it

  • Hemant

    i did exactly as explained but i m getting unfortunately android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped & keyboard is not working…..please help…

    • Viraj SK

      Wipe data & cache through recovery..

  • Hemant

    can’t download from….share some other lin

  • harish kumar

    Getting error while installing new rom.
    E:Error in sdcard/  6) Installation aborted. Please help. 

  • harish

    My xperia ray is taking too much time to boot after installing a new ROM. Please tell me what i have to do now. 

  • Cristoffs

    When i try to install zip from sd i’m getting an assert failed messege.

    assert failed: getprob(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18i” || getprob(“”) == “ST18i”
    ||                  getprob(“ro.product.device”) == “ST18a” || getprob(“”) == “ST18a”
    ||                  get prob(“ro.product.device”) == “urushi” || getprob(”) == “urushi”
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)

    • Viraj SK
      • harish kumar

         I tried this method still it is not working. help me please. i alreday taken backup of previous ROM using backup/restore option but when i try to restore it strucks with blank screen. what i have to do now. please help me Viraj..

      • harish kumar

         I am also having the same problem. I tried this method. But still it is not working.
        Getting E:Error in /sdcard/
        (status 6). Please help me with this problem.

        • Viraj SK

          Status 6 error occurs due to invalid updater-script. Make sure you’ve edited the file using Notepad++ only and deleted the required 3 lines without leaving any comma / space in the script.
          Let me know if it fixes your problem..

        • harish kumar

          after deleting 3 lines the script is like this
          mount(“yaffs2″, “MTD”, “system”, “/system”);
          package_extract_file(“system/bin/”, “/tmp/”);
          package_extract_file(“system/bin/backuptool.functions”, “/tmp/backuptool.functions”);
          i tried to install with this script. Now i am getting
          set_perm: some changes failed
          E:Error in /sdcard/
          (status 7). please reply me

        • harish kumar

          Hi viraj. My Xperia ray is working with jelly bean now. Thank You very much…. :)

        • Viraj SK

          You’re always welcome…

      • Gurpreet Singh

        i also got this error and navigated to same link mentioned above but still i get error
        symlink failed

        error code 7 … some thing like that … plz help

  • Arun viswanathan

    in fastboot after typing command its showing waiting for device….iam sure that phone is in fastboot mode….

    • Praveenkumar Chengi

       I faced the same problem and it got resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest android sdk.

      • Eliel Lobo

        I have the same problem in FASTBOOT: “Waiting for device”

        My windows device manager see the phone like:
        Android Phone -> Sony ADB Interface

        I have the Flashtool installed.

        what do you uninstalled and reinstalled in SDK??

    • CWY

      you can go to “device manager”
      and refresh the S1 fastboot drive
      then you can solve the problem

  • Muhammad Ilyas

    I did the same and flashed a nightly build and my phone than shows only free experia instead sony and not getting to JB home screen.

    • Jake

      Try Wiping the data through recovery.

  • ikhwan

    done lol 2 way to fastboot flash boot boot.img…(1) use command prompt above or (2) use flashtool