Clockworkmod Recovery for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 (CWM)

Last year Samsung released Galaxy S3 and within few days it became the most popular mobile among the people. Since this iconic device was little expensive Samsung decided to come up with its cheaper variant called Galaxy S3 mini. As this device is running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you might like to upgrade it to Android 4.2 via custom ROM.

As of now very few custom ROMs are available for it, you can expect more in futures. But for that you will need to install a custom recovery. Clockworkmod recovery aka CWM is right now available for Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

Clockworkmod recovery is not a touch recovery like TWRP recovery. So volume keys are used for navigations in this recovery. This will let you not only to flash custom ROMs but also to perform advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations which arent possible with stock recovery.

So go through the article written ahead to install Clockworkmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.


The procedure mentioned in the further article is considered as risky and can cause damage to your mobile if properly not followed. It is better that you should not attempt these steps if you are not aware of all these things. Read article completely before implementing these steps. We or developers are no responsible for any damage cause to your mobile after inculcating these steps.

clockworkmod recovery for samsung galaxy s3 mini i8190 cwm0

This procedure is only applicable to Samsung Galaxy S3 mini with model number I8190 . Applying it to any other model or variant might give you some unwanted results.


  • Dont forget to charge your phone at least up to 70% so that process wont get interrupted due to low battery.
  • Take a backup of all your personal important data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts, memo etc. to the external memory as they get vanished during installation process.
  • You must have installed tablet drivers on computer. If you have installed kies on your computer you dont need to install separately.

Procedure to flash Clockworkmod recovery v6.0.2.7 (CWM) on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

  • First download Clockworkmod recovery (CWM) package for Galaxy S3 Mini from the official development page.
  1. Click here to download.(v6.0.2.7)
  • For flashing this CWM recovery you will need software called Odin v3.07. Download and then install it on computer. It also used for flashing official firmware on mobile or tablets.
  1. Click here to download. (v3.07)
  • After downloading these files and installing Odin software, boot mobile into downloading mode. For that first switch off it and then press volume down + power button + home button simultaneously until you get Downloading message on the screen.
  • Next connect your device to computer via USB cable to flash Clockworkmod recovery on it. Open Odin software which you have installed earlier. You will get added!! message in Odins message box means mobile is connected properly. If this doesnt happen check mobile drivers again or re-installed it.
  • Click on the PDA button and select recovery.tar file which you have downloaded earlier.
  • Ensure that Auto-Reboot and F.Resest Time is checked. Make sure that you havent clicked anywhere else.
  • Hit start button to initialize flashing process. This process will take few minutes and dont remove USB cable during installation. Finally mobile gets rebooted automatically means CWM is successfully installed on your mobile. Meanwhile Odins message box will show pass message.
  • However, it might happen that due to some reason your phone gets stuck as a result Odin will show fail message. In such cases disconnect mobile from computer, remove and re-insert battery and repeat the process again.

Well done!! Clockworkmod recovery is now installed on your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190. Henceforth you can flash any custom ROM on your mobile. If you have any queries regarding article, tell us through comments. We will try our level best to solve them.

Note: Do not wipe data or cache partitions in the recovery mode. This will wipe data from your phone permanently.

Tip: To enter into recovery mode, first switch off the mobile, then press & hold volume up + power button + home button simultaneously until recovery mode opens. For taking nandroid backup select backup & restore option and then select backup.

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  • Jeffrey

    help me i applied the same method but later my fone is unable to start up

  • Manoj

    How to check wheather it is installed or not

  • clayriz

    Hi, just one question.
    Does this tutorial apply also for i8190N (NFC)or is there a specific procedure for this particular avriant of Samsung Galaxy S3 mini?

    • Sanket

      Procedure is same. But you need to download different file which is applicable to I8190N. You cannot use this file for it.

  • redpill

    ok thanks for the reply..oh one more thing if I install cwm recovery, will it wipe out all of my datas on phone and sd card?

    • Viraj SK


  • redpill

    can i ask for help???im confused, does installing cyanogenmod means that you have rooted your phone or not??sorry im just new here thanks

    • Viraj SK

      Cyanogenmod is complete different thing. It’s a Custom OS. And it’s pre-rooted…

  • wender

    Ola amigo , tentei fazer root no meu galaxy s3 mini deu erro, baixei e instalei o rom oficial, mas ele fica na tela inicial e nao sai,e nem abri o recovery , pode me ajudar ???

  • Emil

    My s3 mini does no go to recovery mode when pressing volup+home+power. Is there a trick for this?

    • Sanket
    • Emil

      That only rebooted it normally.
      I tried many things I found on the web, also all the suggestions made in the toolbox. None worked but this one:
      It installs a complete Russian Android system in download mode. It adds the recovery mode key combination, and booting in download or recovery mode over external tools also works with it. So I was finally able to install Clockwordmod and then Cyanogenmod.

      • Emil

        Just to add, Cyanogemod ( got installed, but it gets stuck on the boot screen. Well, don’t have time to solve that right now.

      • Emil

        It is working fine now. I just forgot to wipe cache and data again when installing Cyanogenmod. So nevermind about the last post.

        • Viraj SK

          That’s great. Finally you made it.. :D

  • Tibi

    Y rooted my s3 mini to 4.1.2 and before that y installed CWM-v6.2.0.7. and i did a wipe factoti mode and wipe cache. NOW Y DO NOT HAVE ENYMORE THE APPS THAT I INSTALLED, AND I CANOT RESTORE MY BACKUP FROM EXT.SD CARD WITH C.W.M., backup that i did before rooting. Pls. help me.


    • Sanket

      Wipe data n cache deletes all the data on phone including installed apps. If you have taken cwm backup (nandroid) then you can restore it by booting into recovery mode.

  • juan

    ya lo hice y me prendio, ahora me sale CWM-based recovery v6.0.2.7 y otras opciones debajo, cual debo escoger??? urgente gracias

    • Viraj SK

      English Please…

  • vyshak anand


    my s3 mini i have downgraded from jelly bean 4.1.2 to 4.1.2,
    but i installed 4.1.1 for s3 rather than s3 mini, not i am getting booting loop, i tried to reinstall jelly bean 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 for s3 mini but fails any idea?, i also followed what described above but same problem any solution?

    • Sanket

      If you have flashed s3 firmware on your s3 mini then you might have bricked your mobile. Still try to flash official s3 mini firmware.

  • ark srivastava

    do we need to root our phone before flashing cwm reply fast

    • Sanket

      Sometimes root is not required for flashing CWM. But it is Recommended…

  • barry


  • ahmed

    how do I get to back to factory? as in remove clockworkmod?